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Essence of Gold.png

Thank you to the generosity of the following players, whose funds will go towards future contributions:

  • Zel Reborn (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sinbad Hun (100 Gold coin distributed)
  • Werdes (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Raenzjar (50 Gold coin distributed)
  • Liara Delduwath (12 Gold coin distributed)
  • Garrok Spiritrender (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Allene Dawn (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Luna Marest (20 Gold coin distributed)
  • Savient Laishe (600 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sturmhart (150 Gold coin distributed)
  • Irene Lyran (20 Gold coin distributed)
  • Kit the Traveler (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Intricity (2 Gold coin distributed)
  • UnbalancedJ (3 Gold coin distributed)
  • Viss (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • anonymous (91 Gold coin distributed)
  • Makkuroii (1 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sif of the Raven (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Towelcat (200 Gold coin distributed)
  • Delsea (555 Gold coin distributed)
  • ArenaNet (3023/3459+ Gold coin distributed)

On Wiki of Gold is a player-run wiki improvement project supported by ArenaNet with in-game gold that gets awarded to wiki editors for contributing to sets of articles. You can read the Contribution Terms here. Note that all contributors to this project have to abide by these Contribution Terms and all contributing edits have be done with a wiki account (anonymous edits are disqualified).

Contributions to this project are done via edits to articles that are in sets listed below on this project page. Two articles are selected for each Set by Delsea: one article that could use improvement and one article that does not yet exist. Make a helpful, contributing edit to either article to be mailed 2 Gold coin in Guild Wars 2. Every person can get those 2 gold once per Set. Multiple Sets usually run consecutively, and you can get the 2 gold for each Set you contribute to.

To participate, make your contribution to an article that is in a Set listed below on this project page and then sign this page you're reading right now with the account name or character name where you would like the gold to be sent. You can add a brief description of what you added or changed to make your contribution easier to verify.

Edits must be accurate, clear, coherent, relevant to the topic, and improve the article. The edits can be either small or large. However, for the purposes of this project, making a few minor punctuation alterations is not substantial enough. If the article links to a relevant page or image that does not yet exist, creating this page or image will also count as an eligible edit. (Editing an article linked from the focus article only counts if the linked article was created after the Set was first assigned.)

This project is organised by Delsea (Dash.9340) with maintenance help from Idris (Alex.3907), and it's officially supported by ArenaNet (under the following Contribution Terms). If you happen to find this page while browsing the wiki, please feel free to participate. If you have any questions or suggestions for future articles to focus, please make a comment on the discussion page. All are welcome, everyone from wiki veterans to complete newcomers!

Accumulated Gems

Biography Water.png

For contributing to a Set, you also earn 20 Gems' worth of giftable Gem Store goods. You can save these up for a bigger purchase. Mail Delsea in-game to make your selection. Gems for this project have been supplied by the following sources:

  • Delsea (17,160 Gem.png distributed)
  • ArenaNet (4,200/4,000+ Gem.png distributed)

Current totals

  • 2,380 Gem.png Sime.3681
  • 1,420 Gem.png Azurem.9468
  • 1,190 Gem.png Ventriloquist.5806
  • 1,020 Gem.png Alex.3907
  • 900 Gem.png Konig Des Todes.2086
  • 820 Gem.png Sariel V.7024
  • 780 Gem.png Skadeth.2184
  • 700 Gem.png Alcahata.2976
  • 620 Gem.png Feliscia Pardalis.5874
  • 620 Gem.png Cronos.6532
  • 720 Gem.png Adeira Tasharo.2837
  • 520 Gem.png Scro.1396
  • 480 Gem.png Zimbaland.5614
  • 480 Gem.png namylk.9483
  • 460 Gem.png whorl.8517
  • 440 Gem.png Rain Spell
  • 440 Gem.png Mishiara.9362
  • 420 Gem.png DeLuXe.3286
  • 380 Gem.png Vahkris.6847
  • 340 Gem.png gmriggs.4628
  • 340 Gem.png Encoded.7460
  • 340 Gem.png Teaniel.9052
  • 320 Gem.png Intricity.7056
  • 320 Gem.png Nebilim.5127
  • 280 Gem.png Zekowah.6480
  • 280 Gem.png Veterankyl.1260
  • 280 Gem.png DrHaxxor.9526
  • 240 Gem.png qwert.8579
  • 240 Gem.png Rhydicule.5187
  • 240 Gem.png Dzjudz.9142
  • 230 Gem.png Teletric.3821
  • 220 Gem.png Raiton.2395
  • 220 Gem.png Kossage.9072
  • 220 Gem.png celltj.9531
  • 220 Gem.png Rognik.2579
  • 210 Gem.png KillerRabbit.1946
  • 210 Gem.png sakura.7961
  • 200 Gem.png Anhim.3156
  • 200 Gem.png Thyme.6379
  • 200 Gem.png Underdark.3726
  • 200 Gem.png Cricket.4361
  • 200 Gem.png Kurage.4972
  • 180 Gem.png Gandlos.5470
  • 180 Gem.png Lucatri.7945
  • 180 Gem.png llarryllamma.10462
  • 180 Gem.png Nirushuni.3619
  • 160 Gem.png Raziva.3071
  • 160 Gem.png coldwaterq.6258
  • 160 Gem.png Linus The One.7432
  • 140 Gem.png Caestello.3057
  • 140 Gem.png Starsicle.2895
  • 140 Gem.png Kyx.4380
  • 120 Gem.png Garrus Delduwath.4072
  • 120 Gem.png Virsa.7298
  • 120 Gem.png Akuu.1580
  • 100 Gem.png Shanoar.6549
  • 100 Gem.png Cinnamonfox.4965
  • 100 Gem.png Elzo.5972
  • 100 Gem.png NintendoToad.4385
  • 100 Gem.png Overlord Odin.3958
  • 100 Gem.png Tom Stone.3190
  • 100 Gem.png benuzabeth.2367
  • 100 Gem.png Divinebaboon.4730
  • 100 Gem.png DeadPixl.2451
  • 100 Gem.png Loki.9462
  • 100 Gem.png Kulgin.9512
  • 80 Gem.png AutoDemolisher.4795
  • 80 Gem.png Nefastu.4571
  • 80 Gem.png Jaded.9467
  • 80 Gem.png Fivebrights.7359
  • 80 Gem.png Evo.1459
  • 80 Gem.png Tom.2836
  • 80 Gem.png sai.6729
  • 80 Gem.png Asa Spades.4523
  • 80 Gem.png Indigo121 / Dra Keln2
  • 60 Gem.png Grzechu.2564
  • 60 Gem.png Fishrock.5207
  • 60 Gem.png Chieftain Alex.2851
  • 60 Gem.png Atrophied.8725
  • 60 Gem.png Gildarts.6529
  • 60 Gem.png LadyStark.1309
  • 60 Gem.png Hyomage.4529
  • 60 Gem.png Zafpyr.7651
  • 60 Gem.png Apolus.3157
  • 60 Gem.png xenoril.8739
  • 40 Gem.png Draconnr.3695
  • 40 Gem.png Zaleth.1085
  • 40 Gem.png Jemikwa.2571
  • 40 Gem.png Kong.3280
  • 40 Gem.png DrJackl.8205
  • 40 Gem.png Nobomoth.1439
  • 40 Gem.png SnoobY.9041
  • 40 Gem.png kurama.9430
  • 40 Gem.png Shaard.9741
  • 40 Gem.png Irisol.7652
  • 40 Gem.png Aquitaine.1679
  • 40 Gem.png Tanner Blackfeather.6509
  • 40 Gem.png Assic.2746
  • 40 Gem.png Xiphia.6954
  • 40 Gem.png Alphawolf.2709
  • 40 Gem.png Icko.1307
  • 20 Gem.png Alexei Hart
  • 20 Gem.png Arcalane.2793
  • 20 Gem.png Steve.5178
  • 20 Gem.png bigTONY.8901
  • 20 Gem.png Ishara.3028
  • 20 Gem.png Saidedun.4358
  • 20 Gem.png Mikaq.7102
  • 20 Gem.png Relifed.7418
  • 20 Gem.png foxgod.1038
  • 20 Gem.png Marin Alacet.8723
  • 20 Gem.png Greyling.4768
  • 20 Gem.png Olivier Yuki.5614
  • 20 Gem.png adeyke.7621
  • 20 Gem.png Riven.4127
  • 20 Gem.png adeyke.7621
  • 20 Gem.png Tamara.2859
  • 20 Gem.png OriOri.8724
  • 20 Gem.png So Lucky.1075
  • 20 Gem.png Sejsel.8473
  • 20 Gem.png squeakydishie.1673
  • 20 Gem.png Redemption Of Truth
  • 20 Gem.png Licht Sieger.8496
  • 20 Gem.png Aeschines.1209
  • 20 Gem.png Fate.1523
  • 20 Gem.png Quise.5628
  • 20 Gem.png gimmethegepgun.1284
  • 20 Gem.png Luridel.5728
  • 20 Gem.png Adelas.6598
  • 20 Gem.png Rhetorical.2716
  • 20 Gem.png SilverBriar.6275
  • 20 Gem.png Xorekle.5610
  • 20 Gem.png ozzeh.7398
  • 20 Gem.png anzenketh.3759
  • 20 Gem.png Robdalf.2561
  • 20 Gem.png yanaru.4702
  • 20 Gem.png Finexen.3789
  • 20 Gem.png autumndragon.1270
  • 20 Gem.png EdgeOfDreams.8206
  • 20 Gem.png nelsoniels.8745
  • 20 Gem.png chrisjfinlay.5614
  • 20 Gem.png Pek Traan.2874
  • 20 Gem.png Simloe.1785
  • 20 Gem.png Hirukaru.8970
  • 20 Gem.png artsja.7284
  • 20 Gem.png Lexwomy.7286
  • 20 Gem.png PaladinOne.1652
  • 20 Gem.png thehipone.6812
  • 20 Gem.png Xeshirem.5038
  • 20 Gem.png yosme.6390

Set 481 — June 6-12, 2018[edit]

  • Improve any Desolation renown heart article (A list of renown heart articles in The Desolation can be found here. Check the description of Set 517 to learn how to track renown heart progress percentages.)
    • Linus The One.7432Gold sent. Thanks for adding bounds to Help the Order of Shadows defend against the Forged and for adding progress percentages to Help Dunkoro assist local ghosts. The map and video you added to the latter are helpful, but we tend to not to link to external resources if we can help it, so it might be better if you uploaded the map to the wiki (with credit, or make your own) and replaced the video with {{YouTube search}}.
      • Comment: Created Map and changed Youtube link to be a search. Thanks for the advice, wasn't aware of the customs.
        • Comment: Thanks for uploading it, but don't forget to give proper credit to the map's creator in the summary! (Even if you created it, it's helpful to say that so folks don't assume plagiarism if they come across the original posted outside the wiki.) I've gone ahead and added the credit for you. :) --Idris (talk) 21:12, 7 June 2018 (UTC)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for adding percentages to Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals.
    • qwert.8579Gold sent. Thanks for adding percentages to Help the Order of Shadows defend against the Forged; you were very diligent in noting where you were unsure of your data.
      • Note: The kill forged objective behaved strange and gave me varying progress towards the heart and one of the cannons seemed to be bugged.
    • Skadeth.2184Gold sent. Thanks for noticing that the map on Help the Order of Shadows defend against the Forged was incorrect and for fixing the coordinates.
      • Comment: The relevant infobox parameters are coordinates, which displays the location of the heart icon, and bounds, which maps out the yellow "heart region" shape. You can get the correct input for these from the API, which I knew how to do once upon a time but can't remember anymore, I'm afraid. At the very least, you can easily find the correct input for coordinates from Widget:World map. I recommend blanking bounds for now if you can't find the correct input. --Idris (talk) 08:34, 6 June 2018 (UTC)
        • Comment: I see, thanks for the explanation. I fixed the coordinates for now, maybe there's someone else here who can take care of the bounds. Skadeth (talk) 10:25, 6 June 2018 (UTC)
    • (sign your name here)
  • Fed Up Settler (Because nobody seems interested in the Poison Pot article right now, here's an alternative: a historical event NPC. 2 articles link here)
    • (sign your name here)

Set 482 — June 7-13, 2018[edit]

  • Warg Bait (Because nobody seems interested in the Veteran Bomb Golem article right now, here's an alternative. 3 articles link here)
    • (sign your name here)

Set 490 — June 15-21, 2018[edit]

  • List of pet locations (The page layout here dates to 2012/2013 and could be improved, as this is one of the wiki's most viewed articles. The amount of information presented here is good, but the structure, order, and formatting could all present the pets and locations better. Additionally, there are not maps for all of the "most accessible" locations.)
    • I remade my proposition in my sandbox. I made example of Alpine Wolf and Arctodus, I think the tables looks much better than the simple lists we have now. Also I think the Overview section is useless, as it basically repeats only the info from tables. Thoughts? Sime (talk) 16:31, 17 June 2018 (UTC)
      • Aw crap, sorry for removing your edit Sime, I hadn't realised it was part of this. I saw that the Alpine Wolf entry used a different format and thought I'd make it like the rest... (doh). I've gone ahead and removed the Overview table (I've carefully reviewed each row to make sure the information was covered by the other sections prior to removal). I've then gone and nested each pet by family to try and break up the Table of Contents, and combined {{see}} into the titles as links. Finally I've gone through the Pet/Locations table to remove duplicates. I think we should consider using the same formatting on List of pet locations as on each pet page (e.g. Juvenile Armor Fish#Locations). -Chieftain AlexUser Chieftain Alex sig.png 19:01, 17 June 2018 (UTC)
    • (sign your name here)
  • Inquest Lab Table (This object is destructible; does it give credit towards a heart or event?)
    • Scro.1396Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article and uploading an image.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 493 — June 20-26, 2018[edit]

  • Mounts (potentially more to note due to the addition of the new mount)
    • Intricity.7056Gold sent. Thanks for adding a link to the see also, and for adding detail on various mounts' unlock requirements and abilities -- you had to add the latter twice thanks to Konig's rework!
    • KonigGold sent. Thanks for streamlining the article so that it was both up-to-date and more efficiently able to display information.
    • Chieftain Alex.2851Gold sent. Thanks for fixing the mount skins list, as well as formatting it into nice organised tables.
    • Teletric.3821 (talk)Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding the Beetle's missing info to the table, which you initially added as part of Set 500, but have earned extra credit for due to having made a another good edit to an unrelated article as part of your contribution to Set 500. :)
    • (sign your name here)
  • Deepstone Fractal (new fractal)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article and adding trivia, an intro, and a gallery, as well as creating two linked NPC articles.
    • KonigThis was your second contribution to this set. Thanks for adding some dialogue and for creating the article for The Voice -- technically this is an old article, but since it was just a redirect, I count it as creating a new page from scratch and will consider any subsequent edits to it as contributing towards this set.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 498 — June 25 - July 1, 2018[edit]

  • Roller Beetle (new mount!)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for adding some external links, trivia, and creating Gallery of Roller Beetle skins.
    • Anhim.3156Gold sent. Thanks for creating the articles for the related masteries and an unlock achievement.
    • PaladinOne.1652Gold sent. Thanks for writing detailed guides on how to unlock and drive this thing!
    • Thyme.6379Gold sent. Thanks for adding related achievements and a bunch of links.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 501 — June 28 - July 4, 2018[edit]

  • Forearmed Is Forewarned (Long Live the Lich story instance missing a walkthrough and a guide for some of the achievements: this information is the most helpful thing a wiki can provide for story missions)
    • Thyme.6379Gold sent. Good work listing twenty-nine objectives, five lines of dialogue, five achievements, sixteen lines of dialogue, and an NPC.
    • (sign your name here)
  • Spare Parts (Links to articles that do not yet exist.)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for getting this article going from what was just a redirect to another article. You also came back to correct the acquisition too.
    • yosme.6390Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding usage information to the target article and for creating a linked turret article. You also created the articles for some related effects/skills; though these are too far removed from the target to count towards this set, your effort is appreciated.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 509 — July 6-12, 2018[edit]

  • Help the critically endangered heket tribe (links to articles that have not yet been created)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding some locations, percentages, an event, and for creating the articles for the other two linked events.
    • (sign your name here)
  • Jessica Price (Jessica appeared on Guild Chat episode 60, providing insight into what parts of the game she worked on. No article vandalism, please.)
    • Fishrock.5207Gold sent. Thanks for fixing her job title and adding some of her known contributions.
    • KonigGold sent. Thanks for fixing the infobox and for adding her hiring date and another contribution she made to the game.
    • Adeira TasharoGold sent. Thanks for adding an image, sourced from her appearance on Guild Chat as per the talk page discussion.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 510 — July 7-13, 2018[edit]

  • Peter Fries (We do not have 100% confirmation that Mike O'Brien's recent announcement involved Peter, but this is a good opportunity to list Peter's many positive contributions to the game, which he mentioned discussed on Guild Chat and in Reddit replies.)
    • KonigGold sent. Your initial edits were a liiiitle early for this set, and though I probably would have given it to you anyway you've luckily made some subsequent edits that I can approve instead: thanks for adding a reference and one of his contributions to the game. And thank you for your honesty on when you made your edits, it was helpful.
    • Raiton.2395Gold sent. Thanks for adding a list of his jobs, some contributions he made to the franchise, and for fixing his leaving date.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 511 — July 8-14, 2018[edit]

  • Bitterfly Bayou (links to an article that doesn't exist, and there might be more ambient dialogue here)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing four NPCs, nine objects, and for removing some ambient dialogue that is spoken in an adjacent area.
    • Raiton.2395Gold sent. Such a moody screenshot! Thanks! Screenshots on area articles really give them a lot more personality, especially given how diverse the areas in one zone can be.
    • AutoDemolisher.4795Gold sent. Thanks for creating the linked Heket Territory Marker article and for taking a screenshot of it too.
    • (sign your name here)
  • Crab Kickin' (new achievement, 1 article links here)
    • Comment: I don't think this needs its own article. Usually acheivements get their article when its a collection, this isn't. Konig (talk) 22:37, 7 July 2018 (UTC)
      • Comment: It's not unprecedented. See Set 506's Thing That Wouldn't Leave. Although a guide to achievements could be listed below the Long Live the Lich (achievements) table, in practice they are rarely are. -- Dashface User Dashface.png 11:58, 8 July 2018 (UTC)
        • I've actually been watching the achivement page you linked above Dash to see if it gets any longer, because currently I think it's kinda too short to warrant it's own page and would fit nicely as a notes section on the "Long Live the Lich (achievements)" page. I also second what Konig says about Crab Kickin', it doesn't need a page. - Doodleplex 00:33, 13 July 2018 (UTC)
    • (sign your name here)

Set 512 — July 9-15, 2018[edit]

  • Game updates/2018-07-10 (Remember: undocumented changes go in the Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes section, as the rest of the text is verbatim.)
    • Raiton.2395Gold sent. Thanks for adding some icons and links to the patch notes, updating a nerfed rune, and uploading the new weapon proficiency icons introduced with this patch.
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding the late notes and some GW2W notes, as well as creating well-fleshed-out articles for four new additions that came with this patch. Great work as usual.
    • Tolkyria (namylk.9483)Gold sent. Thanks for updating the version histories for what looks like all the elementalist skills and traits affected by this patch. Good job!
    • (sign your name here)

Set 513 — July 10-16, 2018[edit]

  • FTT 201–407 Practicum in Advanced Dynamics (How do you complete this collection, and how many Spare Parts does it require?)
    • Kyx.4380Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding an explanation of the steps involved and Spare Parts required.
    • Intricity.7056Gold sent. Thanks for filling in the acquisition column on the table, and for adding a link to the turret object around which this achievement revolves.
    • (sign your name here)
  • Kill the loyalists before they attack the village (Do this event have any ally or enemy dialogue?)
    • Raiton.2395Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article.
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for noting that this event is involved in a story step and for adding coordinates and id, a location, and some dialogue.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 514 — July 11-17, 2018[edit]

Set 515 — July 12-18, 2018[edit]

  • Interviews (ArenaNet has provided several text and video interviews in the past seven years. If you recall any of these, please feel free to add the link and date.)
    • (sign your name here)
  • Put an end to the choya chieftain or Veteran Choya Chieftain (foe has no image or documented skills)
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating the event article. Despite the buggy tiles on our LWS4 maps at the moment, your diligence in adding map coordinates to these articles is appreciated.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 516 — July 13-19, 2018[edit]

  • Nick Hernandez (ArenaNet dev who appeared in episode 65 of Guild Chat. If you would like to see on which content and in what capacity Mr Hernandez has worked on the game, see this full episode transcript or just watch the episode here)
    • (sign your name here)

Set 517 — July 14-20, 2018[edit]

  • Nerashi's Warhammer (new craftable ascended hammer with the "plaguedoctor" attribute combination, 15 articles link here)
    • Adeira TasharoApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article, as well as the linked pistol.
    • Sime.3681Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for adding an id and for creating the linked focus article.
    • KonigThank you for adding trivia and "used in" lists to Nerashi's Insignia and Nerashi's Inscription, but unfortunately both of these articles were created before this set was assigned and thus don't count. The insignia article is also too far removed from the target to count anyway.
    • (sign your name here)

Set 518 — July 15-21, 2018[edit]

  • Be My Guest (New story instance with a two-sentence walkthrough. More could be added, including a guide to the circle rotation puzzle.)