Sand Dune Caverns

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Sand Dune Caverns

Point of Interest
Northwestern Silverwastes
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Sand Dune Caverns.jpg
Sand Dune Caverns

Interactive map

Sand Dune Caverns is a point of interest in The Silverwastes. It is located underground, only accessible from the Drydock Scratch jumping puzzle.

Getting there[edit]

Drop past the sixth milestone of the jumping puzzle (refer to the walkthrough). A Kit will pop up out of the ground to revive you if you die. When you're done, find and use the skritt tunnel to get back on track. Alternatively you can glide or use a mount, though you will still need to use the Kit to get back to the rest of the jumping puzzle.

You can run to this POI from the dive achievement pool under the SS Topsy-Turvy.