Lion's Shadow Inn

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the original point of interest. For the modern version, see Guild Initiative Headquarters.

Lion's Shadow Inn


Lion's Shadow Inn.jpg

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The interior of Lion's Shadow Inn.

Lion's Shadow Inn was an inn and bar located in the Postern Ward area of Lion's Arch. The founder and owner was Innkeeper Aela.

It has been razed to the ground by the Consortium to make this area reserved to guilds. Aela has opened a new establishment, the Lion's Shadow Bed and Breakfast, which can be found on the outer edge of the Eastern Ward, right next to the Eastern Ward Waypoint.





Merchant (vendor icon).png Innkeeper Aela

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Note: The revelers stop by this bar. Visit that page for their dialogue.
Scholar: I've come to gather information for our comprehensive history of Lion's Arch.
Citizen: You're wasting your time. Nothing ever happens in the suburbs.
Villager (1): I can't decide: raised flower beds or pots?
Villager (2): For kraitweed? I'd say raised.
Villager (1): Yeah, I was thinking the same.
Villager (2): It grows everywhere!
Hunter (norn 1): I love this pub! If it had hot springs, I'd never leave.
Hunter (norn 2): I'm not sure I'd want to soak with those charr. All that hair.
Hunter (norn 1): You're one to talk.
Hunter (1): I swear, it was an Order of Whispers sylvari. She was spying.
Hunter (2): How could you tell?
Hunter (1): She just sat there, watching and listening.
Hunter (2): She's a sylvari. They're all like that.
Traveler: Is this crowd's good cheer infectious, or am I just tipsy?
Citizen: Given the fact that you're drinking water, I'd say it's the crowd.
Villager (1): I miss the city. The market, the exhilarating conversations, the indoor plumbing
Villager (2): Maybe we can travel to the market soon. I need a new thaumalociter anyway.
Scholar (asura): Inebriated? Preposterous! I'm the genius behind the most successful guild in the city.
Patron (norn): You've still had too much, my friend.
Scholar (asura): That does it. Fetch me a stool so I can punch you in the belly.