Captain Weyandt

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The ghost of the human pirate Captain Weyandt can be found within Sharkmaw Caverns, at the end of the jumping puzzle Weyandt's Revenge. His disembodied voice can also be heard throughout the caverns, sometimes in conjunction with the appearance of a glowing ball of blue flame. He has hidden his treasure at the end of a long series of jumps and traps. He claims to have had a pet shark called Chompy, a first mate named Shane who had six toes on his left foot, and twelve, or possibly eleven, wives (depending on whether Bess counts). The bones of Chompy and Shane can both be seen in the Sharkmaw Caverns, and Shane's ghost appears as a Karma merchant after players leave Weyandt's treasure room. Weyandt is a pirate ghost, or possibly a ghost pirate.


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