Hall of Monuments weapon skins

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Hall of Monuments weapon skins are a set of weapon skins available only to players who played the original Guild Wars. They can be purchased from the Kimmes the Historian in the Hall of Monuments as long as players have earned the required amount of points in the original Guild Wars.


Hand Weapon Points Required
Main Hand
Stygian Axe.png Stygian Axe 28
Centurions Claw.png Centurions Claw 13
Deldrimor Mace.png Deldrimor Mace 19
Seathunder Pistol.png Seathunder Pistol 17
Wayward Wand Scepter.png Wayward Wand Scepter 16
Fiery Dragon Sword.png Fiery Dragon Sword 10
Off hand Chimeric Prism Focus.png Chimeric Prism Focus 20
Diamond Aegis Shield.png Diamond Aegis Shield 11
Flaming Beacon.png Flaming Beacon 26
Mountaincall Warhorn.png Mountaincall Warhorn 29
Terrestrial Fellblade.png Fellblade 23
Icebreaker.png Icebreaker 25
Ithas Longbow.png Ithas Longbow 22
Wheelock Rifle.png Wheelock Rifle 14
Living Short Bow.png Living Short Bow 8
Gnarled Walking Staff.png Gnarled Walking Staff 7