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Essence of Gold.png

Thank you to the generosity of the following players, whose funds will go towards future contributions:

  • Zel Reborn (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sinbad Hun (100 Gold coin distributed)
  • Werdes (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Raenzjar (50 Gold coin distributed)
  • Liara Delduwath (12 Gold coin distributed)
  • Garrok Spiritrender (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Allene Dawn (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Luna Marest (20 Gold coin distributed)
  • Savient Laishe (600 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sturmhart (150 Gold coin distributed)
  • Irene Lyran (20 Gold coin distributed)
  • Kit the Traveler (30 Gold coin distributed)
  • Intricity (2 Gold coin distributed)
  • UnbalancedJ (3 Gold coin distributed)
  • Viss (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • anonymous (91 Gold coin distributed)
  • Makkuroii (1 Gold coin distributed)
  • Sif of the Raven (10 Gold coin distributed)
  • Towelcat (200 Gold coin distributed)
  • Delsea (555 Gold coin distributed)
  • ArenaNet (3455/3459+ Gold coin distributed)

On Wiki of Gold is a player-run wiki improvement project supported by ArenaNet with in-game gold that gets awarded to wiki editors for contributing to sets of articles. You can read the Contribution Terms here. Note that all contributors to this project have to abide by these Contribution Terms and all contributing edits have be done with a wiki account (anonymous edits are disqualified).

Contributions to this project are done via edits to articles that are in sets listed below on this project page. Two articles are selected for each Set by Delsea: one article that could use improvement and one article that does not yet exist. Make a helpful, contributing edit to either article to be mailed 2 Gold coin in Guild Wars 2. Every person can get those 2 gold once per Set. Multiple Sets usually run consecutively, and you can get the 2 gold for each Set you contribute to.

To participate, make your contribution to an article that is in a Set listed below on this project page and then sign this page you're reading right now with the account name or character name where you would like the gold to be sent. You can add a brief description of what you added or changed to make your contribution easier to verify.

Edits must be accurate, clear, coherent, relevant to the topic, and improve the article. The edits can be either small or large. However, for the purposes of this project, making a few minor punctuation alterations is not substantial enough. If the article links to a relevant page or image that does not yet exist, creating this page or image will also count as an eligible edit. (Editing an article linked from the focus article only counts if the linked article was created after the Set was first assigned.)

This project is organised by Delsea (Dash.9340) with maintenance help from Idris (Alex.3907), and it's officially supported by ArenaNet (under the following Contribution Terms). If you happen to find this page while browsing the wiki, please feel free to participate. If you have any questions or suggestions for future articles to focus, please make a comment on the discussion page. All are welcome, everyone from wiki veterans to complete newcomers!

Accumulated Gems

Biography Water.png

For contributing to a Set, you also earn 20 Gems' worth of giftable Gem Store goods. You can save these up for a bigger purchase. Mail Delsea in-game to make your selection. Gems for this project have been supplied by the following sources:

  • Delsea (17,160 Gem.png distributed)
  • ArenaNet (8,430/7,200+ Gem.png distributed)

Current totals

  • 1,420 Gem.png Azurem.9468
  • 1,190 Gem.png Ventriloquist.5806
  • 1,140 Gem.png Sime.3681
  • 1,100 Gem.png Adeira Tasharo.2837
  • 1,020 Gem.png Alex.3907
  • 880 Gem.png Sariel V.7024
  • 700 Gem.png Alcahata.2976
  • 620 Gem.png Feliscia Pardalis.5874
  • 620 Gem.png Cronos.6532
  • 540 Gem.png whorl.8517
  • 520 Gem.png namylk.9483
  • 520 Gem.png Scro.1396
  • 500 Gem.png Zimbaland.5614
  • 460 Gem.png Rain Spell
  • 440 Gem.png Mishiara.9362
  • 420 Gem.png DeLuXe.3286
  • 380 Gem.png Vahkris.6847
  • 340 Gem.png Encoded.7460
  • 340 Gem.png Teaniel.9052
  • 330 Gem.png sakura.7961
  • 320 Gem.png BlueSakon.8147
  • 320 Gem.png Rhydicule.5187
  • 320 Gem.png Intricity.7056
  • 320 Gem.png Nebilim.5127
  • 280 Gem.png Veterankyl.1260
  • 280 Gem.png DrHaxxor.9526
  • 260 Gem.png Kossage.9072
  • 250 Gem.png Skadeth.2184
  • 250 Gem.png Teletric.3821
  • 240 Gem.png LadyStark.1309
  • 240 Gem.png qwert.8579
  • 240 Gem.png Dzjudz.9142
  • 240 Gem.png Raiton.2395
  • 220 Gem.png Evo.1459
  • 220 Gem.png celltj.9531
  • 220 Gem.png Rognik.2579
  • 210 Gem.png KillerRabbit.1946
  • 200 Gem.png Anhim.3156
  • 200 Gem.png Thyme.6379
  • 200 Gem.png Underdark.3726
  • 200 Gem.png Cricket.4361
  • 200 Gem.png Kurage.4972
  • 180 Gem.png Melora.7418
  • 180 Gem.png Shanoar.6549
  • 180 Gem.png Dra Keln.2015
  • 180 Gem.png Gandlos.5470
  • 180 Gem.png Lucatri.7945
  • 180 Gem.png llarryllamma.10462
  • 180 Gem.png Nirushuni.3619
  • 160 Gem.png Kyx.4380
  • 160 Gem.png Raziva.3071
  • 160 Gem.png coldwaterq.6258
  • 160 Gem.png Linus The One.7432
  • 140 Gem.png Adriaen.7895
  • 140 Gem.png Fivebrights.7359
  • 140 Gem.png AutoDemolisher.4795
  • 140 Gem.png Caestello.3057
  • 140 Gem.png Starsicle.2895
  • 120 Gem.png Garrus Delduwath.4072
  • 120 Gem.png Virsa.7298
  • 120 Gem.png Akuu.1580
  • 100 Gem.png Anastasha.6792
  • 100 Gem.png Cinnamonfox.4965
  • 100 Gem.png Elzo.5972
  • 100 Gem.png NintendoToad.4385
  • 100 Gem.png Overlord Odin.3958
  • 100 Gem.png Tom Stone.3190
  • 100 Gem.png benuzabeth.2367
  • 100 Gem.png Divinebaboon.4730
  • 100 Gem.png DeadPixl.2451
  • 100 Gem.png Loki.9462
  • 100 Gem.png Kulgin.9512
  • 100 Gem.png Zekowah.6480
  • 80 Gem.png Chieftain Alex.2851
  • 80 Gem.png Nefastu.4571
  • 80 Gem.png Jaded.9467
  • 80 Gem.png Tom.2836
  • 80 Gem.png sai.6729
  • 80 Gem.png Asa Spades.4523
  • 60 Gem.png Thief.6207
  • 60 Gem.png Grzechu.2564
  • 60 Gem.png Fishrock.5207
  • 60 Gem.png Atrophied.8725
  • 60 Gem.png Gildarts.6529
  • 60 Gem.png Hyomage.4529
  • 60 Gem.png Zafpyr.7651
  • 60 Gem.png Apolus.3157
  • 60 Gem.png xenoril.8739
  • 60 Gem.png Deathmortus.7852
  • 40 Gem.png Atelia.4852
  • 40 Gem.png Lady Elyssa.2469
  • 40 Gem.png yosme.6390
  • 40 Gem.png Draconnr.3695
  • 40 Gem.png Zaleth.1085
  • 40 Gem.png Jemikwa.2571
  • 40 Gem.png Kong.3280
  • 40 Gem.png DrJackl.8205
  • 40 Gem.png Nobomoth.1439
  • 40 Gem.png SnoobY.9041
  • 40 Gem.png kurama.9430
  • 40 Gem.png Shaard.9741
  • 40 Gem.png Irisol.7652
  • 40 Gem.png Aquitaine.1679
  • 40 Gem.png Tanner Blackfeather.6509
  • 40 Gem.png Assic.2746
  • 40 Gem.png Xiphia.6954
  • 40 Gem.png Alphawolf.2709
  • 40 Gem.png Icko.1307
  • 40 Gem.png gmriggs.4628
  • 30 Gem.png Konig Des Todes.2086
  • 20 Gem.png Alexei Hart
  • 20 Gem.png Arcalane.2793
  • 20 Gem.png Steve.5178
  • 20 Gem.png bigTONY.8901
  • 20 Gem.png Ishara.3028
  • 20 Gem.png Saidedun.4358
  • 20 Gem.png Mikaq.7102
  • 20 Gem.png Relifed.7418
  • 20 Gem.png foxgod.1038
  • 20 Gem.png Marin Alacet.8723
  • 20 Gem.png Greyling.4768
  • 20 Gem.png Olivier Yuki.5614
  • 20 Gem.png adeyke.7621
  • 20 Gem.png Riven.4127
  • 20 Gem.png adeyke.7621
  • 20 Gem.png Tamara.2859
  • 20 Gem.png OriOri.8724
  • 20 Gem.png So Lucky.1075
  • 20 Gem.png Sejsel.8473
  • 20 Gem.png squeakydishie.1673
  • 20 Gem.png Redemption Of Truth
  • 20 Gem.png Licht Sieger.8496
  • 20 Gem.png Aeschines.1209
  • 20 Gem.png Fate.1523
  • 20 Gem.png Quise.5628
  • 20 Gem.png gimmethegepgun.1284
  • 20 Gem.png Luridel.5728
  • 20 Gem.png Adelas.6598
  • 20 Gem.png Rhetorical.2716
  • 20 Gem.png SilverBriar.6275
  • 20 Gem.png Xorekle.5610
  • 20 Gem.png ozzeh.7398
  • 20 Gem.png anzenketh.3759
  • 20 Gem.png Robdalf.2561
  • 20 Gem.png yanaru.4702
  • 20 Gem.png Finexen.3789
  • 20 Gem.png autumndragon.1270
  • 20 Gem.png EdgeOfDreams.8206
  • 20 Gem.png nelsoniels.8745
  • 20 Gem.png chrisjfinlay.5614
  • 20 Gem.png Pek Traan.2874
  • 20 Gem.png Simloe.1785
  • 20 Gem.png Hirukaru.8970
  • 20 Gem.png artsja.7284
  • 20 Gem.png Lexwomy.7286
  • 20 Gem.png PaladinOne.1652
  • 20 Gem.png thehipone.6812
  • 20 Gem.png Xeshirem.5038
  • 20 Gem.png kazerniel.6391
  • 20 Gem.png blazeroni.4732
  • 20 Gem.png Rothgare Ablewise.9046

Set 557 — August 28 - September 3, 2018[edit]

  • Novelty or Gizmo (The targets are these two overview articles only, not existing articles for specific novelties and gizmos.)
    • Wolf SabianApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for noting that chairs cannot be used within Mounts Disabled areas.
    • LadyStark.1309 - added the new toys and created the page of the new chair.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Mini Exo-Suit Mounts Pack
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thank you for creating this article. You got it all in one edit!
    • User:VentriloquistApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating each of the five linked mini articles.
    • Skadeth.2184Gold sent. Each of the newly-created mini articles count by extension, so thanks for uploading preview screenshots to all of them.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 559 — August 31 - September 6, 2018[edit]

  • Equinox weapon skins (does not reference the Equinox Weapon Collection achievement article)
    • Atelia.4852Gold sent. Thanks for creating 15 of the linked Skin articles. You also fixed up the achievement side of things too.
    • Skadeth.2184Gold sent. Thanks for the preview screenshots of all ten one-handed weapons.
    • Adeira TasharoGold sent. And thanks for rounding out the screenshots with the six two-handed weapons.
    • Tolkyria (namylk.9483)Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for re-homing the icons to their correct locations. These allows them to show up on the focused articles and the newly-created ones too.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Wurm Spoor
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article, listing the event, and uploading a screenshot.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 562 — September 3-9, 2018[edit]

  • Shield Generator
    • Tres.9207Approved for gold distribution. Thank you for adding four notes about very relevant patches that affected this siege equipment.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Katelyn Isaacson (ArenaNet Associate Sound Designer who appeared in this recent livestream. She mentioned some of her specific work in the game during her interview, including doing sounds for the FTT turrets.)
    • Indigo121Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article. Getting a good screencap from a livestream can be difficult, but you got a clear shot. This will be sufficient unless we're provided with an alternative.
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for writing the body of the article, adding her ANet work history, and linking her LinkedIn profile.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 563 — September 4-10, 2018[edit]

  • Improve any story step article or any story foe article (The story step does not have to be an instance, but story steps will generally be tracked in the Story Journal. Story steps are usually less convenient to document and therefore do not receive as much attention as regular articles, and doubly so for foes found in story instances. Because this is open to any story step article, consider checking if we've got everything listed when you next do a piece of story that you were going to do anyway.)
  • Specific recommendations: Arrival and Survival (no walkthrough but probably very basic), A Kindness Repaid (no walkthrough including special action key usage), Orrian Fire Eater (one of many story foes with no article)
    • Indigo121Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for writing a short walkthrough for Journey to Bitterfrost Frontier.
    • KonigGold sent. Thanks for your work with the Sharpened Thorns story article. You created articles for both Lionguards Zoukk and Lionguard Gweda, plus you also added to the NPC articles of related NPCs to show their story involvement. If any of these NPCs turn up again in the future—which is not impossible—it will be nice to see that they already have a bit of history.
    • Sime.3681 - Added some missing dialogue, a foe to The Hero of Istan + created Mordant Crescent Guard and Vermin Call linked there.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Neglected Casket (Does this object have a different appearance if you clean or adorn it?)
    • BlueSakon.8147Gold sent. Thank you for creating article, adding a screenshot, and adding its interact text. Consider yourself Neglected no more, Casket!
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 564 — September 5-11, 2018[edit]

  • Destroy the southwest control pylon (Does this event really only have four foes?)
    • Melora.7418Gold sent. Thanks for getting this article off to a solid start.
    • BlueSakon.8147Gold sent. Thanks for adding the event ID and coordinates.
    • LadyStark.1309Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing two additional foes. This doubled the number of types reported.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 566 — September 7-13, 2018[edit]

  • Ruan Jia (no photo)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for filling out some good background here. I also acknowlege that you created this article back in May.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Infected Crop (Debbie's Cakes scale with your destructiveness.)
    • BlueSakon.8147Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article with a detailed description of its behaviour and a screenshot too. And thanks for paying attention to the Torch and Campfire articles while you were looking around.
    • Wolf SabianApproved for gold distribution. Thanks for the note about skills that apply burning; I did not know this.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 567 — September 8-14, 2018[edit]

  • Skelk Scavenger (phantasm)
    • BlueSakon.8147Gold sent. Thanks for the screenshot; I don't think this appearance is used elsewhere in the game. You also documented this skelk's stills and, impressively, its stolen skills too! I happened to notice that this led to you improving other skelk articles that you came across in your research. Good work!
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Dirty Chamber Pot (gross)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article. Also, ew.
    • Skadeth.2184Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for the disgusting screenshot.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 571 — September 12-18, 2018[edit]

  • A Star to Guide Us (new Living World release)
    • Konig (talk) Added lore to Jahai Bluffs, and had added Jahai Bluffs and Sun's Refuge to Kourna (forgot to log in first). (EDIT: And spread screenshots uploaded by User:Sime to Jahai Bluffs, Mythwright Gambit‎, and Xiuquatl)
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article and then adding so many screenshots. I agree that it shouldn't be too difficult to find homes for most of them, and they're a large part of what precious little information we have about the release so far.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Stephen Hwang (no photo, no mention of specific content he worked on)
    • LadyStark.1309Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article. When I selected it, I had no idea that Mr Hwang had worked for ArenaNet for so long or that he'd left last year.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 572 — September 13-19, 2018[edit]

  • World Boss Portal Device (missing question mark icons in its dialogue)
    • Melora.7418Gold sent. Thanks for confirming that this includes all Core Tyria world bosses.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 573 — September 14-20, 2018[edit]

  • Zommoros (With the Mythwright Gambit raid approaching, it's a good opportunity to expand on what we know about Zommoros, the djinn of the Mystic Forge.)
    • Fishrock.5207 — Added some info regarding the lair & mythwright gambit. Also added a citation request regarding his "imprisonment".
    • Sime.3681Gold sent. Thanks for adding a referenced note about Zommoros' voice actor. It occurs to me that would be nice to have every voiced NPC be credited in their article, though that would be a formidable project.
    • Kossage.9072 - Expanded Zommoros's biography with what little we know of his early years and relationship with Miyani, cited a source for the blog post regarding his "imprisonment", his involvement in the Lost Shores incident and the contract with Lemark in The Reaper's Bounty "short story" which showed a more ruthless side of him, and the curious detail that he's been voiced by two voice actors as per cut content.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Awakened Artillery Mender
    • Melora.7418Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article.
    • Adriaen.7895Gold sent. Thanks for adding this foe's skills and stolen skills. You also sourced an image that was, at the time and through no fault of your own, possibly the worst NPC image I've ever seen! I got a really good laugh out of that, and it helped spur an effort to replace it with a clearer one. I genuinely enjoyed checking these edits!

Set 574 — September 15-21, 2018[edit]

  • Guild Chat - Episode 60 or Guild Chat - Episode 64 (Many lines in the walls of text at the bottom have not been transcribed. Turning the whole thing into a full transcription would take hours, but turning even a single sentence from either episode into properly-typed dialogue is enough for credit for this Set. Slowing the video to half speed makes this easier. The article could also benefit from screenshots as per the examples in the articles for episodes 8 and 65.)
    • Skadeth.2184Approved for gold distribution. Thank you for transcribing thirteen sentences of episode 64.
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Machine Cog
    • BlueSakon.8147Gold sent. Your work creating this article and the related Broken Ventilation System is amazing. These are two relatively mundane renown heart interactables that you somehow made worth reading about. I love discovering articles like this in the wild! Well done.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 575 — September 16-22, 2018[edit]

  • Thackeray's Metal Breather (I can personally confirm that the recipe for this exists. 19 articles link here)
    • Adriaen.7895Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article with as much info as is available. If nobody has ever crafted it, it makes using the API as a resource a little difficult.
    • LadyStark.1309Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating the linked articles for the light and medium versions of this aquabreather.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 576 — September 17-23, 2018[edit]

  • Show (missing icon, possibly missing hints if these belong here)
    • Anastasha.6792 - I actually created all of these links yesterday, and wanted to create this page too! I have added a screenshot of the Show skill with the tooltip to the talk page, but I'm not sure how to format it into the actual page.
    • Melora.7418Gold sent. Thanks for creating this article.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 577 — September 18-24, 2018[edit]

  • Start dialogs between the Elonian factions (new renown heart - see Set 575 for how to track contribution percentages)
    • Tres.9207 Added events, related achievements, created the page for the turrets, and added contributing actions. Still needs contribution percentage on event complete/fail and action. Thank you who ever did the virtue effects.
    • Sime.3681 - Created Prepare the Chantry for the Branded attack, added assistance message + boundaries.
    • throne.5621 – created the page with renown heart template, location, renown heart NPC, description and completion mail.
    • Melora.7418- Added all representatives and their heart related dialogue.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 578 — September 19-25, 2018[edit]

  • Chaos Theory (second story step from the new 'A Star to Guide Us' release)
    • Melora.7418 - Added objectives, walkthrough, rewards, additional NPCs, and most dialogue (If the disturbances are found in a different order some of the dialogue changes and still needs documenting.)
    • Konig (talk) Expanded and clarified walkthrough, added initial allied NPCs and later fixed foes (we typically don't include natural open world mobs unless they have a specific role in the story).
    • (sign your account name here)
  • Displaced Towers (new area, links to articles that are yet to be created)
    • Teletric.3821Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for creating this article. It's so cool that different races have different foes here.
    • throne.5621Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for listing the point of interest and vista.
    • Adriaen.7895Approved for gold distribution. Thanks for finding ten additional NPCs and three gathering nodes.
    • Tres.9207Approved for gold distribution. Adding the related achievements was a good idea. Thanks for also including the zone connections and an additional object.
    • (sign your account name here)

Set 579 — September 21-27, 2018[edit]

Set 580 — September 22-28, 2018[edit]

  • Legacy (third story step from the new 'A Star to Guide Us' release)
    • (sign your account name here)