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Gift of Desert Mastery

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Gift of Desert Mastery.png

Gift of Desert Mastery

Item type
Material type
Mystic item
Account Bound
Silver coin 40 Copper coin
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A gift used to create legendary weapons.

— In-game description


Gift of Desert Mastery
Mystic Forge
Output qty.

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Claw of the Khan-Ur.png Claw of the Khan-Ur Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Eureka.png Eureka Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Exordium.png Exordium Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Flames of War.png Flames of War Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Gift of Sentience.png Gift of Compassion Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Pharus.png Pharus Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Sharur.png Sharur Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Shooshadoo.png Shooshadoo Legendary Mystic Forge 0
The Binding of Ipos.png The Binding of Ipos Legendary Mystic Forge 0
The HMS Divinity.png The HMS Divinity Legendary Mystic Forge 0
The Shining Blade.png The Shining Blade Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Verdarach.png Verdarach Legendary Mystic Forge 0
Xiuquatl.png Xiuquatl Legendary Mystic Forge 0


  • Funerary Incense can only be purchased from renown heart vendors 1 time per account per day. It can be purchased from the Primeval Steward an unlimited numbers of times per day, spending Elegy Mosaics in place of Trade Contracts (or by spending 100 Trade Contracts per incense). The Primeval Steward can also convert Crystalline Ingots (crafted from resources acquired in Dragon's Stand) into Funerary Incense at a rate of 5 per account per day.
  • Most items for which you can use a Gift of Desert Mastery can also be crafted with a Gift of Maguuma Mastery. See the table below for a summary.
Item Gift of Maguuma Mastery Gift of Desert Mastery
Astralaria 1Yes 0No
Chuka and Champawat 1Yes 0No
Claw of the Khan-Ur 1Yes 1Yes
Coalescence 0No 1Yes
Eureka 1Yes 1Yes
Exordium 1Yes 1Yes
Flames of War 1Yes 1Yes
HOPE 1Yes 0No
Nevermore 1Yes 0No
Pharus 1Yes 1Yes
Sharur 1Yes 1Yes
Shooshadoo 1Yes 1Yes
The Binding of Ipos 1Yes 1Yes
The HMS Divinity 1Yes 1Yes
The Shining Blade 1Yes 1Yes
Verdarach 1Yes 1Yes
Xiuquatl 1Yes 1Yes