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Deepest Secrets

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Deepest Secrets

1335 AE / 1845 CC
End of Dragons
Deepest Secrets
Yong Reactor
Preceded by
The Future in Jade
Followed by

Yong Reactor loading screen.png

Loading screen.

Deepest Secrets is the seventh chapter of the End of Dragons story.


Explore the Yong Reactor
  • Enter the Yong Reactor.
  • Meet with Joon.
  • Move deeper into the facility.
  • Take a tour of the facility.
  • Take the elevator to the reactor core room.
Locate Soo-Won in the Yong Reactor.
  • Locate the access point to Soo-Won.
  • Wait for Joon to input the access code.
  • (Defend yourself against the jade mechs!)
  • Jade Mechs Defeated
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Protect Mai Trin while she overrides Joon's security.
  • Security consoles overridden: x/4
  • Return to the access point.
  • Access the maintenance corridor.
Speak with Soo-Won.
  • Approach Soo-Wan through the maintenance corridor.
  • Speak with Soo-Won.
  • Get to Soo-Won.
  • Confront Ankka
  • Follow Mai out of the containment chamber!
  • Take the elevator to the control center.
Avert the crisis in the control center!
  • Locate the control room.
  • (Clear the Aetherblades from the area.)
  • Clear the Aetherblades from the Area
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • ((Optional) Defeat the Risen Xunlai workers.)
  • (Optional) Defeat the Risen Xunlai Workers
    Event bar empty green.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Use the console to open the control room.
  • Go check on Mai.
  • Access the maintenance corridor.
  • Escape the control center on the tour tram.
  • Regroup with your allies.
  • Evacuate the Yong Reactor.


Replaying the story chapter


The entrance to this instance is located in northwest Kaineng at Reactor Station.

Once inside the instance, greet your allies, follow the ramp down, and hop onto the tram for the full guided tour. Midway through the tour, the generic guide NPC switches to Joon who gives you a description of the facility. The tram eventually returns to the starting area.

When prompted to do so, take the elevator down to the core level. Joon finds her access credentials are not accepted at the access point gate, at which point the nearby Jade Mechs become aggressive, and Mai Trin begins to override the local control panels. Follow and defend Mai Trin until all four control panels are overridden. If you protect Mai from the Jade Mechs (this seems to simply involve protecting her from being stunned when her breakbar is broken), you will receive the Got Her Back achievement.

Return to the access door (stand close enough to the access door to trigger the dialogue to continue). Mai's attempt to bypass the security hasn't worked, and Mai suggests utilising the maintenance access corridor (accessed via the door in the northeast corner of the room).

Prior to continuing with the story, there is an optional room at this point in the southwest corner (marked by the optional green star lore icon) where you can pick up the Mai Goodness achievement and Lost Password hidden achievement.

At the maintenance access corridor, there are a series of jade barriers. Take a charge from the Jade Battery, and interact with the objects in front of each door to transfer the charge to the barrier. Once the barrier is open, you can remove the charge from the same object. Repeat for the next three barriers - at the third barrier, a dialogue with Ankka occurs.

Continue into the next corridor to have a conversation with Soo-Won - you can optionally follow the glowing ball of light around as the dialogue progresses, or you can wait it out (your user interface will be hidden for the duration of this conversation).

When control is returned to you, continue down the corridor, and take the first left to emerge onto a platform (stand in the orange ring). On the second platform to your right is Ankka with her over-sized extraction device.

A dialogue ensues where Ankka attacks Soo-Won, a blinding white light flashes, and the facility is somewhat destroyed. Follow Mai down from the platform to the locked door, which Mai opens. Ignoring all rules for real-life elevator use in an emergency, take the elevator to the upper level. Follow the corridor to the next access door, which Mai will open.

A group of Aetherblades (with one elite and one veteran) awaits on the other side of the door. Defeat them.

After some dialogue, a large number of risen Xunlai workers will appear in the complex; defeating them is optional but killing them all will award the achievement It's a Mercy (note that some Risen may be hidden within fallen objects, a ranged weapon or area of effect skills may be handy here). When ready, continue 3/4 of the way up the ramp to the door with the glowing green wall in front of it. Mai states the control room is sealed; continue all the way up the ramp to the top to the access panels. A profession specific dialogue will allow you to override the panel. Return to the door with the barrier. Mai sneaks into the control room but alas you cannot follow.

Follow Gorrik's suggestion, and return to the top of the ramp, interact with the door, and follow it around the corner to find the tour guide tram waiting. Kill the risen in the immediate area and then jump onto the tram. A cutscene ensues as you ride the tram back to the entrance.

You are met with an ugly reception in the form of the Xunlai Jade Security Unit trying to arrest you. Marjory suggests splitting up and directs you to take the escape pod just up the ramp on the right. Taking the escape pod completes the story.

Completing the instance for the first time will reward the achievement Deepest Secrets.

Replaying the mission for achievements

After reactivating this chapter from the story panel, the options to enter the Yong Reactor instance are as follows:

  1. Storyline (interface).png: Play the instance from the start.
  2. Living World (replay).png: Play the instance starting at the core level (where you will begin by fighting Jade Mechs - useful for Got Her Back, Mai Goodness and Lost Password.)
  3. Living World (replay).png: Play the instance starting at the maintenance corridor (where you will be using Jade Batteries to open the barriers).
  4. Living World (replay).png: Play the instance starting at the upper corridor after Ankka's attack (where you will be fighting Aetherblades followed by Xunlai risen - useful for It's a Mercy).


This achievement rewards items. Deepest Secrets End of Dragons: Act 2 End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Uncover the truth.Journal: Deepest Secrets Completed
Reward: Stash of Crimson Skull Coins.pngStash of Crimson Skull Coins
Completed Deepest Secrets 1Achievement points
  • Complete the story.
Got Her Back End of Dragons: Act 2 1Achievement points
Keep Mai from being interrupted by jade guard mechs while she's disabling security.Does this make you an honorary Aetherblade? Kept Mai from Being Interrupted by Jade Guard Mechs 1Achievement points
Mai Goodness End of Dragons: Act 2 1Achievement points
Find all files, logs, and other clues to learn about Mai Trin's time with Xunlai Jade.Who knew the well of Mai ran so deep? Found All Clues about Mai Trin's Time with Xunlai Jade 1Achievement points
  • During the objective Storyline (interface).png Return to the access point., go to the south west area of the big room before entering the maintenance corridor (You can open the door, just don't enter the corridor). You'll see a cluster of small glass-windowed offices. Wait for Marjory to pick the lock on the sealed ground-floor office (which is Joon's), and go through the papers.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Qualify for Mai Goodness effect.
  • The required objects are:
    • Assorted Papers on the desk by the front window.
    • Two out of three Stacks of Documents:
      • The one on the floor beside the Assorted Papers.
      • The one on the floor beside Joon's Console.
  • The other papers throughout the offices have no additional information and are not required.
This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Lost Password End of Dragons: Act 2 1Achievement points
Always keep your password secure! Found Joon's Password Hidden in the Files on Her Office Console 1Achievement points
  • In the same location as the papers for "Mai Goodness", interact with Joon's Console and choose the following prompts:
    • Ferocity Snoop around in Joon's data files.
      • Talk more option tango.png Try to access the "Private" file.
        • Wait 15 seconds.
          • Tick green.png Read the unencrypted file.
It's a Mercy End of Dragons: Act 2 1Achievement points
Locate and eliminate all of Ankka's Risen monstrosities.No one should have to die twice. Put an End to all of Ankka's Risen Monstrosities 1Achievement points
  • When trying to leave the facility, kill all Xunlai Jade Engineers. There are 27 before you open the door, and 5 after opening the door.
  • An easy way to complete the achievement is to use the Control Room Console and stay near it. All engineers will come up to you by themselves, so you don't have to run around looking for them. Be careful to first kill the engineer that is potentially attacking Mai Trin or this engineer could follow her and be unreachable. If this happens, it's possible to kill the engineer behind the wall using skills that go through walls (e.g. Barrage) by aiming at the start of the railing next to the door.
  • Achievement qualification may be tracked via the Achievement effect.png Achievement Eligibility: It's a Mercy effect.



Elder Dragons
Jade Mech


Jade Mech



Entering the facility
Gorrik: This is...incredible. The entire facility is underwater?
Captain Mai Trin: Seventy fathoms deep, give or take.
Gorrik: Can it really handle the water pressure?
Marjory Delaqua: If it can't, we'll be fish food soon enough.
Gorrik: Actually, we'd be vaporized.
<Character name>: Where's Joon?
Captain Mai Trin: She'll be here soon.
Marjory Delaqua: Long way from Shing Jea. Does she really expect us to wait around for her?
Joon: I expect you to have a bit of patience, Miss Delaqua.
Joon: It's the fourteenth century. I don't commute if I don't have to.
<Character name>: So this is where you have an Elder Dragon locked up?
Joon: My state-of-the-art facility is where Soo-won resides, yes.
Joon: I invited you here as a gesture of trust, Commander. Will you reciprocate that respect?
<Character name>: We'll hear you out.
Joon: Right this way.
Marjory Delaqua: Quite the view.
Captain Mai Trin: Joon likes to start with the guided tour. The tram, over there.
After waiting for a bit without starting the tour
Captain Mai Trin: Talk to the, uh, hologram thing.
On the tram
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Your safety is our priority. Please keep any appendages inside the tram at all times.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Welcome to Xunlai Jade's famous Yong Reactor. You are currently one hundred thirty meters below sea level.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Our founder, Lady Joon, was born to a simple jade trader. However, within that stone lay boundless possibility...
Joon: Sorry about that. I prefer to give these tours a more...personal touch.
Marjory Delaqua: We were just going to learn about your father, the "simple jade trader."
Joon: It was my mother who raised me. My father, the emperor, is dead.
Marjory Delaqua: Oh.
<Character name>: Why are we here, Joon?
Joon: I want you all to see for yourselves what I've accomplished.
<Character name>: Impressive. But no place in the world can hold an Elder Dragon.
Joon: I don't know how many ways I can phrase this, Soo-won is not being held. She's here of her own volition.
Joon: We made a deal. One that benefits both of us—and all of Tyria.
Joon: She would've ended up like the others if it weren't for my plan. Another feral beast for Dragon's Watch to put down.
Marjory Delaqua: Who else knows about her? This place feels like Soo-won's being hidden.
Gorrik: Oooh.
Joon: Well, I don't go around broadcasting her presence. It's strictly need to know.
Joon: The empress, the government, the invaluable workers of this groundbreaking reactor—many respond as you have.
Joon: But initial shock gives way to reason. We're building the foundation of progress.
Joon: I've harnessed Soo-Won's magic to lift up our civilization. And I want to bring that to all of Tyria.
<Character name>: You're offering jade tech to the entire world?
Joon: What I'm offering is freedom. Haven't all mortals suffered enough under the tyranny of dragon magic?
Gorrik: Hmm... That magic's becoming increasingly unstable.
Joon: An unexpected bug in the system. But it's only a minor setback. I can fix it.
<Character name>: You don't know that.
Joon: I'm not afraid of the unknown. No one could've foreseen jade technology until I made it reality.
Gorrik: What is this place?
Joon: The control room—the nerve center of the whole reactor. That's where all the magic happens. Figuratively.
Joon: Collecting magic from a dragon is precarious. We have to be prepared for unpredictable fluctuations.
Joon: It's taken a few years, but we've refined it to a science.
Gorrik: Well, it is a science.
Joon: Indeed. It's a delicate ecosystem. You know why we built the reactor underwater?
<Character name>: Vanity?
Joon: Geothermal energy. Our turbine generators are placed along rift zones.
Joon: The planet provides the energy, with minimal ecological impact. A closed system. A stable system.
Gorrik: Ingenious...
Marjory Delaqua: Plus, you know, Water Dragon...
Joon: We're expanding our operation. In time, Xunlai Jade will produce enough power for everyone in Tyria.
Gorrik: Very nice.
Joon: Think it over. Until then, I invite you to see the rest of the facility.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: As we return to the reception area, you may notice fish and other fantastic marine life.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: The Unending Ocean is home to thousands of aquatic species. Xunlai Jade: Building a sustainable future.
Gorrik: Is that a whale?
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Your generous investment is powering tomorrow. Thank you for joining us on this interactive tour.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Please watch your step as you exit the vehicle.
Gorrik: Now I want the real tour.
Marjory Delaqua: I don't feel so good... Motion sickness.
Captain Mai Trin: Well, you should've faced the bow. First rule of seafaring.
Joon: Take the elevator down. I'll see you soon.
Gorrik: Can we take the tour again?
<Character name>: Maybe later.
Descending to Power Plant Core
Marjory Delaqua: So—just making sure we're aligned—we're NOT okay with this, right?
<Character name>: I'm taking Joon's word with several grains of salt.
Captain Mai Trin: You've seen Cantha with your own eyes. Their lives have been transformed.
Gorrik: If dragon magic can really be used for good, that changes everything.
Gorrik: And as a scientist, she seems very capable and motivated. But not in a...scary, Scarlet Briar way.
Gorrik: Oh, uh, no offense.
Captain Mai Trin: Um... She says "none taken."
Speaking to a guard in front of Joon's office, before the mechs become hostile
Xunlai Jade Security: Lady Joon might've authorized you to see the facility, but that does not include her office. As long as I'm standing here, you're not getting in.
Talk end option tango.png Understood.
Inside the Core
Minister Li: This time you've gone too far, Joon. I'll be having a word with your sister.
Joon: Go ahead. Let's see what she has to say about my business.
Minister Li: You're bringing foreigners to the Yong Reactor? What the hell are you thinking?
Joon: I'm thinking it's my reactor and I'll do as I please.
Minister Li: It's a matter of national security!
Joon: It's a matter of national opportunity. Don't be so goddamn pigeon-hearted, Li.
Joon: Oh, my guests are here. I have to go.
Minister Li: Don't you dare hang up on—
Joon: Just a moment, Commander. I'll have the security A.I. grant you access; bit of a formality.
Reactor AI: This area is restricted to authorized personnel only. Project Horizon access required.
Joon: What? I thought I have you all guest privileges. This is embarrassing—give me a moment.
Joon: Mainframe. Unlock visitor-level access.
Reactor AI: Unauthorized user detected. System lockdown in progress. Autonomous security active. Have a nice day.
Joon: Unauthorized user? Who do you think created you?
Fighting the mechs
Marjory Delaqua: I think I'd prefer if the jade tech demo wasn't interactive!
<Character name>: Joon, a little help here?
Joon: I'm trying! Hold your damn horses. It's not letting me— (scoff) How the hell am I locked out?
Captain Mai Trin: If you can all watch my back, I can use the consoles to disable the mechs.
Marjory Delaqua: You've got it, Mai.
(once all the initial mechs are defeated (bar is filled))
Reactor AI: Combat units unresponsive. Elevating security level to continuous replenishment mode.
Captain Mai Trin: I've overridden the first console. Three more to go.
Joon: You were paying attention to the security briefings?
Captain Mai Trin: Of course. I wanted to learn from you, Joon. I wanted to be useful.
Joon: I...I see.
Joon: It's showing the second terminal overridden. Still can't access the mainframe from my end.
Captain Mai Trin: Just two more. Cover me!
Gorrik: There's so many of them!
Marjory Delaqua: You really don't skimp on the security, Joon.
Captain Mai Trin: Third terminal down. There's something strange. I'm not the only one in the system.
Marjory Delaqua: Do you mean...?
Captain Mai Trin: Yeah. It has to be her.
Captain Mai Trin: That's it. Got it!
Captain Mai Trin: Joon, do you have restored access?
Captain Mai Trin: Joon?
Marjory Delaqua: We're on our own.
Captain Mai Trin: She must've been fully locked out before I regained control.
Captain Mai Trin: Ankka did this. I know it. The Aetherblades are inside the facility.
Gorrik: Why is she doing this? What's her plan here?
Captain Mai Trin: Knowing her, something real bad. We have to get to Soo-Won.
<Character name>: Then let's find her.
Breaking into Joon's office
Marjory Delaqua: Give me a moment and I'll get us in.
Captain Mai Trin: Hey. That's Joon's office. Are you always this snoopy?
Marjory Delaqua: It's literally in my job description. Anyway, it's not breaking and entering if you've got a key.
Gorrik: That's a lockpick.
Leaving the office (after interacting with Joon's Console)
Captain Mai Trin: Satisfied?
Marjory Delaqua: Mai. If you're serious about turning over a new leaf, we can help. Maybe you don't have to be...just a sky pirate.
Captain Mai Trin: Let's just find Ankka.
Finding a way to Soo-Won's chamber
Marjory Delaqua: The doors are locked. We can't go this way.
Captain Mai Trin: There's an auxiliary maintenance corridor through the facility. It leads to the main reactor chamber.
Marjory Delaqua: Why do you know about this "alternate path" through the reactor?
Captain Mai Trin: Well, uh...
Marjory Delaqua: Never mind. Forget I asked.
Captain Mai Trin: Hope you were paying attention in the jade bot training course.
Gorrik: I've been wondering... This reactor, it's not so different from Thaumanova. That's where I first met Ankka.
Gorrik: Scarlet destroyed it. At the time, that was our world. Our home. Our friends. And then it was gone.
Gorrik: I couldn't stay there anymore... I had to leave.
Gorrik: I've been trying to figure out why Ankka became who she is. Do you think it's because...
Marjory Delaqua: We all choose our own paths, Gorrik. Some things are beyond our control.
Captain Mai Trin: Ankka changed in the Mists. She did...horrible things. I should've stopped her; I was her captain.
Captain Mai Trin: If anyone's responsible for this mess, it's me. That's why I have to be the one to fix it.
Interacting with power consoles
You look over the various functions on the console interface to see one that reroutes power from the barrier to the attached junction box.
Tick green.png Reroute power from the barrier.
Talk end option tango.png Leave the console.
Encountering a hologram of Ankka
Ankka: Fancy meeting you here, Mai. Seems you've found some new friends.
Ankka: I see you're a little upset.
Captain Mai Trin: What's your plan here?
Ankka: I always hated spoilers. Maybe I just wanted to see this "visionary" reactor with my own eyes.
Ankka: It really is something. Takes me back.
Captain Mai Trin: You can have the Aetherblades. I relinquish all authority to you. Just stop whatever it is you're doing.
Ankka: Hate to be the bearer of bad news—the 'Blades are already mine.
Ankka: It didn't take much convincing; the crew agrees: you've lost your way, Captain.
Ankka: You saw what I saw in the Mists. The rich lady wants to control the dragon cycle. You can't control chaos.
Captain Mai Trin: I believe in Joon.
Ankka: Too bad... I'd love to stay and reminisce, but I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Gorrik: Ankka!
Ankka: Gorrik.
Gorrik: I have something to say! Everything you've done... You're a... Y-you're a liar, Ankka!
Ankka: Good-bye, Gorrik.
Joon: Commander. Mai. I don't know if you can hear me.
Joon: I'm trying not to assume the worst, but I've lost contact with my reactor. My life's work.
Joon: I don't know what you're doing. If you think you're some kind of liberator of Soo-Won—you're making a mistake!
Inside Soo-Won's mind
Soo-Won: You've made it, Aurene's Champion. I'm grateful to have met you at last.
<Character name>: Soo-Won.
Soo-Won: You came to rescue me, didn't you? I appreciate the gesture, but I don't need saving. Not from Joon, anyway.
<Character name>: You're really here by choice?
Soo-Won: It was I who proposed this arrangement to her. She's an audacious one, is she not?
Soo-Won: This manages the flow of magic between me and Tyria's ley lines.
<Character name>: Manages?
Soo-Won: Joon used a different word. "Modulate."
Soo-Won: She takes the magic I shed to make new dragonjade. It's been a most harmonious arrangement.
<Character name>: Wait. The other Elder Dragons. They... We killed them. Some of that magic went to Aurene, but the rest...
Soo-Won: Returned to the web of ley lines, and then to me. You did what you had to do, but I can't filter the magic alone.
Soo-Won: Even when my children were alive, we couldn't filter it together. As each of them fell, the magic grew more corrupted.
Soo-Won: Now, it's become something else. Something...disagreeable to mortal life.
Soo-Won: I've shielded my flock from it for a long time. But I cannot abate the flow of magic for much longer.
Soo-Won: When I'm gone, all of Tyria will be destroyed. All life...extinguished.
<Character name>: There has to be a way to stop it.
Soo-Won: Aurene. The scion. She can filter all of the world's magic. But she must be ready.
Soo-Won: Without me, the magic will crash through her like a tsunami.
Soo-Won: It was my intention to give her more time. Acclimate her to the role. But it looks like I have none left to give.
<Character name>: That's right... You're in danger, Soo-Won. Joon's lost control of the reactor.
Soo-Won: I know. It was a naive indulgence of mine to think I could stay here forever.
Soo-Won: Such mortal fancies are unbecoming of an Elder Dragon.
Soo-Won: Take care of Aurene. That is the role of a champion.
Soo-Won: And please, don't try to save me.
<Character name>: Wait. Soo-Won, what does that mean?
In Soo-Won's chamber
<Character name>: Soo-Won?
Marjory Delaqua: You're back. Come on, we have to hurry!
Soo-Won: You have a pained soul, tiny one. Do you believe I mean you harm?
Ankka: The entirety of your existence is harm, Elder Dragon.
Ankka: In this life, I'm only an ant. What I'm about to do, breaking the cycle—it's for a better world, I promise.
Ankka: See you on the other side, Commander.
Gorrik: Ankka, don't!
Soo-Won: It's begun. When the time comes...the cycle must end. Promise me.
After Ankka fires the Extractor
Marjory Delaqua: Commander. Commander! Are you okay?
<Character name>: I'm fine.
Gorrik: This is...Aurene's stolen magic! Ankka unleashed the Extractor!
Captain Mai Trin: If your legs work then we need to get out of here. Now.
Captain Mai Trin: Follow me!
<Character name>: We need to help Soo-Won. We can't just abandon—
Escaping the reactor
Reactor AI: Reactor malfunction detected. Status: critical.
Gorrik: Oh, that's bad. Commander, nothing matters if the reactor blows.
Captain Mai Trin: Gorrik, how long will this place hold?
Gorrik: I—I don't know. The branding's compromised the entire structural integrity.
Captain Mai Trin: Here we go.
Gorrik: Ah! Alchemy!
Marjory Delaqua: The hell was that?
Reactor AI: Main power couplings offline. Rerouting to reserve power.
Gorrik: This must be why they say to take the stairs during an emergency.
Marjory Delaqua: We've survived five Elder Dragons and a God of War. Of course we'd die in an elevator.
Reactor AI: Warning: Containment chamber breach. Primary subject not detected.
Gorrik: Not...detected?
Captain Mai Trin: Soo-Won's escaped. Ankka's plan all along.
Reactor AI: Jade power grid overloaded. Reactor temperature rising.
Gorrik: This is bad.
Marjory Delaqua: Meaning what exactly?
Captain Mai Trin: This entire place is about to blow. And it won't stop there. The city's whole dragonjade network will overflow with excess magic.
Gorrik: The explosion will be like...numerous Thaumanova disasters at the same time!
Captain Mai Trin: The loss of life will be incalculable.
<Character name>: How do we stop it?
Captain Mai Trin: There's a control room up ahead. If we get there, I can shut it all down.
Gorrik: Shut it down...? Joon taught you how to do that?
Captain Mai Trin: No. She did.
Marjory Delaqua: Okay. Our fate's in the hands of a plastered pirate captain and her invisible psychopath friend.
Captain Mai Trin: I'm sober, unfortunately. But when we get out, you're buying me a drink.
Encountering the Aetherblades
Quartermaster Niskk: Captain Trin. We're here to give you a proper maritime send-off. It's been a real honor!
Captain Mai Trin: Better pirates than you have tried.
Defeating the Aetherblades
Quartermaster Niskk: Heh. You sellout piece of... Well, don't matter. Shame I won't get to see...the fireworks...
Escaping the reactor
Captain Mai Trin: They massacred these technicians...
Ankka: Good help—so hard to find, huh?
Ankka: I've been playing around with dragon magic, and I really think I'm getting the hang of this.
Ankka: With Zhaitan magic, people are surprisingly...malleable.
Captain Mai Trin: The control room is sealed. Get me inside.
Gorrik: Commander, these access panels should let us in.
Interacting with the control panel
On the console's display is a series of symbols and numbers which seem to control the functioning of the door. Next to the display, a small metal plate is secured to the console with screws.
(if engineer)
Talk quest option tango.png [Use screwdriver, then splice wires to short circuit.]
(if mesmer)
Talk quest option tango.png [Weave chaos magic through the circuits until it shorts.]
(if thief)
Talk quest option tango.png [Use lockpick to pry open plate, then cut power cables.]
(if elementalist)
Talk quest option tango.png [Channel focused ice magic until the console freezes.]
Talk quest option tango.png [Use your "foot key" to smash the console.]
After interacting with the control panel
Marjory Delaqua: Mai! We can't get to you.
Captain Mai Trin: I got it from here. We've got it. Just get out while you can.
Gorrik: You can't do this alone!
Captain Mai Trin: I'm not alone.
Marjory Delaqua: We can't do anything more down here. We need to get back to the surface and warn the city.
<Character name>: I'm not running away and letting Kaineng be annihilated!
Marjory Delaqua: Commander. I don't like it either—but Mai's our only shot.
Gorrik: Marjory's right. And if she fails... Best we can do is warn as many people as we can.
(if asura)
<Character name>: Alchemy. All right; how do we get out of here?
(otherwise) [verification requested]
<Character name>: Damn it. All right; how do we get out of here?
Gorrik: Up the ramp. I saw another maintenance corridor while we opened the control room.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Just up ahead we'll be passing the control room. The nerve center of the entire facility.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Our technicians are hard at work, maintaining our top-secret proprietary reactor.
Marjory Delaqua: This is...
Gorrik: The tram tube! It should take us back to the entrance.
Marjory Delaqua: Guess you got your wish. We're riding that thing again.
Xunlai Jade Tour Guide: Here we create our coveted jade batteries, using highly advanced methods that push the boundaries of scientific knowledge.
On the tram
Gorrik: What'd you do that for?
Marjory Delaqua: I'm not in the mood.
Gorrik: Look down there! It's Mai!
Cutscene with Mai
Reactor AI: Reactor temperature stabilized.
(Mai Trin spots a shadow moving, revealing Ankka who points her pistol at her.)
Ankka: You shouldn't have done that.
Captain Mai Trin: I shouldn't have embraced you. It took me too long to see just how empty you are.
Ankka: If it's between emptiness and hubris, I choose emptiness.
Ankka: You and that woman—you want to become gods. I just want to destroy 'em.
Captain Mai Trin: I wanted something more from my life. Purpose. Stability. Meaning.
Ankka: Then you picked the wrong profession. Captain.
Captain Mai Trin: Guess you were right after all.
(Mai Trin channels the legend of Scarlet Briar as her eyes turn scarlet. She draws her pistol and turns to shoot Ankka but the asura is faster and shoots her instead.)
Captain Mai Trin: (gasps)
(Mai Trin collapses, still alive but gravely injured. Ankka inspects her pistol.)
Ankka: Hmm, sight's still off.
(Ankka aims her adjusted pistol again and shoots Mai Trin fatally. She casually turns on her comm device and walks away.)
Ankka: Captain Ankka here. Rendezvous at the hideout.
On the tram
Marjory Delaqua: Mai Trin, she...
<Character name>: She saved us. And everyone in Kaineng.
Marjory Delaqua: She died a hero.
Gorrik: Ankka killed her. She killed Mai Trin...
Gorrik: She has to pay for this, Commander! This senseless killing and... Sh-she has to pay!
Marjory Delaqua: Gorrik. We'll make sure of it.
In the entrance hall
Announcer: Intruders of the reactor. This is Captain Fa of the Xunlai Jade Security Unit.
Announcer: You're under arrest for destruction of Xunlai property, acts of terrorism, and corporate espionage.
Announcer: Lay down your weapons and surrender immediately. Failure to comply will result in hostile action when we enter the building.
Marjory Delaqua: Guess we don't have much of a chance to explain ourselves.
Gorrik: It does look pretty bad from their point of view.
Marjory Delaqua: Well, I'm not standing around waiting to get scapegoated. What do you say we slip out while we can, Commander?
<Character name>: I'd say that's a good idea.
Marjory Delaqua: If the authorities are after us, we should split up. I'll look after Gorrik. Rendezvous with your later.

My story[edit]

Yong Reactor loading screen.png

From the moment I stepped off the elevator, it was clear that Joon has invested an incredible amount of her wealth into the Yong Reactor, where she is housing the Elder Dragon Soo-Won. Despite her obvious pride in having built such a magnificent facility so far below the water's surface, the good Lady Joon couldn't be bothered to meet us there in person, instead showing us around via holographic projection. Joon assured us that her arrangement with Soo-Won was mutually beneficial and collaborative, a fact that I am still finding difficult to believe. Still, we're here, and we are preparing to see this arrangement for ourselves. I have to wonder: What is Soo-Won really like?


Walking among the towering pillars of jade batteries up close was breathtaking. As we neared the access point to Soo-Won's chamber, we overheard Lady Joon once more arguing with Minister Li via hologram, but the hostile nature of their dynamic was nothing compared to what happened next. As Joon went to open the access point for us, the many jade mechs that comprised the facility's autonomous security turned on us!

It was Mai Trin, of all people, who stepped in and "hacked" the security system, shutting down the mechs. There was no doubt now that Ankka was also inside the facility's network, making our goal of finding Soo-Won even more urgent. Unfortunately, the compromised security locked down the main access point and cut off our contact with Joon, so we're heading for an alternate entrance via the maintenance corridors.


After navigating the maintenance area through a series of energy shields using my handy jade bot, we were confronted suddenly by Ankka! Or rather, by a holographic projection of her. She taunted Mai Trin and Gorrik before disappearing again, but not before making it clear she was deeper in the facility than we were.

We bypassed the last of Joon's security, but the moment that Soo-Won was within sight I was pulled, again, into her mind. There, Soo-Won confirmed that she had sought out Joon and her technology to help her channel the magic of Tyria after the deaths of her children, the other Elder Dragons. In short: Soo-Won and this facility had been the only thing keeping the world together as the dragons died. She painted a grim picture but left me with the slim hope that Aurene could manage a new cycle, if we can prepare her to withstand the tidal wave of energy that Soo-Won's death would release.

My time with Soo-Won was cut short as I was pulled from her mind to discover Ankka confronting the Elder Dragon. Before any of us could react, Ankka unleashed the Extractor and filled the chamber with the raw power of Aurene's Brand magic! As the chamber filled with crystals and her harness was destroyed, Soo-Won was released, and we were forced to flee, with the chamber falling apart and the ocean pouring in.


As we made our way up from the chaos of Soo-Won's crumbling chamber, we learned that the combination of Aurene's uncontrolled magic and Soo-Won's explosive escape had sent the reactor into meltdown. It was up to us to fix it before the reactor exploded and took all of New Kaineng with it. But Ankka was determined to stop us, first sending her Aetherblades, then unleashing another surprise: that her own experiments with dragon magic allowed her to tap into Zhaitan's power, reviving the fallen Xunlai workers to tear us down.

With dozens of undead rising all around us, we located the control room and gained access. Mai Trin sealed herself in, preventing us from intervening as she went to stop the reactor from exploding. Marjory, Gorrik, and I fled the control center, only to witness the shocking scene as Ankka killed her former captain in cold blood—but not before Mai Trin was able to stop the reactor from catastrophic failure. Whoever she was before, Mai Trin sacrificed her life to save a city, and save us.

We arrived back in the lobby of the Yong Reactor and were greeted by the commanding voice of Captain Fa, the head of Xunlai Security, over the announcement system, and it did not sound as though there would be time or opportunity for us to establish our innocence. With Soo-Won loose out there, and her dire warnings about what would happen to Aurene if Ankka's plan came to fruition, we opted to make our way out of the facility in the emergency escape pods, quickly returning to the surface. I only hope that there's enough time for us to get to Soo-Won and stop all of this before the worst happens.

My story