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The Silverwastes
(Maguuma Wastes)
Event type
Meta event
Total events
Followed by
Talk more option tango.png The Breach

Foothold is a meta event that takes place in The Silverwastes. In it, the players must take and fortify four forts in the area: Red Rock Bastion, Amber Sandfall, Blue Oasis and Indigo Cave. Once all the forts are captured, the players must increase all their defense levels by escorting supply packs to each forts, increasing the supplies to those forts. In this stage, the 'Defend and protect' event and 'Repair the fort's walls' event will follow each other up, until the third and highest level of defense is reached.

At the same time, the Pact readies its assault, indicated by a Pact Assault Preparations gauge. Successfully capturing a fort contributes a small amount of progress towards Pact Assault Preparations, while successful defense events provides a larger amount. The more successful events that occur, the faster the map will progress towards Breach. Once it is filled, the event ends, all the outposts are immediately captured by Mordrem again and The Breach begins.

When the Pact controls an outpost, there is a chance to spawn a legendary boss to aid the Mordrem assault. Each boss will always spawn near the same fort:


  • Seize and defend forts in the Silverwastes to help the Pact prepare for their assault on Mordremoth.
  • Fortresses held: x/4
  • First level defenses achieved: x/4
  • Second level defenses achieved: x/4
  • Third level defenses achieved: x/4
  • Pact Assault Preparations Completed
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Dynamic events[edit]

Camp Resolve
Amber Sandfall
Blue Oasis
Indigo Cave
Red Rock Bastion