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Lean Techniques

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Lean Techniques.png

Lean Techniques

Heart of Thorns mastery point

Track region
Heart of Thorns
Mastery track
Req. experience

Before completion: Learn the gliding technique of leaning forward to increase your gliding speed and leaning back to brake midair at the cost of endurance. Your improved technique also increases your total endurance pool when gliding. 

After completion: To lean in, press forward while gliding and get a speed boost. To lean back, press back while gliding to brake.

— In-game description


  • Leaning forward causes your glider endurance bar to reduce twice as fast. Leaning back, however, does not consume any extra endurance.
  • Increases total flight time to about 23 seconds (when not leaning).
  • Leaning forward will reduce horizontal distance traveled for a given amount of endurance, but you will lose less vertical height than you would without leaning.