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Festival of the Four Winds[edit]


  • This list should by no means be considered complete. Add any other new or updated content that has been missed.
  • Go though the release notes and update any information as needed; this includes location moves, skills, etc..
  • If a zone is updated or completed tour the zone and take note of the NPC's in the area.
  • For Living World NPCs like Members of the Captain's Council,Taimi,Rox,Braham Eirsson,Kasmeer Meade,Marjory Delaqua and other recurring

New content[edit]

A red cross 0No{{no|red}}} indicates that no page has been created or minimal information, a gray tick0No{{no|tick}} indicates a page has been created, and in the case of a NPC/Item the location is verified however it may still be missing some information. A yellow tick 1Yes{{yes|yellow}} means that the only thing missing is images. A green tick 1Yes{{yes}} indicates that a page exists, is complete, and conforms to the appropriate formatting guideline. NOTE: Ambient and greet dialoge is not required to be entered to mark a page as 1Yes completed for this project due to the randomness of its nature. Please see GW2Wiki Project Quotes and Dialogues for participation on that matter.


1Yes Lion's Arch: Honored Guests

Gem store[edit]


1Yes Phoenix weapon skins

NPC's by location.[edit]

Lion's Arch (allies)
Lion's Arch (Traiders, Crafters, Trainers)

Fort Marriner

Postern Ward

1Yes Stark Lashhandle [Master Weaponsmith]
1Yes Marster [Master Leatherworker]
1Yes Tyltooth Oakfist [Master Huntsman]
1Yes Keinan [Master Tailor]
1Yes Roisa [Master Armorsmith]
1Yes Switta [Master Jeweler]
1Yes Strefan [Master Artificer]
1Yes Nickerton [Master Chef]
1Yes Lakka [Cultural Weaponsmith Tier 1]
1Yes Arrak Ratbreaker [Cultural Weaponsmith Tier 2]
1Yes Noggel [Cultural Weaponsmith Tier 3]
1Yes Meslet [Merchant]
1Yes Drakka Packsoot Engineer Trainer
1Yes Shetta Thief Trainer
1Yes Keppel Necromancer Trainer
1Yes Prynna Guardian Trainer
1Yes Zerk Loneblade Warrior Trainer
1Yes Prymian Ranger Trainer
1Yes Drakka Packsoot Engineer Trainer
1Yes Zinda Mesmer Trainer
1Yes Lekka Elementalist Trainer
1Yes Lilifa
1Yes Innkeeper Aela
Lion's Arch (generic NPC's)
Lion's Arch (generic NPC's)


1Yes Donate to Heal-o-tron's cause
1Yes Absorb the essence from charged crystals for Ixcic's Sparkling Effervescence

Updated content[edit]

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Most Lion's Arch locations have changed, even if just in appearance. Add ones that have to the list, and check them off when they have been updated to conform to Guild Wars 2 Wiki:Location formatting. Be sure to include updated screenshots, all new ambient dialogues, NPC's, etc..

Lion's Arch
0No Lion's Arch
1Yes Farshore Ward (Objectives and locations section still needs verified)
0No Eastern Ward (as above)
0No Coriolis Plaza Asura gates are now there.
0No Western Ward
0No Canal Ward
0No Fort Marriner
1Yes Hooligan's Route
0No Bloodcoast Ward (points of interest have changed)
0No Grand Piazza
0No Inner Harbor
0No Postern Ward
0No Sanctum Harbor
0No White Crane Terrace
0No Sharkmaw Caverns (may not have actually changed)
Divinity's Reach
1Yes The Crown Pavilion
1Yes The Crown Pavilion (zone)
Labyrinthine Cliffs
1Yes Labyrinthine Cliffs
0No Bazaar Docks (add new ambient dialogue)
Gendarran Fields
0No Vigil Keep
0No Vigilant Hills


  • 0No Update acquisition for S1 rewards.


Story characters (main)
0No Ambient dialog for the living story NPCs
0No Taimi
0No Braham Eirsson
0No Rox
0No Kasmeer Meade
0No Marjory Delaqua
Story characters (recurring)
1Yes Scholar Ela Makkay
1Yes Canach
0No Heal-o-Tron
0No Lord Faren
1Yes Sheriff Siriam
0No Evon Gnashblade
0No Laranthir of the Wild
Captain's Council (Lion's Arch)

Please check the full list of Captain's Council Members these are the ones that are known to have changed recently. There are still some Captain's Council that may move in the future as they are in refugee camps.

1Yes Commodore Lawson Marriner
1Yes Captain Peter the Lost
1Yes Captain "Bonny" Anne Reid
1Yes Captain Shud
0No Master of Peace
Misc. allies (Lion's Arch)
0No Naima Ice-veined
0No Bort the Bloodless
0No Salty Emil
0No Black Davi
0No Scornheart
0No Gullveig the Grim
1Yes Pirate King Drrikk'ttikk
1Yes Urmaug
1Yes Tigg
0No Cassin Hoppal
Crafters and vendors (Lion's Arch)

Original Trader's Forum NPC's

1Yes Lizette
1Yes Drifa
1Yes Cuina
1Yes Cyri
1Yes Cingulus
1Yes Guile
1Yes Nafni

Original Crafting NPC's and vendors that were located in and near Mystic Plaza

1Yes Klunn
1Yes Isabel
1Yes Elebor
1Yes Asmund
1Yes Derrack
1Yes Toskra
1Yes Bess
1Yes Giita
1Yes Lachaidh
1Yes Frayja
1Yes Muireall
1Yes Hamil
1Yes Jraogh

NPC's moved to Postern Ward and need locations, related pages updated (see bot request)

1Yes Historian Symon
1Yes Seraph Outfitter Eva
1Yes Dougal Keane
1Yes Valiant Saeraquel
1Yes Officer Veros
1Yes Morro
1Yes Officer Hetja
1Yes Ulof Sindersson
1Yes Peacemaker Skrimm
Misc. allies (Bazaar Docks)
1Yes Renuu
Check for others?
Misc. allies (Brisban Wildlands)
1Yes Scout Caseal (may not have changed with this release, but with Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath or April 2014 Feature Pack)
Check for others?
Misc allies (Lion's Arch)
1Yes Citizen
1Yes Soldier (NPC)
0No Ridley New dialog.
1Yes Innkeeper Aela
0No Bartender Silvergrace Fort Marriner New dialoge and selling items.
1Yes Nissalla

Skills and Traits[edit]

The following skills were updated in this patch and may still need updates.


0No Phantasmal Mariner
0No Illusionary Riposte
0No Illusionary Whaler
0No Mantra of Recovery
0No Mariner's Frenzy
0No Phantasmal Defender
0No Phantasmal Disenchanter
0No Phantasmal Duelist
0No Phantasmal Rogue
0No Phantasmal Swordsman
0No Time Warp


0No Plague
0No Reaper's Mark
0No Wicked Spiral


0No Rock Barrier
0No Soothing Mist
0No Sunspot
0No Vigorous Scepter
0No Fiery Rush


0No Shadow Shot
0No Resilience of Shadows


0No Signet of Resolve


0No Signet of the Hunt
0No Spirit of Nature
0No Companion's Defense
0No Chilling Whirl


0No Tremor
0No Dolyak Signet
0No Flurry


0No Inertial Converter
0No Shrapnel
0No Steel-Packed Powder
0No Grenade Barrage

Other misc tasks[edit]

  • 1Yes Go though the release patch notes and find all the skills and traits that had changes.
    • Went though notes and found changes. Updated this list with items I can not infer the changes from just the patch notes.