Fiery Dragon Sword

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Fiery Dragon Sword

Item type
Fiery Dragon Sword
Soulbound on Acquire
Copper coin
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Icy Dragon Sword and Fiery Dragon Sword comparison.jpg

Comparison between Icy Dragon Sword and the Fiery Dragon Sword.

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Double-click to apply this look to any other sword.

— In-game description

The Fiery Dragon Sword is a stylized fire-breathing dragon sword. Although it resembles the legendary weapons Magdaer and Sohothin, it is merely an Ascalonian replica without special powers. Swords like this were an iconic symbol of the human nation, but have become less common during the last century. The Guild Warrior who defeated the Great Destroyer managed to obtain one that was subsequently placed in the Hall of Monuments, where it has been guarded by the ghosts there ever since, waiting for a hero worthy of its power.


Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Kimmes the Historian Kimmes the Historian   Eye of the North (instance) Copper coin Requires 10 Hall of Monuments reward points.


  • The blade is made of flames simulating fiery dragon breath.
  • Fiery Dragon Sword emits light while drawn, illuminating the area around the player in dark areas.
  • Attacks cause a cosmetic burst of flame on the target.
  • Enemies killed by the Fiery Dragon Sword will display burning death animations.



  • This weapon is the brightest light source in the game for the wielder, but other players will not be able to see anything except the flame.


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  • In lore, a Fiery Dragon Sword wielded by a player is considered one of the many replicas of more powerful swords like Magdaer or Sohothin.
  • At one point in development, players were to be given the opportunity to stumble upon a Fiery Dragon Sword warehouse, but this idea was later dropped.[1]
  • The PvP version of this item was introduced in the March 26, 2013 update.
  • Icy Dragon Sword uses a similar design with blue hilt and flame; both weapons are similar to the Fiery Dragon Sword and Icy Dragon Sword from Guild Wars.
  • There is a special, quiet sound effect caused by unsheathing weapons with this skin.
  • Has a damage type of "Fire," a purely visual effect; it does not cause burning or change the amount of damage. Instead, it overrides the animation of certain skills and the death effects of certain NPCs so that they are similar to those associated with fire-themed skills.
    • This was the only non-Legendary weapon with a non-physical damage type before the release of Heart of Thorns (which introduced several weapons with Choking damage).
    • This was the only non-Legendary weapon with a damage type of Fire before the 5th-year anniversary and the release of Luminous weapons.

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