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Lost Badges Map
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Lost Badges The Silverwastes 30Achievement points
Find all of the lost badges hidden throughout the Silverwastes.
1 Lost Badge Found 1Achievement points
2 Lost Badges Found 1Achievement points
3 Lost Badges Found 1Achievement points
4 Lost Badges Found 1Achievement points


Badge # Closest Waypoint or PoI Image Notes
1 Camp Resolve waypoint
From the Camp Resolve waypoint, head south towards a small pit with a metal walkway on it's rim. Jump down into the pit and turn to face back towards the waypoint to find the badge on the ground.
2 Fugitive's Claim
Leave camp by the southwestern exit and head due south of the Fugitive's Claim point of interest. The badge will be in the corner atop some rocks on the ground where a Veteran Earth Elemental is likely to be found.
3 Red Rock Bastion
Scale the rocky ledges located on the right-hand side of Red Rock Bastion's front entrance to find the badge nestled in a corner on the top.
4 Red Rock Bastion
From Red Rock Bastion, head up the stairs on the northwest wall, and head west towards the rocky wall. Jump to the rocky ledge and then turn around to find the badge.
5 Wingspan Arch
Go to the tattered cloth near Wingspan Arch point of interest and climb the rocky slope. When you reach a large flat section of the rock, turn west to find the badge along the rock face.
6 Wingspan Arch
From Wingspan Arch, or where badge number 5 was, head north towards Indigo Cave and climb up the red rocky ledge to find the badge.
7 Indigo Cave
From Indigo Cave, head towards the Strange Pillar hero challenge. When you reach the mouth of the passageway where the hero challenge is located, get up on the rocky ledge that runs along the left-hand wall to find the badge in a pile of rocks.
8 Amber Sandfall
From Amber Sandfall, head north towards the center lane heading towards where the Vinewrath is located. The badge will be in a pile of rocks slightly south of the entrance to the middle lane.
9 Hidden Depths Waypoint
From the waypoint, head north, and then west in the direction of Amber Sandfall. Once you can see the walls of Amber Sandfall, you should find the badge on the ground to your left near a large collection of rocks.
10 Camp Resolve waypoint
Exit NW from Camp Resolve and follow the cliff towards the Hero Challenge. There are two pairs of carved birds on the cliff before it. The badge is in front of the most northerly pair.
11 Picaroon Scratch
South of the entrance to the skritt territory, where bandits spawn. In collapsed stairway.
12 Northern Shelf
West end of Northeastern Silverwastes in water on west side of mesa.
13 Wailing Sands
On ground northeast of the point of interest, up small hill.
14 Indigo Cave
Enter the north side of Indigo Cave and climb to the signal fire. Continue southeast to ledges follow them circling left along mountain wall.
15 Blue Oasis
In puddle of water in northwest corner of Blue Oasis.
16 Dry Quarry
North of Dry Quarry point of interest, on ground.
17 Blue Oasis
North of Blue Oasis on ground in north end of Desperate Passage.
18 Blue Oasis
Continue counter-clockwise around Blue Oasis, up hill and drop down to next badge.
19 Camp Resolve waypoint
Located in the southeastern most corner of Camp Resolve, the badge is hidden behind a tent.
20 Camp Resolve waypoint
Located in Camp Resolve, the badge is on ground behind a bale of hay in the tents at the northernmost end of camp.
21 Hidden Depths Waypoint
Head north toward the Skritt tunnel, and enter it. Upon exiting, head to your right to find the badge between some rocks.
22 Wailing Sands
Southwest of the PoI.
23 Indigo Cave
From Indigo Cave, head in the direction of the passageway where the Strange Pillar hero challenge is located. When you get close to the passageway, head to the wall on the left-hand side and go along it to find the badge in a pile of rocks along the wall.
24 Picaroon Scratch
East to eastern end of Northeastern Silverwastes, follow south wall. On ground near eastern end.
25 Amber Sandfall
From Amber Sandfall, head northeast towards the mountain wall. The badge will be on the ground within a pile of rocks.
26 Amber Sandfall
From Amber Sandfall, head northeast towards the Strange Pillar Hero Challenge, then jump/climb up the southeastern mountain wall, where it meets the northwest opening. Climb up the slanted mountain until you reach a ledge then head west, staying on the eastern side. The badge is on a lower ledge.
27 Remnant's Retreat
Enter Remnant's Retreat, hugging the right wall. Climb up and right. Follow ledge around until you are outside of the area and drop down to badge. It is above and east of bandit spokesperson spot.
28 Picaroon Scratch
Start outside the POI where the stairs are guarded by a group of bandits. Go up ledges along the southern cliff toward the west until you cannot go farther. Go south up sloping rock, then east to group of Skritts surrounding Giant corpse.
29 Camp Resolve waypoint
Take the northern entrance from Camp Resolve and head west. Climb ledges on north side of trail until cannot go farther west. Jump south over trail to ledge. Continue east past ruins up rocks to their north. Continue west until you can see entrance to Camp Resolve. You are on ledge above Pact Scout Skenn. An easier route might be out of the northern entrance from Camp Resolve. Hug the left wall and search a pile of rocks to the left of the first arch.
30 Wailing Sands
From the point of interest, head northwest. Drop down in hole by the wall for the badge.


  • The numbering system for this achievement was added in 2015. This table can be used to compare the numbers used in older guides, including Dulfy's and AyinMaiden's.

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