Sharp Valley

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Sharp Valley

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Sharp Valley map.jpg
Map of Sharp Valley

Sharp Valley locator.svg
Location within The Silverwastes

Sharp Valley.jpg
Sharp Valley

Sharp Valley is an area in the Silverwastes. This secluded box canyon is home to a charr mechanic with his two pet devourer. The entrance to the Tangled Labyrinth is also located there.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (tango icon).png Hidden Depths Waypoint —
Points of interest
Point of interest.png Outlier's Foundry





Repairs (map icon).png Anvil


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Solus the Outlier: Who's a good girl?
Skitz: (purr)
Solus the Outlier: That's right, you are! Oh yes you are.
Solus the Outlier: Behave now, and there may be a treat for you later.
Skitz: (chitter)
Skitz: (chitter)
Solus the Outlier: Oho! Sounds like someone wants a belly rub.