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Tigg is an asura that players could bet with in order to receive Race Track Vouchers from his Moa Racing activity. He survived the attack on Lion's Arch and could for a time be found as a merchant in the camp in Bouldermouth Vale. He has now moved back to his original location in Farshore Ward where he trains moa chicks to race in the future.



Historical location[edit]

Shiverpeak Mountains


For previous dialogue: Tigg/dialogue
Watch your step. My little future racers here are a bit clumsy, especially without any older moas to help reassure them.
Talk more option tango.png
Why don't you have any adult moas?
My original racing flock met an unfortunate end during the attack on Lion's Arch. My sister was kind enough to send these chicks to me to train.
Talk more option tango.png
Why don't you just capture some of the local, wild moas?
I've learned that I get better racers by training them young. No bad habits that way.
Talk end option tango.png
Makes sense. Good luck.
Talk end option tango.png
Sorry to hear that. Good luck.
Talk end option tango.png
Understood. Good luck.


  • His sister may be Moa Trainer Kappa as she is found not far from Claypool and raises baby moas.
  • He was the only merchant that sold the Swift Moa Feathers; but since his return to Lion's Arch, he no longer sells them.