Experimental Rifle

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Whisper's Secret Rifle.png

Experimental Rifle

Item type
Legendary Weapons (achievements).png The Predator I: The Experimental Rifle
Soulbound on Acquire
Silver coin 28 Copper coin
Game link
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Hint: Purchased from Agent Livilla in the Karst Plains of Malchor's Leap after defeating the Inquest Ornithologist.

— In-game description

The Experimental Rifle is a bundle acquired from Agent Livilla in the Karst Plains area of Malchor's Leap after successful completion of Fight the Inquest Ornithologist.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Agent Livilla Agent Livilla Karst Plains Malchor's Leap Silver coin 28 Copper coin


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Fierce Shot.png Shadow Bullet 0.75¾ Shoot your foe. Chance to blind on crit.
2 Jump Shot.png Shadow Leap 0.75¾ 30 Use shadowy magic to leap at your foe, blinding them and stealthing you.

Shadow Leap is a ground-targeted leap (range: 900) that allows players to make tricky jumps, similar to the utility of a leap or a teleport and to that of the Experimental Teleportation Gun. The skill also allows one to jump slightly higher than usual. For example, when encountering an obstacle, such as a wall, the player will still be moved upwards the full height of the leap, possibly allowing them to vault the wall.

Under the effects of stability, the character will leap forward without vertical lift.

If attempting to use the rifle without perfect line of sight the rifle will backfire, destroying the rifle and causing knock back instead of a leap. The rifle will never randomly backfire, it only backfires if there is a problem with line of sight such as an invisible wall being in the way.


  • The NPC only offers the weapon to characters that participated in the event.
  • This item can only be used in open-world PvE; it cannot be used in WvW, PvP, or in Dungeons.
  • The rifle lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • The rifle object shares its skin with the Whisper's Secret Rifle.