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Welcome to the official Guild Wars 2 Wiki, the comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.

Current release: Shadow in the Ice

The second episode of The Icebrood Saga is now live!
Beyond a door in the mountains lies a frozen lake remembered only in norn legend. Seek the source of the whispers plaguing the Far Shiverpeaks.
Explore the hidden half of the deathly cold Bjora Marches, where you'll experience new Trials of Koda map events with unique achievements and face the cunning, insidious world boss Drakkar. Strengthen your bond with Raven to unlock new Raven Attunement abilities. Face the whispers in your mind and the dark force driving them in a new strike mission. Unlock Raven Ceremonial armor traditionally worn by norn Raven Shamans and upgrade your Restored Boreal weapons into Illuminated Boreal weapons. Complete story achievements and trade with locals to earn minis, guild hall decorations, a new /shiver emote, and more.


News & updates

Current game status
▪ Game updates - Wednesday, 12 February 2020
▪ Upcoming changes and features ▪ Release
▪ Event timers ▪ Server reset
February 12, 2020
▪ Swiss Tournaments Are Coming
January 31, 2020
▪ Global, PvP and WvW balance patch previews
January 30, 2020
▪ Guild Chat: “Shadow in the Ice”
▪ Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships 2020
January 28, 2020
▪ Soar Magically with the Sacred Pegasus Griffon Skin
▪ “Shadow in the Ice” is Live

Gear and equipment

▪ Armor ▪ Trinkets ▪ Weapons
▪ Prefixes ▪ Ascended equipment
Items and Inventory
▪ Consumables (Food, Utility) ▪ Collections ▪ Upgrades (Runes, Sigils, Infusions)
▪ Wardrobe ▪ Dye ▪ Outfits
▪ Recipes ▪ Materials ▪ Mystic Forge ▪ Legendary weapons
Commerce and currencies
▪ Trading Post ▪ Gem Store ▪ Vendor ▪ Vault

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