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A screenshot of diving in Lion's Arch.

Diving is an activity involving jumping from high locations overlooking bodies of water while wearing the Diving Goggles found in those locations.


The goggles are bundles found in over three dozen locations throughout the game. While next to them, you can put on the goggles, stripping your character of weapons and armor, and replacing their skills with acrobatic moves during the dive. Diving skills will be inactive until you start your jump into the water below. While in the air, you can choose to use the skills. Your normal gear and skills return after a dive (successful or not) or if you leave the area. The goggles will always be available in the same locations and can be used as many times as desired.

Dive Master achievement[edit]

Primary article: Diving Goggles

There are diving locations in every region of Tyria. The Dive Master Explorer achievement is earned by jumping from all of the 38 required locations while wearing the nearby goggles, using any of your characters. The locations can be identified by the presence of the diving goggles, which can be more easily seen by holding down the Left Ctrl key while in any high location overlooking water.


Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Vapor Blade.png
Hold to spin, must jump first.
Cleansing Wave.png
Hold to flip, must jump first.