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Content updates[edit]

The following features have been mentioned by ArenaNet staff and are expected to be part of future game updates and releases.


Living World
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons
  • The third Guild Wars 2 expansion, in active development and to be released in 2021[3][4][5]


These changes have been mentioned by ArenaNet, but lack specific details and/or a release date.

General content
  • Special Tournaments [9][10]
  • On Demand Tournaments [9]
  • Spirit Watch revisions [11]
  • Different ratings for different PvP modes [12]
  • Deathmatch custom arena map intended for larger teams. [13]
  • Large PvP map: 15 on 15[12]
  • Possibility of PvP / WvW Festival [6]
World versus World
  • Matchup information made available ahead of time is looked into, but complicated. [14]
  • WvW World Restructuring of servers. [15][16][17][10]
  • Scaling objective rewards[6]
  • Re-balance of siege [18]
  • Possibility of PvP / WvW Festival[6]
Fractals of the Mists
Legendary Equipment
  • Kraitkin may be given nighttime effects. [22]
  • "Legendary armory" — Any legendary item that is added to the Legendary Armory will become available for use by all the characters across your entire account at the same time. [23]
Super Adventure Box
  • World 3 and World 4 are unlikely to be added within the next year or two (as of 2020), but ArenaNet are "chipping away at it behind the scenes". [24]
  • Guild Wars 2 coming to Steam, players won't be able to transfer an existing account to Steam. [25] Launch has been put on hold for the time being. [26]

Automated changes[edit]

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