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The wiki[edit]

General FAQ[edit]

When was this site created?
ArenaNet started Guild Wars 2 Wiki in December 2007 so that the community would have a place to document the information as it became available. Emily Diehl said, "[W]e'd like to make sure that you guys have a good place to put that stuff when you get it, without having to move it later."
Who maintains the wiki?
The wiki is maintained by people like you and me — the players. We are responsible for content and updates. ArenaNet hosts the site for us and occasionally updates the wiki's infrastructure as well as provide us with additional means upon request.
Are devs going to be able to talk about Guild Wars 2 here?
Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet staff have released game status updates. Beyond this, dev contributions have been limited, mostly pertaining to translation and transliteration of material from other ArenaNet sources.
Is the wiki accessible from in-game?
Yes; the in-game command /wiki will open a wiki page in your default browser. For example, /wiki Warrior will switch focus to your browser and open a new window/tab to the Warrior page.
Are the rules here like Guild Wars Wiki? Are the same people in charge?
No... and yes. The Guild Wars 2 Wiki community is a mix of the communities from Guild Wars Wiki, GuildWiki, other Guild Wars fansites, and people who have had no previous interest in the original Guild Wars. This has influenced some of the choices made here, but this is a new community.
This site's practices and processes are the standards used here and include some notable differences from the other wikis.
Someone already uses my old wiki account name! How can I get it back from this evil imposter?
Login information was shared between Guild Wars Wiki and Guild Wars 2 Wiki until March 2014. If you created an account on GWW before that date, you don't have to register again and you can login on this wiki with the same user login details. Accounts created after March 2014 will have to register again on this wiki.
Will there be a place on the wiki for me to add my guild?
No, at least not in the way this was done on Guild Wars Wiki. However, you are free to create an article for your guild within your user space.

About editing[edit]

Editing is scary! Is there a way for me to just leave feedback?
Of course! Either use the "Leave article feedback" tab on the top of an article or click on "discussion" to manually start a new topic at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to sign your comment with four tildes (~)! We hope you overcome your fear of editing though, since it does not have to be scary at all.
How can I rename a page?
You're looking for the "move" button. This button appears for autoconfirmed users (accounts with 10 or more edits that have been registered for at least 3 days) near to the edit page button.
When I edit a page I get the option to tick "This is a minor edit" — what does it mean and when should I use it?
A minor edit signifies that the edit in question did not majorly alter the respective article. Most of the time, a minor edit is used when typos and/or spelling or grammar mistakes have been corrected. Users can mark all their edits as minor edits via their preferences. Similarly, minor edits can be hidden from your watchlist.
How can I customise my wiki signature for talk pages?
Follow the instructions on Help:Signatures.

The game[edit]

I have questions about Guild Wars 2.
Good news, there is a site dedicated to documenting Guild Wars 2... and you're already on it!
  • If you don't know where to start, there is an FAQ for the game available.
  • If you're after something specific, visit Special:Search and type some keywords (typing slowly is rewarded with search suggestions). If you're lucky, an article with a similar title or contents may already exist, in which case you can follow a link to it.
  • If you still can't find an answer, ask on the official forums (also linked at the top left corner of the page) or on the Guild Wars 2 subreddit, and the respective communities should be able to help.
What if I have a wiki-related question?
Then you may either ask your question