Farshore Ward

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see Farshore Ward (Memory of Old Lion's Arch). For historical information about the area, see Farshore Ward/historical.

Farshore Ward

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Map of Farshore Ward

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The Farshore Ward is the southeastern most section of Lion's Arch. Overlooking the harbor is a mill that was once run by the asura Tokk, who did not return after Scarlet destroyed the mill in her attack on the city.


Waypoint (map icon).png Cavern Waypoint —
Waypoint (map icon).png Farshore Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Tokk's Mill
Vista (map icon).png Sharkmaw Caverns Vista —
  1. From Farshore Waypoint, head to Tokk's Mill, on southern end jump over the haystacks to a small clearing behind.
  2. To the right coming from the haystacks near the back is a small tunnel hidden by foliage, pass through and head up the hill left.
  3. Pass through another tunnel and climb up the rocks to the vista and entrance to Sharkmaw Caverns.



Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

For historical ambient dialogue between Lionguard Quatta and Lionguard Brenn Hillow that occurred in this area, head here.
Leyah: Can we go play on the beach?
Brokka: May we...and yes, you may. I'll be right here. Watch out for crabs.
Jordyn: Yay! C'mon, Leyah!
Leyah: I'm glad we got adopted. I like Brokka and Tokk.
Leyah: They're nice and they've got good food.
Leyah: Lion's Arch is my favorite city.
Jordyn: Have you been to other cities?
Leyah: Only the refugee camp.
Jordyn: That wasn't a city, silly.
Leyah: I am not silly, dummy!
Jordyn: Eeee! (laugh)
Leyah: Data Dog is hungry.
Brokka: Oh he is, is he?
Jordyn: Yeah. Starving.
Brokka: All right. Let's go home and get you—I mean Data Dog—some supper.
Leyah: Can we go play on the beach?
Brokka: May we...and yes, you may. I'll be right here. Watch out for crabs.
Jordyn: Yay! C'mon, Leyah!
Leyah: C'mon, Data Dog.



  • Historical NPCs and dialogue can be found here.
  • This area used to contain a camp of grawl refugees. The camp was temporarily used for charr and norn refugees who had escaped the Molten Alliance. They were there until either they signed a contract with the Consortium for housing on Southsun Cove or they returned with the norn heading to Cragstead, where most of the former had ended up after Last Stand at Southsun events. However, since Scarlet attacked the city the grawl have not returned though the fire of the encampment remains.


  • Running in the corn field sometimes triggers a spooky scream sound.