Tokk's Mill

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Tokk's Mill

Point of Interest
Farshore Ward
(Lion's Arch)
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Tokk's Mill.jpg

Tokk's Mill

Interactive map

Tokk's Mill is run by the asura Tokk. Hidden behind the mill is the entrance to the Sharkmaw Caverns.

Tokk presumably fled Lion's Arch when Scarlet attacked it, but has not yet returned with the other citizens of the city.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the Farshore Waypoint go south and up the scorched hill. Continue south to reach Tokk's Mill.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Before Escape from Lion's Arch[edit]

[A sylvari Guard approaches a charr Guard.]
Guard (sylvari): Are you still on duty?
Guard (charr): Yep. Pullin' a double shift.
Guard (sylvari): You don't have to do that.
Guard (charr): I want to. We all do our part.
Guard (charr): I've got this shift covered. You can take off, if you want.
Guard (sylvari): I'd rather stay here for a while.
Guard (charr): You don't wanna go out drinkin'? I know a really good bar.
Guard (sylvari): I know where you drink. I'd be safer here.
Guard (sylvari): Any signs of trouble?
Guard (charr): No pirates. No dead things. No bandits or raiders.
Guard (sylvari): Good. Glad to hear it.
Guard (charr): I'm not! I get paid to fight! I say bring 'em on.
Guard (charr): It's quiet. Too quiet.
Guard (sylvari): Doesn't seem quiet to me. It's peaceful.
Guard (charr): No, it's still too quiet! I say we start some trouble.
Guard (sylvari): Don't worry. You'll be back on the front lines soon enough.
Guard (sylvari): Nice view, isn't it?
Guard (charr): Not enough bad guys. Not enough blood and bodies.
Guard (sylvari): You ever think of moving back to the Black Citadel?
Guard (charr): Yeah, every time you talk about admiring the view.
[The sylvari Guard returns to the farm.]