Drydock Grotto

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Drydock Grotto

Drydock Grotto map.jpg
Map of Drydock Grotto


Drydock Grotto.jpg

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Drydock Grotto is an immense cave holding the mysterious ship, SS Topsy-Turvy, being currently worked on by the skritt living at the Picaroon Scratch. It is also the starting point for the Retrospective Runaround jumping puzzle.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from Camp Resolve, go north-west towards Northern Shelf and then east to Picaroon Scratch. Go down the stairs along the eastern wall and then west through the cave until you reach Drydock Grotto Waypoint. If the gate at the stairs is shut, you'll have to complete Event swords (tango icon).png Drive the bandits out of skritt territory (80) first.


  • In front of the ship, there are various boards with sketches and notes about the ship's construction.
    • The collection of small notes near the middle of the boards is a scrum board.
    • The rightmost board resembles common sprint retrospective formats.
    • At certain times of the day, the player can witness a daily scrum meeting.
    • One of the notes has been crossed out while saying "Nabnak" and another on the same board says "Fire Nabnak". Nabnak is a reference to the Kanban process used in agile