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Legendary Soo-Won weapon variants

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Legendary Soo-Won weapon variants

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The Legendary Soo-Won weapon variants are a set of Soo-Won-themed weapon skins have been introduced with the February 28, 2023 game update and can be bought with the item  Fragment of Prismatic Life.png Fragment of Prismatic Life after finishing the collection Aurene's Facet of Life.

Unlocking all 16 skins awards the The Facet of Water and Life achievement.



Item Type Item link
Main hand
Soo-Won's Rending.png Soo-Won's Rending Skin Axe
Soo-Won's Claw.png Soo-Won's Claw Skin Dagger
Soo-Won's Tail.png Soo-Won's Tail Skin Mace
Soo-Won's Argument.png Soo-Won's Argument Skin Pistol
Soo-Won's Wisdom.png Soo-Won's Wisdom Skin Scepter
Soo-Won's Fang.png Soo-Won's Fang Skin Sword
Off hand
Soo-Won's Gaze.png Soo-Won's Gaze Skin Focus
Soo-Won's Scale.png Soo-Won's Scale Skin Shield
Soo-Won's Breath.png Soo-Won's Breath Skin Torch
Soo-Won's Voice.png Soo-Won's Voice Skin Warhorn
Soo-Won's Bite.png Soo-Won's Bite Skin Greatsword
Soo-Won's Weight.png Soo-Won's Weight Skin Hammer
Soo-Won's Flight.png Soo-Won's Flight Skin Longbow
Soo-Won's Persuasion.png Soo-Won's Persuasion Skin Rifle
Soo-Won's Wing.png Soo-Won's Wing Skin Short bow
Soo-Won's Insight.png Soo-Won's Insight Skin Staff