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Living World News & updates
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In The Head of the Snake, the fourth episode of Living World Season 3, former Legate Minister Caudecus and his White Mantle begin their plans against Divinity's Reach in their attempt to depose Queen Jennah and take their place as rulers of Kryta. Players will have to travel to Lake Doric and confront the White Mantle.

Back in Bloodstone Fen, a mysterious portal has appeared leading to a new raid: Bastion of the Penitent. Players will need to enter and discover the hidden mysteries of the Mursaat.

This release also includes a rework of the Thaumanova Reactor fractal, a new Legendary Weapon The HMS Divinity, as well as new achievements and rewards.

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Current game status
▪ Game updates - Monday, 13 March 2017
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February 28, 2017
▪ PvP League Season 6 Begins on March 7
February 24, 2017
▪ The Head of the Snake on Guild Chat: A Summary
January 31, 2017
▪ 'The Head of the Snake' Living World Episode and New Raid Wing Coming February 7
▪ Living World Season 3 Episode 4 Trailer: The Head of the Snake
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