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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see Inner Harbor (Memory of Old Lion's Arch). For historical information about the area, see Inner Harbor/historical.

Inner Harbor

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Inner Harbor map.jpg
Map of Inner Harbor

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The Inner Harbor is an area in Lion's Arch. A majority of the harbor consists of cliffs that act as a border to other areas. The harbor contains Deverol Gardens, accessed by a bridge on east side or swimming. There is a beachhead on the northeast and southwest corners of the area. On the southern tip of the island lie the graves of Cobiah Marriner, founder of new Lion's Arch, and his wife, Isaye Marriner.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge
Point of interest (map icon).png Deverol Gardens
Vista (map icon).png Inner Harbor North Vista —
The vista is south of the Eastern Ward waypoint on top of a rock column in the harbor. To get to the vista, talk to Klagg in Eastern Ward. He is near the edge of the cliff directly north of the vista. He will give you a bundle. The skill provided is identical to Jump Shot. Other skills can be used to cross the gap, such as Ride the Lightning or Rocket Boots.
Vista (map icon).png Inner Harbor West Vista —
From the Gate Hub Plaza Waypoint, head down the ramps, and jump onto the barrels. Walk along the beam and then drop down into the cargo net to obtain the vista.
Adventure (map icon).png Advanced Skimmer Course
Jumping Puzzles
Puzzle tango 20.png Troll's Revenge
The beginning is at northeast of Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge Point of Interest.



Ambient creatures


Merchant (vendor icon).png Consortium Florist [Merchant]

Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see here.

Snikk: You were great. You got the two best apples.
Scratch: Two best apples for two best friends.
Snikk: Yes, indeed.
Scratch: Back to nanny?
Snikk: I have something to show you first. Follow me.
Consortium Florist: Flowers show how much you care.
Consortium Florist: Give flowers to show you mean it.
Consortium Florist: The Consortium stocks only the finest blooms.
Consortium Florist: I know they say the size of the bouquet doesn't matter, but...
Consortium Florist: A few flowers would smooth things out for all you ruffled lovebirds.
Adventurer (1): Did you see what happened in the marketplace this morning?
Adventurer (2): Those two guilds? Yeah. If looks could kill...
Adventurer (1): They're going to fight! And it's going to be good.
Citizen (1): You getting your claws dirty? Gut any punks lately?
Citizen (2): A sylvari was teaching me
Citizen (1): You're kidding me.
Citizen (2): It's okay. I'm teaching her to stab people. Her kidney shots are getting more precise.
Citizen (1): Oh, good. I was starting to worry about you. The arena could use more deadly sylvari.
Citizen (1): How're the kids doing?
Citizen (2): Well, the youngest, he's working on his garden. The oldest, he's hanging out with charr.
Citizen (1): That's terrible.
Citizen (2): I know. I don't want my boy to be a gardener!'
Villager (1): I trained my cat to sit on my shoulder.
Villager (2): I trained my dolyak to stand on one foot.
Villager (1): Whoa!
Villager (2): And jump.
Villager (1): Whoa!
Villager (2): Incredible.
Lionguard (1): Have you ever noticed that Edward doesn't patrol all the way along his route?
Lionguard (2): What do you mean?
Lionguard (1): The map that came with our orders said we were supposed to go under the island too.
Lionguard (2): He doesn't do that?
Lionguard (1): No. He stops just before and turns his back.
Pedestrian (human male): Still, I miss our little house.
Pedestrian (human female): It doesn't matter. We have a new one now. And it's perfect for us.
Pedestrian (human male): Not too big. Not too small. Just right.
Pedestrian (human female): We're both still here. That's what matters.
Pedestrian (human male): We'll have to bring the grandchildren here.
Pedestrian (human female): All of them? (laugh)
Pedestrian (human male): Perhaps not all twelve at once.
Pedestrian (human male): A gorgeous view.
Pedestrian (human female): I could say the same about you.
Pedestrian (human male): Smooth talker.
Pedestrian (human male): We're lucky, you know?
Pedestrian (human female): Oh, I know. Believe me, I know.
Pedestrian (human female): I feel like we've got a new chance at life.
Pedestrian (human male): I do too. We've survived so much.
Pedestrian (human male): I want Lion's Arch to be my home for the rest of my life.
Pedestrian (human male): And I want you here with me...for the rest of my life.
Pedestrian (human female): Oh, honey. Me too.
Pedestrian (human male): I love you.
Pedestrian (human female): I love you too.
Pedestrian (norn male): Thanks for coming out with me.
Pedestrian (norn female): It's okay. I didn't have anything else to do.
Pedestrian (norn male): So...
Pedestrian (norn female): So...
Pedestrian (norn male): So... Here we are.
Pedestrian (norn female): Yup. Here we are
Pedestrian (norn male): What do you think of that giant lobster building, huh?
Pedestrian (norn female): Can you believe that thing?
Pedestrian (norn male): No. It's crazy.
Pedestrian (norn male): Yeah.
Pedestrian (norn female): Let's walk a little. Stretch our legs.
Pedestrian (norn male): Good idea.
Pedestrian (asura male): Vimma, stay close, okay? Don't wander off.
Pedestrian (asuran girl): I won't, Father.
Pedestrian (asura female): What a good little genius. The perfect blend of you and me.
Pedestrian (asuran girl): (laugh)
Pedestrian (asuran girl): Ooh, look!
Pedestrian (asuran girl): Mother, there's a fascinating bug over here.
Pedestrian (asuran girl): I need to rest.
Pedestrian (asura male): They've really worked magic with the rebuild.
Pedestrian (asura female): Literally. But I agree. It's turned out well, after all.
Pedestrian (asura male): I'm glad to be home.
Reveler (1): Skritt pirates? (laugh)
Reveler (2): (laugh)
Reveler (3): (laugh)
Reveler (4): (laugh)



Crafting resources[edit]

Fishing nodes
Fish resource (map icon).png Coastal Fish