Shiverpeak Mountains

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Shiverpeak Mountains

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Shiverpeak Mountains map.jpg
Map of Shiverpeak Mountains

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Maguuma Jungle
Ruins of Orr

The Shiverpeak Mountains, also simply called the Shiverpeaks, rise up over ten-thousand feet above sea level and is a vast mountain range spanning most of Tyria, running north to south and dividing it in two. To the east of the mountains lie charr territories, and just to the west lies the human kingdom of Kryta. There is a known bloodstone in a cave in the south-western area of the Shiverpeaks, though that area may now be considered part of the Steamspur Mountains. The norn city Hoelbrak is located at the center of the Shiverpeaks.

The mountains had long been the home of the stout dwarves, who, in preparation for battle with the Great Destroyer in 1078 AE, were mostly transformed into living stone, their grand civilization abandoned in pursuit of victory. Since then, the dragon of ice and snow, Jormag, has awoken in the northern Shiverpeaks and caused earthquakes to shatter the mountains. The ravines filled with water from the northern water and created inland seas such as Frostgorge Sound within the Shiverpeaks. Jormag also forced various races from their homelands, including the norn and the kodan. In the south, the norn now do battle with the dredge, who rose from Sorrow's Furnace after the defeat of their former slave masters and now jealously guard their territories and their freedoms.


With soaring peaks reaching high into the sky (up over ten-thousand feet above sea level),[1] the ice of the Shiverpeaks never melts, and it snows year round. Because the majority of the lakes and rivers in and around the mountains are frozen most of the time, conventional ships find it impossible to traverse them, though the dwarven sled ships and the kodan sanctuaries can pass over them with ease.

Winding passes, sluggish glaciers, frozen forests, frosted plains, and snow fallen hills make up the majority of the terrain between the mountain peaks, and life can be encountered anywhere.


Explorable zones
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Shiverpeak Explorer achievement[edit]

This achievement consists of discovering all 175 areas within the Shiverpeaks. Some commonly missed areas are as follows:

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  • Internally at ArenaNet, this area was known as "Alpine."