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The Guild Wars 2 API (application programming interface) is an interface that enables third-party applications to access data directly from the Guild Wars 2 servers. The current version of the API is version 2. For recent changes of the API, see the API changelog.

To discuss the Guild Wars 2 API, or in case of problems or required help, visit any of:

Guild Wars 2 API Terms of Use

Any use of the APIs must comply with ArenaNet's Content Terms of Use and Website Terms of Use. Use of the APIs constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the ArenaNet Content Terms of Use, Website Terms of Use, and any related terms or conditions when they are posted.



Primary article: API:API key

Most endpoints return general results about game data and so do not require authentication.

The endpoints that can be used to return specific user or guild data require authentication via an API key in one of two ways.

  • Authorization request header: Authorization: Bearer [api key]
  • access_token query parameter: ?access_token=[api key]

As most browsers prevent CORS, the request header method will only be possible via custom applications. If using a browser, use a query parameter. Additionally, preflight requests are not supported by the API backend.

Schema Versions

Primary article: API:2#Schemas

To allow the API the flexibility to evolve their response schemas without breaking existing applications, the APIs support the notion of schema versions on endpoints that have changed. The API will translate the response data backward from the latest version down to the requested version. Schema versions are strings that happen to be ISO 8601 datetimes in UTC (so that string comparisons provide chronological ordering), or the value latest which will always return the latest schema from the API. If no schema version is supplied, the APIs will default to the earliest version so as to maintain backward compatibility with applications that predate the introduction of schema versions.

Schema versions can be requested in one of two ways:

  • X-Schema-Version request header: X-Schema-Version: [schema version]
    e.g., X-Schema-Version: 2019-02-21T00:00:00Z
  • v query parameter: ?v=[schema version]
    e.g., ?v=2019-02-21T00:00:00Z, ?v=latest

The same caveats regarding CORS apply as per Authentication above.

Cache Validation

Version 2 endpoints

The API version 2 provides the following endpoints:



These endpoints access account data and require an API key to view.

Daily Rewards

  • dailycrafting: Returns information about daily craftable items.
  • mapchests: Returns information about daily acquirable map chests.
  • worldbosses: Returns information about daily (Core Tyria) world boss clears.

Game Mechanics


  • guild/:id: Returns core details about a given guild.
  • emblem: Returns image resources needed to render guild emblems.
  • guild/permissions: Returns information about guild rank permissions.
  • guild/search: Returns information on guild ids to be used for other API queries.
  • guild/upgrades: Returns information about guild upgrades and scribe decorations.

Guild Authenticated

These endpoints access guild-specific data and require an API key from the guild owner to view.

Home Instance


Map information



Structured PvP

Trading post

Wizard's Vault

World vs. World

Version 1 endpoints

The API version 1 provides the following endpoints:

Dynamic events

  • events: Returns the current status of events for a specific world.
    • Note: This endpoint is obsolete due to the implementation of Megaserver technology. There are plans to replace it with something that returns data about the rotating world bosses, but nothing specific has been announced.
  • event_names: Returns a list of localized event names.
  • map_names: Returns a list of localized map names.
  • world_names: Returns a list of localized world names.
  • event_details: Returns detailed information about events.



Map information

  • continents: Returns a list of continents and information about each continent.
  • maps: Returns a list of maps in the game.
  • map_floor: Returns detailed information about a map floor.

World vs. World


  • build: Returns the current build id.
  • colors: Returns a list of dyes in the game.
  • files: Returns commonly requested assets.

Help topics

  • Maps: How to use the map resources and the tile service to create maps.
  • Best practices: Best practices as recommended by the development community.


  • Tile service: Provides world map tiles to create Guild Wars 2 maps.
  • Render service: Provides access to in-game assets.
  • Additional resources are available as assets.

Other resources

List of wrappers

  • A list of wrapper libraries that provide high-level access to the API is available here.

List of applications

  • A list of applications that use the API is available here.

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