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Match Overview interface.

The Skirmish reward track is an account-wide World versus World (WvW) rewards system based on earning points in 5 minutes intervals ("ticks") while participating in WvW activities. It is always enabled and can be monitored in the Match Overview tab of the World vs. World panel. It provides rewards independently of the WvW Reward Tracks, which are selected manually in their respective tab.

This reward track serves as the primary source of WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket WvW Skirmish Claim Ticket currency, used for purchasing various rewards from the vendors, including WvW-exclusive legendary equipment.

The Skirmish reward track is only active in the main WvW zones, Eternal Battlegrounds and the three Borderlands. Playing in the Edge of the Mists map will not reward progress.

Earning pips[edit]

  • Skirmish reward track provides rewards in tiers when sufficient number of points ("pips") is accumulated for each tier.
  • Pips are earned with each tick while having at least Tier 3 participation. Although the interface states as long as you have Tier 3 participation any participation Tier greater than or equal to 3 will count for earning pips.
  • Since each two-hour-long skirmish ends with a tick (24th tick of the skirmish, one tick every 5 minutes) and an overview of the current finished skirmish shows the achieved pips, it might appear that winning a skirmish awards pips. This is not the case.
  • The earned pips are based on the following criteria:
Criteria Pips
War Score
Skirmish reward pip score 1.png Skirmish reward pip score 2.png Skirmish reward pip score 3.png
+4 Your world has the least amount of War Score in the current Skirmish.
+5 Your world has the second most War Score in the current Skirmish.
+6 Your world has the most War Score in the current Skirmish.
WvW Rank Skirmish reward pip rank 0.png Skirmish reward pip rank 1.png Skirmish reward pip rank 2.png Skirmish reward pip rank 3.png Skirmish reward pip rank 4.png Skirmish reward pip rank 5.png Skirmish reward pip rank 6.png Skirmish reward pip rank 7.png
+1 WvW Initiate Rank (1-149)
+2 Bronze WvW Rank (150-619)
+3 Silver WvW Rank (620-1394)
+4 Gold WvW Rank (1395-2544)
+5 Platinum WvW Rank (2545-4094)
+6 Mithril WvW Rank (4095-6444)
+7 Diamond WvW Rank (6445-9999)
+8 Max WvW Rank (10000)
Commander Skirmish reward pip commander.png
+1 Commanding a squad with at least 5 people.
Skirmish reward pip public commander.png
+3 Commanding a public squad with at least 10 people.
Commitment Skirmish reward pip commitment.png
+1 Completed wood division the previous week.


Reward Tiers Required Pips Rewards
Tiers Per Tier In Total Each Minor Tier Final Tier Total
Wood Reward Closed.png
Wood Reward Open.png
4 25 100
Bronze Reward Closed.png
Bronze Reward Open.png
4 30 120
Silver Reward Closed.png
Silver Reward Open.png
5 35 175
Gold Reward Closed.png
Gold Reward Open.png
5 40 200
Platinum Reward Closed.png
Platinum Reward Open.png
5 45 225
Mithril Reward Closed.png
Mithril Reward Open.png
6 50 300
Diamond Reward Closed.png
Diamond Reward Open.png
6 55 330
For first completion only. Subsequent completions earn the Diamond (repeatable) rewards, rewarding no WvW Tournament Claim Ticket.pngWvW Skirmish Claim Ticket.
Diamond Reward Closed.png
Diamond Reward Open.png
6 55 330
Grand total of the non-repeatable tiers 1450 pips


Pips earned vs Tickets
Tickets and memories of Battle earned per Pip
  • Every week a maximum of 365 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets can be obtained, through Skirmish Reward track, requiring 1450 pips in total. The Skirmish Reward Track resets on the weekly WvW reset.
  • After transferring to a different world, you will be unable to earn any pips until WvW has reset twice. This means a maximum wait of 14 days and a minimum wait of 8 days until you are able to earn pips again.
  • Ticket gain per pip earned is very similar between ranks but slightly improves at higher tiers.


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