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A recipe is the list of materials required to create an item, either at a crafting station or at the Mystic Forge.


Crafting recipes must be unlocked or "learned" before they can be crafted. Recipe unlocks are account-based: learning a recipe from a consumable on one character will unlock it for all other characters on your account (as of the July 26, 2016 update). Recipes can require between one and four distinct ingredients, and quantities from 1 to 250 of each ingredient.

There are three ways to learn a recipe:

Most basic component and refinement recipes are learned automatically by increasing your rank in a crafting discipline.
Most other recipes are learned by combining ingredients from the discovery tab at a crafting station.
Recipe sheet
Some special recipes can only be unlocked by consuming a recipe sheet, even if your character doesn't have the required crafting level to craft it.

Mystic Forge[edit]

Mystic Forge recipes do not have to be learned, and they always require four ingredients. The Forge acts similarly to a standard crafting station's discovery tab, and you must manually combine the four ingredients every time you use it. Due to the sheer number of patterns the Forge's server must check, eligible combinations will occasionally "bug out" and appear to be ineligible or disabled; this can usually be remedied by waiting for a minute or submitting the ingredients in a different order.