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Go for the Gold The Silverwastes Central Tyria mastery point 30Achievement points
Find all the golden lost badges hidden throughout the Silverwastes.
1 Golden Lost Badge Found 1Achievement points
2 Golden Lost Badges Found 1Achievement points
3 Golden Lost Badges Found 1Achievement points
4 Golden Lost Badges Found 1Achievement points
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Golden Lost Badges[edit]

Number Location description and hints
1 Up on the cliffs SW of Camp Resolve, access it from the jumping puzzle Retrospective Runaround after milestone 3, it is exactly south of Camp Resolve Waypoint. If you have a springer, you can jump up from Camp Resolve.
2 Before milestone 3 in the top side of Retrospective Runaround.
3 In the underground section of Retrospective Runaround before milestone 3.
4 Underground after milestone 1, go into a hole to the left of the milestone and continue along the path. You will need swiftness to jump across to the badge.
5 After milestone 5 use swiftness to jump to the ledge next to it. Take a right and then drop down the ledges to the planks below.
6 On the bottom of SS Topsy-Turvy.
7 In the bottom of the central tower of the SS Topsy-Turvy. To reach the tower start inside the ship, exit through the window and follow the ledge to enter through another window, then follow planks and hanging nets to the tower.
8 Between milestone 9, and the garden
9 After milestone 1, before milestone 2. It is on the long angled ledge before reaching milestone 2.
10 On the north-west corner of the Far Silverwastes
11 Next to the skritt tunnel to Northwest Silverwaste (North of far Silverwaste)
12 On top of rocks just west of Charnel Grounds point of interest, on Far Silverwastes
13 In the bottom half of the skritt hole teleporting section, between milestone 8 and 9. In a small cut-out window in the wall before jumping from a wooden plank. You can glide down to this from milestone 9.
14 On top of milestone 9
15 Unlock milestone 8, and proceed as if you were going to milestone 9. Past the first skritt hole, you will find a badge on a rock you need to make use of swiftness or gliding to jump down to.
16 Unlock milestone 8, and proceed as if you were going to milestone 9. When you reach the SW corner of the map, drop down to the very bottom floor and you will find a corner with a badge.
17 From milestone 3, find some ledges to the east and climb them to reach the badge. If you have a springer, you can also jump up onto the cliff from Camp Resolve.
18 From milestone 6 fall all the way down to the very bottom. There is a little cave there on the bottom floor with the badge. This can be made safer using gliding. You can run to this badge from the dive achievement pool under the SS Topsy-Turvy.
19 From milestone 6, on the slope with rope railing, instead of going up, jump down to a rope behind that will take you to some beams and platforms on the wall and get to the alcove on the wall. From the slope, the badge can also be reached easier with gliding.
20 Before dropping down to milestone 6, jump to the left plank and then follow the beams on the wall. All the beams can be skipped using Gliding.
21 Starting from milestone 5, on the way down to milestone 6. The badge is above and to the right of milestone 6 marker. Gliding can be used to simply drop down to the right place.
22 On a rock ledge, west of SS Topsy-Turvy. From the top of the ship, jump down to a fat rope leading to the west side, and then go down first on a ledge, then a wooden beam, and then the ledge where badge is. If gliding is available, use it to go from the first ledge directly to the ledge where the badge is.
23 On a ledge above the first Velocity Elixir, also milestone 1. Without gliding, you must take the same path to #26, from the wooden planks at the basket, jump down to a small plank with a fat rope near it. Then jump a series of wooden planks and rocks to reach this ledge. With Gliding, from the top of the SS Topsy-Turvy, jump down to a fat rope off the west side, glide south to a rock ledge. Glide from this ledge to the badge. Same path as #30.
24 On the ledge with plants just east of Drydock Grotto waypoint. From the waypoint, walk up the large rock stairs leading out of Drydock Grotto. Glide from the top of the stairs to the ledge with the badge. Without gliding, you must climb the wooden planks which can be accessed via the fat rope on the north east of the SS Topsy-Turvy.
25 Across the bridge from the Skritt Ledge hero challenge. Climb up or glide down to the hero challenge, cross the wooden bridge to the nook carved into the stone.
26 From Drydock Grotto waypoint go east and south, climb up on the southern wall and cross two rope bridges. Then climb up and you will see a badge in the hanging basket. Jumping puzzle with wooden beams and planks may be crossed more easy with gliding.
27 From milestone 3, go west past the first entrance to the pedestal cave then north until you reach a hole which enters the pedestal cave at the center. Enter the hole, but before dropping down to the pedestals, the badge will be on a ledge to your right.
28 After milestone 4 you will exit the pedestal cave and jump off a large ledge to a Velocity Elixir. Go left from this Elixir to a large hole. Go left of this hole to the surface above it. The badge is in the back corner.
29 After milestone 4 you will exit the pedestal cave and jump off a large ledge to a Velocity Elixir. Go left from this Elixir to a large hole. Drop into this hole but not all the way to milestone 5. Go to the left in the far back corner for the badge.
30 On a tower above milestone 1. From the top of the SS Topsy-Turvy, jump down to a fat rope off the west side, drop down first on a ledge, head west onto the ledge slightly below, and follow it around a corner. Drop down a tiny bit to the next ledge, then jump to the tower.


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  • Gliding and mounts each make the completion of this achievement much easier.
  • The numbering system for this achievement was added in 2015 and as such older guides are outdated. A translation for most older guides can be found here.