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Lionguard Brenn Hillow was a Lionguard patrolling around Lion's Arch with Lionguard Quatta. He appeared to be a recent recruit to the Lionguard, as his patrol with Lionguard Quatta was his first.


Historical location[edit]


First dialogue, on setting out from Main Haven Headquarters[edit]
Lionguard Quatta: Your first patrol. Think you're ready?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: The armor, it's so heavy. I don't... I don't remember my route. I don't... I can't...
Lionguard Quatta: Stop thinking about all that. The most important thing about being a Lionguard is projecting confidence. People here are tired, scared, unsure. They have to know someone's looking out for them. They see you shaking, they'll think the world's gonna fall down around their ears again. Walk tall, observe everything and look people in the eye when you talk to them. The rest will take care of itself. Ready?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: (deep breath) Ready.
Second dialogue, in Bloodcoast Ward west side of bridge[edit]
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: How am I doing?
Lionguard Quatta: So far, so good. How's the armor?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: No so suffocating. Lion's Arch... it's so quiet compared to the old days.
Lionguard Quatta: That'll change. The city will come back. Look, you're lucky...privileged even. You'll be able to tell your progeny's progeny that you were then when you saw the city rise again. Eh, enough babbling. Let's go.
Third dialogue, in Farshore Ward, east side of bridge[edit]
Citizen: Excuse me. I have my documentation. I've been verified in the town's census, but you Lionguard won't take me back to my home.
Lionguard Quatta: Ugh, citizens. Why don't you handle this, kid?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Uh...where do you live?'am.
Citizen: Postern Ward. Down the Windward lanes. I demand to be taken to my home.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Oh. I'm sorry. No one told you. Your home... It's a graveyard.
Citizen: What?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I was there, ma'am. During the attack and all. The ward got pummeled hard. A lot of people didn't make it out. They're buried down there. It's not safe, ma'am. I can't let you stay there. I'm sorry, ma'am. I wish I had better news.
Citizen: I... I see. You're the first person to give me a straight answer. Thank you.
Fourth dialogue, near Farshore Waypoint[edit]
Lionguard Quatta: Frankly, some citizens...they just want to complain. They'll talk your ears off if you let them. Anyway, not bad back there.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I felt like I was going to puke.
Lionguard Quatta: Heh. You survived Scarlet, but talking to the public scares you?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I...still get sick thinking about that day. I seriously thought I was gonna die. There was this charr Lionguard. Came out of nowhere. Pulled me up and got me out of the city. I wanted to thank him, but he was gone. I guess he went back in to get other survivors.
Lionguard Quatta: Sucker.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: What?
Lionguard Quatta: Nothing. Let's move on.
Fifth dialogue, up hill at start of Moa race track[edit]
Ferkinna: Hey, Lionguard! When are you going to stop the looting? I've caught three guys already trying to break into what's left of my house!
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Ma'am, please understand that the Lionguard are doing everything—
Lionguard Quatta: Ferkinna! How's my favorite keg thrower?
Ferkinna: Quatta, you gill-sauced squeaker. Didn't see you there. Who is this runt? Looks like he stumbled out of the crib.
Lionguard Quatta: Rookie detail. Don't worry. He's good. So, looters. Your house is red-tagged, right? I'll slip a yellow tag on it. That'll scare away the looters, make 'em think the owners are coming back soon. Plus it'll get the renovators out there faster. You should be in by the next lunar cycle.
Ferkinna: Much appreciated. Drinks later? I've got a special krait wine that's just begging to be opened.
Lionguard Quatta: Krait wine? Why, that sounds like an illicit, smuggled good. (laugh)
Ferkinna: (laugh)
Lionguard Quatta: See ya around.
Sixth dialogue, down the hill on north side[edit]
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I screwed up back there, huh?
Lionguard Quatta: A little bit. Take it as a lesson. There's always another way to enforce the law.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: But moving your friend to the front of the renovation line? What about—
Lionguard Quatta: Out here, you can be a little fungible. If it'll help the city, of course.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: How does helping Ferkinna help the city?
Lionguard Quatta: Ferkinna's got a little side business in distribution. The kind where, if you make her happy, you'll find yourself with extra money at the end of the week. And did I say you could ask questions? Let's go.
Seventh dialogue, in canals between Trader's Forum, Eastern Ward, and Grand Piazza[edit]
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: (sniff) Oh...(cough). I think I'm gonna be sick.
Lionguard Quatta: Huh, I thought we wouldn't be smelling the rest of the corpses until the weather changed. Guess not. Well, get in there.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Get in where?
Lionguard Quatta: If Lionguard go in and reclaim the bodies, they get bonus pay. Get in there, kid. Make me proud.
Lionguard Quatta: How's it going in there?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: (cough) Ugh.
Lionguard Quatta: Yeah, I bet it's the kind of odor that lingers in the back of your throat.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I, two, three sylvari and...oh, gods. There's a miasma pocket. Big one. What do we do?
Lionguard Quatta: Crap. There goes the bonus. Come on out. Pulling those weeds out of there ain't worth it. Let them rot.
Following dialogue removed on May 19, 2015:
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: Why aren't we getting the sylvari bodies out of there?
Lionguard Quatta: We've got more important things to do. Look, what do you see?
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: A sylvari. He looks like he's trying to get back home.
Lionguard Quatta: Here we are, friendly, helpful Lionguard, risking our lives to help lying, cheating freaks like that. Heh, watch this.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: What are you—
Lionguard Quatta: Hey, you. Move along. Now.
Citizen: I'm not doing anything. I'm just lost and--
Lionguard Quatta: Oh, I know what you're doing. You're casing this home for looting, aren't you?
Citizen: You have me mistaken. I'm not a looter.
Lionguard Quatta: What? What aren't you? Say it so we can all hear it.
Citizen: A...a looter!
Lionguard Quatta: He admitted it! Get him!
Citizen: Please. Don't hurt me. I've never stolen anything in my life.
Lionguard Quatta: You were casing a house. Maybe...maybe it was my house. You know that looting's a crime and you were gonna do it anyway.
Citizen: My beloved has Scarlet's Rattle. I was exploring the city, trying to find work to pay for medicine. I heard of a treatment being made, in private. Expensive.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: (sigh) Aw, crap. Magnus told us about this in the morning briefing. Scammers promise a cure and the desperate pay everything they got.
Lionguard Quatta: Shut up. For all we know, this one is another Scarlet, just getting ready to kill us.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: This guy's a victim. He wasn't going to take anything.
Citizen: Yes! Yes! I wasn't looting. I'd never do so. You have to believe me. Please!
Lionguard Quatta: We lost hundreds, maybe thousands. This city stinks like an open grave.
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: St..stand down.
Lionguard Quatta: And it's all because of you and your damn kind!
Lionguard Brenn Hillow: I said: stand down! Okay then, let's head back to the fort and figure this out.
Lionguard Quatta: You're lucky my partner is here.
Citizen: I am.


  • Starting from the Lionguard headquarters at Main Haven Headquarters, the path taking by Quatta and Brenn Hillow was a long circuit around Lion's Arch. As a full patrol, it took 30 minutes, start to finish.
  • During their patrol, they would not interact with players, but do pause for conversations between themselves and citizens at several points along the route.