Pirate weapons

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Pirate weapons

Pirate weapons are a set of rare weapons. They can be purchased for 9800Karma.png from First Mate Shane at the end of the Weyandt's Revenge jumping puzzle.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Pirate Hatchet.png Pirate Hatchet Axe
Pirate Bloodletter.png Pirate Bloodletter Dagger
Pirate Billy.png Pirate Billy Mace
Pirate Flintlock.png Pirate Flintlock Pistol
Pirate Cane.png Pirate Cane Scepter
Pirate Cutlass.png Pirate Cutlass Sword
Off hand
Pirate Poppet.png Pirate Poppet Focus
Pirate Barricade.png Pirate Barricade Shield
Pirate Brazier.png Pirate Brazier Torch
Pirate Bugle.png Pirate Bugle Warhorn
Pirate Slayer.png Pirate Slayer Greatsword
Pirate Sledge.png Pirate Sledge Hammer
Pirate Crescent.png Pirate Crescent Longbow
Pirate Boomstick.png Pirate Boomstick Rifle
Pirate Crescent.png Pirate Needler Short bow
Pirate Crook.png Pirate Crook Staff
Pirate Speargun.png Pirate Speargun Harpoon gun
Pirate Harpoon.png Pirate Harpoon Spear
Pirate Trident.png Pirate Trident Trident