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Disambig icon.png This article is about the PvE item. For the PvP item, see Unidentified Dye (PvP). For the account-bound item obtained as part of a Gem Store bundle, see Account-Bound Unidentified Dye.

Unidentified Dye.png

Unidentified Dye

Item type
Disciplines used by
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png 500
Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png 500
Tailor tango icon 20px.png 500
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Double-click to identify one random dye color, which can be unlocked for all of your characters or recycled at the Mystic Forge.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Guest Elder (Laurel Merchant) Guest Elder Thousand Seas Pavilion Thousand Seas Pavilion Laurel.png
Jocasta Jocasta Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists Laurel.png
Laurel Merchant Laurel Merchant The Great Lodge
The Upper City
Hall of Memories
Fort Marriner
Memorial Quadrant
Creator's Commons
Garden of Dusk
Snowblind Peaks
Mistlock Observatory
Commodore's Quarter
Divinity's Reach
Heart of the Mists
Lion's Arch
Black Citadel
Rata Sum
The Grove
Gendarran Fields
Fractals of the Mists
Lion's Arch
Mordrem Researcher (NPC) Mordrem Researcher Durmand Priory Lornar's Pass 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin + 25 Mordrem Bloom.png
Skirmish Chest Skirmish Chest Skirmish Chest.png
Varka Varka Osprey Pillars Ember Bay Laurel.png
Mordrem Researcher Eullo Mordrem Researcher Eullo (vendor currently unavailable) Zinder Slope Brisban Wildlands 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin + 25 Mordrem Bloom.png
Mordrem Researcher Gnash Mordrem Researcher Gnash (vendor currently unavailable) Halrunting Plains Diessa Plateau 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin + 25 Mordrem Bloom.png
Mordrem Researcher Marivelle Mordrem Researcher Marivelle (vendor currently unavailable) Viathan Lake Kessex Hills 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin + 25 Mordrem Bloom.png

Contained in[edit]

Reward tracks[edit]


Rewarded by[edit]

Map Bonus Reward[edit]

It is currently Week 4


  • Mystic Forge — Combine any four, rare, spectrum-specific unidentified dyes crafted by a Chef, e.g. Unidentified Red Dye (Rare)
    • The four Unidentified Dyes (Rare) must each be of a different color spectrum. This recipe yields 1-3 Unidentified Dyes.


There are 382 possible dye colors that can drop from an Unidentified Dye including 181 Common, 119 Uncommon, and 82 Rare.

Rarity Grays Browns Reds Oranges Yellows Greens Blues Purples
Fine Square Fine Dye.png Burnished Steel Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Dust Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Fluff Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Fog Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Gray Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Green Tint Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Iron Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Silt Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Silver Lead Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Beige Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Calfskin Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Cream Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Deep Pine Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Earthen Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Far Mountain Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Frosting Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Hint Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Khaki Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Latte Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Malt Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Midnight Rust Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Mohair Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Mudmetal Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Mushroom Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Natural Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Old Nickel Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Olive Silk Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Orange Shade Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Peach Tint Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Rawhide Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Riverbed Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Swamp Grass Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Taupe Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Umber Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Adobe Sunset Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Chestnut Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Humiliation Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lava Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pale Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Peach Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Pink Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Rose Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Persephone Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pink Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Red Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Rose Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Rose Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Scarlet Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spitfire Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Strawberry Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Strawberry Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Tulip Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Adobe Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Blush Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Brick Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Buttercream Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Cantaloupe Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Citrus Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Citrus Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Copper Pot Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Honeybutter Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Mahogany Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Melon Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Old Penny Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Orange Frost Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Orange Spring Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Papaya Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Peach Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Peach Sunset Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Rust Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Shy Peach Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sienna Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Strawberry Cream Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sunset Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Banana Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Brass Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Butter Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Butterscotch Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Caramel Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Citrus Ice Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Clove Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Cornsilk Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Daffodil Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Honeysuckle Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lemon Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lemon Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Honey Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Lemon Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Spring Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Patina Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Peanut Butter Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Ice Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Squash Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Tang Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Tangerine Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Antique Olive Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Bronze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Cucumber Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Dark Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Fresh Green Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Freshen Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Grape Leaf Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Green Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Green Shade Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Key Lime Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Leprechaun Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lime Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lime Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Marine Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Midnight Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Mint Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Mintay Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Mist Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Morning Sea Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Moss Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Olive Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Olive Shade Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Olive Tint Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Olive Yew Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Mint Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Shale Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sour Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spite Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Leaf Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Moss Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Sprout Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Stem Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Wasabi Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Wintermint Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Blue Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Blue Shade Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Country Teal Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Deep Teal Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Forgiveness Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Frost Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Frosted Sea Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Hydrangea Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Midday Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Sea Dye
Round Fine Dye.png River Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sea Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Sea Green Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Sea Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Seafoam Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Shy Blue Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Dew Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Spring Tide Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Spruce Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Summer Sky Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Winter Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Winter Frost Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Arrogance Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Blurple Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Grape Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Grape Gum Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Grapesicle Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Grapevine Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Heliotrope Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Lavender Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Morning Glory Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Mountain Sky Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Purple Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pastel Violet Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Periwinkle Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Phlox Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Pride Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Purple Tint Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Scenic Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Shy Lilac Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Shy Violet Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Shylac Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Summer Thistle Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Veronica Dye
Square Fine Dye.png Violet Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Violet Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.png Wine Ice Dye
Masterwork Square Masterwork Dye.png Blue Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Chalk Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Graphite Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pewter Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pitch Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Steel Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Violet Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Cashmere Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Cream Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Dark Chocolate Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Lemon Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Mocha Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Nickel Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Refresh Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Truffle Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Walnut Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Wheat Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Cherry Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Coral Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Crush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Demure Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Evening Red Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Flush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Fuchsia Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Heather Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Heirloom Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Lifesblood Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Rose Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Mullberry Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pink Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Pink Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Remembrance Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Rose Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Ruby Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Sunrise Breeze Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Wrath Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Bold Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Cinnamon Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Copper Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Copper Penny Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Grapefruit Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Hazel Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Orange Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Citrus Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Peach Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Pumpkin Pie Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Sherbert Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Terracotta Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Chartreuse Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Gold Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Harvest Gold Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Honey Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Honey Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Lemon Zest Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Nectar Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Tarnish Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Aqua Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Avocado Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Celery Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Envy Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Evergreen Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Fern Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Grass Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Kelly Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Lime Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Green Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Teal Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Yew Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Mint Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Mint Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Olive Oil Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Lime Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Pine Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Quickstalk Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Sour Apple Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Sprig Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Summer Grass Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Tea Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Viridian Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Zest Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Afternoon Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Blue Rose Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Blueberry Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Brook Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Chalkboard Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Denim Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Dewdrop Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Dusty Grape Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Eucalyptus Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Gunmetal Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Hush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Night Air Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Nightsong Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Ocean Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Blue Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Winter Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Robin Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Sea Frost Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Sincerity Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Teal Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Wintergreen Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Dusk Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Evening Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Evening Wine Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Grape Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Iris Blush Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Lilac Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Midnight Fuchsia Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Mischief Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Pastel Wine Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Purple Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.png Purple Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Rich Grape Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Royal Purple Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Thistle Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Tungsten Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Violet Breeze Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Whisper Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.png Wine Breeze Dye
Rare Conical Rare Dye.png Abyss Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Icing Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Lead Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Fire Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png White Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Ash Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Black Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Celestial Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Frost Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Night Shade Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Tarnished Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Antique Bronze Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Chocolate Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Cocoa Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Oil Slick Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Charcoal Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Ivory Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Gold Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Mithril Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Burgundy Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Dusky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Maroon Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Oxblood Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Rose Tint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Warmth Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Black Cherry Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Blood Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Cotton Candy Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Hot Pink Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Lipstick Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Red Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Primrose Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Creamsicle Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Pumpkin Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Ancient Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Illumination Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Lemonade Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Amber Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Lemon Tint Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Redemption Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Sand Dye
Square Rare Dye.png White Gold Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Ceylon Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Crisp Mint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Evening Grass Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Green Apple Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Mint Frost Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sage Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Spearmint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Spring Grass Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Emerald Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Spring Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Autumn Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Blue Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Country Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Royal Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sapphire Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Winter Ice Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Cobalt Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Dapple Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Blue Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Ice Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Old Jeans Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Regal Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Starry Night Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Turquoise Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Purple Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Shy Iris Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Taro Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Wine Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Brandywine Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Deep Lilac Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Indigo Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Iris Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Violet Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Night Iris Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Plum Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Purple Breeze Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Wine Shade Dye

Currency for[edit]

No vendors found based on constraints.

Used in[edit]

Mystic Forge

Item Rarity Ingredients
Conflux.png Conflux Legendary
Mini Black and Tan Shiba Inu.png Mini Black and Tan Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Black Springer Kit.png Mini Black Springer Kit Rare
Mini Blue Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Blue Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Gray Tigris Cub.png Mini Gray Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Green Skimmer Pup.png Mini Green Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Green Tigris Cub.png Mini Green Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Ice Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Ice Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Iceberg Skimmer Pup.png Mini Iceberg Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Red Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Red Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Sesame Shiba Inu.png Mini Sesame Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Silver Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Silver Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Silver Skimmer Pup.png Mini Silver Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Starry Shiba Inu.png Mini Starry Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Thunder Springer Kit.png Mini Thunder Springer Kit Rare
Mini White Raptor Hatchling.png Mini White Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini White Skimmer Pup.png Mini White Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini White Tigris Cub.png Mini White Tigris Cub Rare
Transcendence.png Transcendence Legendary

Multiple disciplines

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Banner of the Commander.png Banner of the Commander
(Learned from: Recipe: Banner of the Commander)
Exotic ArmorsmithArmorsmith tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworkerLeatherworker tango icon 20px.pngTailorTailor tango icon 20px.png 500

Guild upgrades[edit]

Upgrade Guild Level AetheriumAetherium FavorFavor Materials
Brawling Obstacle: Purple Torches Brawling Obstacle: Purple Torches 28 2,000 200
Brawling Obstacle: Team-Color Torches Brawling Obstacle: Team-Color Torches 18 2,000 200
Brawling Obstacle: White Torches Brawling Obstacle: White Torches 39 2,000 200


  • Dye color is determined when an unidentified dye is opened, not when it's acquired.