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Gum Drops, or Mr. Gum Drops as it prefers to be addressed,[1] is Mad King Thorn's invisible pet pony. It is one of the participants in the race around the Mad King's Labyrinth. Despite being trained to seek and destroy anything that smells like mummy,[1] it will complete the race without bothering any of the Labyrinth's inhabitants — perhaps due to them not quite smelling like the right kind of mummy.


The Mists

Event involvement[edit]

Event dialogue (map icon).png
A race is starting soon! (Mad King's Labyrinth) (0)
Event star (tango icon).png
Reach the finish line! (0)
Historical events
Event dialogue (map icon).png
Prepare for a race around the Labyrinth (80)


  • This NPC is invisible and cannot be targeted. Only its nameplate is shown.