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Aurene's Argument

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Aurene's Argument

920 – 1,080
Legendary weapons
Aurene's Argument
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Iridescent crystals with expanding rainbows on footfalls.

This item allows selection of stats. See below for a list of available prefixes.
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— In-game description

Aurene's Argument is a legendary pistol crafted in the Mystic Forge.


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Aurene's Argument.png
Their mother kept her distance from the mortal realm, but I needed that connection—I yearned for it. Without my companions, would I feel the same need to protect this place?


Aurene's Argument
Mystic Forge
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Aurene's Argument is a white and iridescent speckled crystalline pistol with somewhat transparent yellowed ivory frills reminiscent of the Elder Dragon Aurene.

  • A soft ivory light endlessly winds and swirls down the barrel shaft.
  • Star-like iridescent glitter occasionally shoots out of random spots.
  • The frills will move and sway to match any motion applied to the pistol.
  • Whether it is stowed or drawn, a nearly prismatic painterly trail follows the pistol while in motion, accompanied by assorted coloured glitter that linger and extend far beyond the starting point.
  • There is a unique projectile, explosion effect, and sound effect when firing.
Draw/Stow Effects
  • Upon being drawn, a bright almost rainbow streak of light shoots down onto the player, followed immediately by a large circular burst of rapidly changing prismatic light and glitter that is loosely enshrouded by iridescent crystals that float upward and linger briefly before imploding.
  • A two-toned exploding sound followed by a high-pitched dragon screech accompanies the initial burst of light, while a sound of glass softly clinking against another source of glass matches the floating crystals that appear shortly after.
  • While the pistol is drawn, a constantly shifting rainbow light encompasses and moves down the bicep of the right arm to the hand, as well as the left forearm down to the hand, regardless of which hand is wielding it. A soft prismatic aura surrounds it, similar to the aura from Prismatic Champion's Regalia, as well as a constantly bright shining ivory light appearing out of the barrel's exit.
  • When stowing the pistol, a reverse of the two-toned explosion can be heard, as if the light is being suctioned back inside.
  • Aurene's Argument's footfall effect begins with a flat, wavy, circular rainbow aura on the ground that slowly expands before disappearing. This is almost instantly accompanied by a rapidly grown three-dimensional cluster of the same crystalline shards the pistol is made of, with a matching rapidly expanding spherical rainbow ray that quickly dissipates, leaving the cluster of crystal to briefly linger before collapsing upon itself.
Skill effects
Kill animation
  • On a seemingly random level of occurrence, there will be a swift prismatic crescent of light (similar to Aurene's trail when she flies at top speed) above a circular cluster of iridescent crystals and beams of light that enshroud the corpse of the slain foe. There is also an explosion of other smaller floating iridescent crystals, similar to the floating crystals seen on the draw animation. This can even happen while wielding a different weapon set, as long as one of the sets has this pistol equipped. The animation is inspired by how Aurene uses her special breath to brand things into her crystals like how her grandfather branded creatures, places, and things.


Full material list[edit]

Required item Primary ingredients Component materials
Gift of Jade Mastery.png Gift of Jade Mastery Gift of the Dragon Empire.png Gift of the Dragon Empire
100  Jade Runestone.png Jade Runestones
200  Chunk of Pure Jade.png  Chunk of Pure Jade
100  Chunk of Ancient Ambergris.png  Chunk of Ancient Ambergris
5  Blessing of the Jade Empress.png  Blessing of the Jade Empress
Bloodstone Shard.png Bloodstone Shard
200 Spirit Shard.png (sold by Miyani)
Gift of Cantha.png Gift of Cantha
Gift of Seitung Province.png Gift of Seitung Province
Gift of New Kaineng City.png Gift of New Kaineng City
Gift of the Echovald Forest.png Gift of the Echovald Forest
Gift of Dragon's End.png Gift of Dragon's End
Antique Summoning Stone.png 100 Antique Summoning Stones
Purchased from Leivas in Arborstone (Globalization Mastery Required)
Contained in Dragon's End: Hero's Choice Chest.
Purchased on Trading Post
Draconic Tribute.png Draconic Tribute Mystic Clover.png 38 Mystic Clovers
Mystic Coin.png Mystic Coins
Glob of Ectoplasm.png Globs of Ectoplasm
Obsidian Shard.png Obsidian Shards
Mystic Crystal.png Crystals orPhilosopher's Stone.png Philosopher's Stones
Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone.png 5 Amalgamated Draconic Lodestone
Gift of Condensed Might.png Gift of Condensed Might
Gift of Claws.png Gift of Claws
Gift of Scales.png Gift of Scales
Gift of Bones.png Gift of Bones
Gift of Fangs.png Gift of Fangs
Gift of Condensed Magic.png Gift of Condensed Magic
Gift of Blood.png Gift of Blood
Gift of Venom.png Gift of Venom
Gift of Totems.png Gift of Totems
Gift of Dust.png Gift of Dust
Gift of Aurene's Argument.png Gift of Aurene's Argument Poem on Pistols.png Poem on Pistols
10  Tale of Adventure.png Tale of Adventure
10  Lamplighter's Badge.png Lamplighter's Badge
Deldrimor Steel Pistol Barrel.png Deldrimor Steel Pistol Barrel
Sheet of Premium Paper.png Sheet of Premium Paper
Mystic Runestone.png 100 Mystic Runestones
100 Gold coin total, sold by Miyani
Gift of Research.png Gift of Research
250  Thermocatalytic Reagent.png Thermocatalytic Reagents
250  Hydrocatalytic Reagent.png Hydrocatalytic Reagents
250  Hydrocatalytic Reagent.png Hydrocatalytic Reagents
250  Essence of Luck (exotic).png Essence of Luck
Gift of the Mists.png Gift of the Mists
Gift of Glory.png Gift of Glory
Gift of Battle.png Gift of Battle
Gift of War.png Gift of War
Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy.png Cube of Stabilized Dark Energy
Dragon's Argument.png Dragon's Argument

Available prefixes[edit]


  • Aurene's Argument shares the same arm auras, footfalls, and kill animation with the other Aurene legendary weapons, as they are all themed after her.