Commodore's Quarter

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see Canal Ward.

Commodore's Quarter

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Map of Commodore's Quarter

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The Commodore's Quarter is an area in the northwest section of Lion's Arch. It is mainly a residential part of the city.


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Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Captain Kiel's Office
Point of interest (map icon).png Order of Whispers Headquarters
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Consortium Headquarters



Ambient creatures


Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Laurel Merchant
Black Lion Collections.png Legendary Collector Youngblood

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Outside and within the Consortium Headquarters
Administrative Assistant (human): I just hate being cooped up in there, you know?
Administrative Assistant (asura): I heard there might be a new bakery going in, down the street.
Administration Assistant (asura): Have you ever actually seen the founder around headquarters?
Administration Assistant (human): As far as I know, no one's seen him anywhere in years.
Administration Assistant (human): The subdirector says she's been assured by Chairman Macro that Boll's still calling the shots.
Administration Assistant (asura): (snort) I wouldn't be surprised if Ol' Chairman Overkill ate the guy himself.
Administration Assistant (human): Oh! You're awful. (giggle)
Administration Assistant (human): Did you hear? The directors are talking about expanding.
Administration Assistant (asura): No! Where'd you hear that? We're barely staffed up here yet.
Administration Assistant (human): Keep it quiet, but the subdirector has me doing a feasibility study on a possible site.
Administration Assistant (human): I can't say where it is, but she claims this large parcel of land might just make itself available very soon.
Intern: Seems like I should have been hired on by now. If that was going to happen.
Intern: I didn’t even realize there was any head count for full-time positions.
Intern: I write the proposal, she pitches it to the client, they go for it. But who gets the credit? I’m nobody.
Intern (1): They're spraying our building for karka hatchlings tomorrow.
Intern (2): Really? I missed that memo. Maybe it will actually work, this time.
Intern (1): Here's hoping. But, hey! Day off, at least.
Intern (2): Wait—you get paid time off?
Intern (1): No.
Intern (1): I held open a door for the chairman yesterday, and I think he might have noticed me.
Intern (2): (snort) Not sure that's a good thing. You're lucky he didn't take a bite out of you.
Intern (1): Speaking of, have you eaten this week?
Intern (2): Not really, no.
Intern (1): (sigh) Me either.
Junior Brand Manager: I'm just not convinced our perceived brand identity reflects the consumer's actual perception of our brand.
Junior Brand Manager: You see what I mean, don't you? The metrics just need to be unskewed to account for bias.
Personal Assistant: Sure, of course. That's just common sense.
Junior Brand Manager: Exactly. I know what I'm talking about. I've been at this for months already.
In and around the Order of Whispers Headquarters
Lionguard (1): Looters. That's eight this week.
Lionguard (2): They're getting bolder.
Lionguard (1): Of course they are. We barely have enough Lionguard to watch the city for one shift.
Local: He took my weapon, so I took his head.
Local: No, not that. Skritt. I said skritt.
Local: Get in, get out. That’s what they said. They lied.
Local (1): So there I was, covered in aether good, and this merchant had the nerve to ask if I'd guard his yak.
Local (2): What'd you do?
Local (1): Slapped it on the rump nd sent it running to the gate. You shoulda seen the look on the guy's face as he ran after it.
Local (2): (laugh) You big softy.
Local (1): You know that friend I was telling you about?
Local (2): The one who infiltrated that one organization?
Local (1): Yeah. That's the one. He found out about you know what.
Local (2): Did know who?
Local (1): Yeah. Talked her right into the ground.
Local (1): That's nothing. Remember that one place...last week?
Local (2): How could I forget? I nearly lost my "stuff."
Local (1): Exactly. Well, it's under new management, if you know what I mean.
Local (2): No kidding? Was it because of we had?
Local (1): Most definitely. (laugh)
Local (2): I'm leaving tomorrow, you know?
Local (1): Already? It's that critical that you...visit your grandmother?
Local (2): She's about to blow a gasket. Somebody needs to bring her down a notch.
Local (1): I bet she knows a lot history. You should ask before she kicks the bucket.
Local (2): Oh, I plan to grill her, all right. We need that "recipe."
Ogden Stonehealer: You've led an interesting life, my mechanical friend. And you show an intriguing degree of independent thought.
Hero-Tron: My—personality—matrix—was—based—on—the—engrams—of—Subdirector—Noll, a—flawed—genius. More—flaw—than—genius, actually.
Hero-Tron: Trauma—and—experience—caused—my—cerebral—systems—to—develop—stochastically—into—new—and—unusual—configurations.
Hero-Tron: As—such, I—have—acquired—a—series—of—eclectic—skills. Would—you—like—to—hear"The—Ballad—of—the—Hobo—Bindle?"
Ogden Stonehealer: No thank you. But I know some scholars who would love to interview you.
Hero-Tron: I—will—make—myself——duties—as—an—official—representative—of—Lion's—Arch—permitting.
Outside Captain Kiel's Office
Cub: I—am—super—useless. Beep.
Kid: (giggle)
Cub: No—really—I—am—a—hero.
Kid: (giggle)
Kid: (rude noise)
Cub: (laugh)
Kid: Bla—bla—bla—blah.
Cub: (giggle)
Kid: Beep—beep. Who—wants—to—peel—potatoes?
Cub: (snicker)
Cub: ♪Spare change, anyone?♪
Kid: (giggle)
Near the western housing area
Information Seeker: Hi, hi. What'cha got for me?
Sneaky Kit: Depends on what'cha got for me.
Information Seeker: Oh, right. Here's a shiny.
Sneaky Kit: Lots of great, big crates at the docks today. Bossy-cat was yelling at his guards.
Sneaky Kit: Everyone mad about missing shinies. Guards pointed at me, and I ran.
Information Seeker: I see. Keep your eyes and ears open. But take care.
After Path of Fire launch
Citizen (1): I've been a devout follower of Balthazar all my life. I refuse to believe he's indiscriminately killing people.
Citizen (1): He's the god of fire and war. He's got the backbone to do what's necessary.
Citizen (2): You sound like a Zaishen fanatic.
Refugee (1): The Branded started moving, then Balthazar showed up with his army. That's two hostile forces right on Joko's doorstep.
Refugee (1): Why won't Joko respond?
Refugee (2): He doesn't think like we do. He's undead, and immortal. Insane.
Refugee (2): He probably let all those people die so he'd have a fresh batch of corpses for his army.
Citizen (3): We're talking about the god of fire and war. Do I need to spell it out? War creates misery. Period.
Citizen (4): What about Grenth? He's the god of death, and death creates all kinds of misery.
Citizen (3): Death is inevitable. War isn't
Citizen (4): Maybe not. But sometimes it's necessary.



Sometimes Marcello DiGiacomo's will take out his instrument and start playing and singing. The audio from this often overlap with his ambient dialogue.


  • The name, "Commodore's Quarter", was selected through a poll by players between 19th and 23rd of May, 2015. Other options were "City Central" and "King Doric's Court".