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Disambig icon.png This article is about the PvE item. For the PvP item, see Unidentified Dye (PvP). For the account-bound item obtained as part of a Gem Store bundle, see Account-Bound Unidentified Dye.

Unidentified Dye.png

Unidentified Dye

Item type
Disciplines used by
Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png 500
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 400
Chef tango icon 20px.png 400
Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png 500
Tailor tango icon 20px.png 500
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Double-click to identify one random dye color, which can be unlocked for all of your characters or recycled at the Mystic Forge.

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Brass Nettlemoor Brass Nettlemoor Hall of Monuments Eye of the North Laurel
Guest Elder (Laurel Merchant) Guest Elder   Thousand Seas Pavilion Laurel
Jale Jale Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis Laurel
Jocasta Jocasta Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists Laurel
Laurel Merchant Laurel Merchant The Great Lodge
The Upper City
Hall of Memories
Fort Marriner
Memorial Quadrant
Creator's Commons
Garden of Dusk
Snowblind Peaks
Mistlock Observatory
Commodore's Quarter
Fort Marriner
Divinity's Reach
Heart of the Mists
Lion's Arch
Black Citadel
Rata Sum
The Grove
Gendarran Fields
Fractals of the Mists
Lion's Arch
Memory of Old Lion's Arch
Merit Professor Rizzak Merit Professor Rizzak   Mistlock Sanctuary Laurel
Mordrem Researcher (NPC) Mordrem Researcher Durmand Priory Lornar's Pass 25 Mordrem Bloom + 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Nicola (laurel merchant) Nicola Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists Laurel
Skirmish Chest Skirmish Chest Skirmish Chest
Varka Varka Osprey Pillars Ember Bay Laurel
Mordrem Researcher Eullo Mordrem Researcher Eullo (vendor currently unavailable) Zinder Slope Brisban Wildlands 25 Mordrem Bloom + 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Mordrem Researcher Gnash Mordrem Researcher Gnash (vendor currently unavailable) Halrunting Plains Diessa Plateau 25 Mordrem Bloom + 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Mordrem Researcher Marivelle Mordrem Researcher Marivelle (vendor currently unavailable) Viathan Lake Kessex Hills 25 Mordrem Bloom + 25 Silver coin 4 Copper coin

Contained in[edit]

Reward tracks[edit]


Rewarded by[edit]

Map Bonus Reward[edit]

It is currently Week 6


  • Mystic Forge — Combine any four, rare, spectrum-specific unidentified dyes crafted by a Chef, e.g. Unidentified Red Dye (Rare)
    • The four Unidentified Dyes (Rare) must each be of a different color spectrum. This recipe yields 1-3 Unidentified Dyes.


You can refer to Unidentified Dye/Unlocks to track the unlock progress.

There are 382 possible dye colors that can drop from an Unidentified Dye including 181 Common, 119 Uncommon, and 82 Rare.

Rarity Grays Browns Reds Oranges Yellows Greens Blues Purples
Fine Square Fine Dye.pngBurnished Steel Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngDust Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFluff Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFog Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngGray Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngGreen Tint Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngIron Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSilt Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngSilver Lead Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBeige Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngCalfskin Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCream Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngDeep Pine Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngEarthen Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngFar Mountain Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFrosting Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngHint Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngKhaki Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLatte Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMalt Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngMidnight Rust Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMohair Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngMudmetal Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMushroom Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngNatural Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngOld Nickel Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngOlive Silk Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngOrange Shade Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngPeach Tint Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngRawhide Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngRiverbed Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngSwamp Grass Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngTaupe Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngUmber Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngAdobe Sunset Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngChestnut Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngHumiliation Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLava Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPale Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Peach Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Pink Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Rose Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPersephone Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPink Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngRed Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngRose Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngRose Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngScarlet Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpitfire Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngStrawberry Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngStrawberry Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngTulip Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngAdobe Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBlush Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBrick Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngButtercream Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCantaloupe Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCitrus Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCitrus Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngCopper Pot Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngHoneybutter Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngMahogany Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMelon Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngOld Penny Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngOrange Frost Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngOrange Spring Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPapaya Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPeach Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPeach Sunset Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngRoot Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngRust Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngShy Peach Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSienna Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngStrawberry Cream Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSunset Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBanana Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBrass Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngButter Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngButterscotch Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngCaramel Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCitrus Ice Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngClove Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCornsilk Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngDaffodil Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngHoneysuckle Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLemon Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLemon Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Honey Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Lemon Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Spring Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPatina Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngPeanut Butter Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpring Ice Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngSquash Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngTang Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngTangerine Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngAntique Olive Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngBronze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCucumber Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngDark Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFresh Green Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFreshen Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngGrape Leaf Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngGreen Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngGreen Shade Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngKey Lime Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngLeprechaun Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLime Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLime Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngMarine Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMidnight Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMint Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMintay Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngMist Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMorning Sea Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMoss Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngOlive Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngOlive Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngOlive Shade Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngOlive Tint Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngOlive Yew Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Mint Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Olive Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngShale Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSour Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpite Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpring Breeze Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpring Leaf Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpring Moss Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngSprout Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngStem Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngWasabi Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngWintermint Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBlue Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngBlue Shade Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBreeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngCountry Teal Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngDeep Teal Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngForgiveness Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFrost Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngFrosted Sea Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngHydrangea Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMidday Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Sea Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngRiver Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSea Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngSea Green Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSea Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSeafoam Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngShy Blue Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpring Dew Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSpring Tide Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngSpruce Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSummer Sky Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngWinter Breeze Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngWinter Frost Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngArrogance Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngBlurple Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngGrape Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngGrape Gum Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngGrapesicle Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngGrapevine Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngHeliotrope Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngLavender Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngMorning Glory Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngMountain Sky Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Purple Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPastel Violet Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngPeriwinkle Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPhlox Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPride Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngPurple Tint Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngScenic Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngShy Lilac Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngShy Violet Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngShylac Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngSummer Thistle Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngVeronica Dye
Square Fine Dye.pngViolet Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngViolet Ice Dye
Round Fine Dye.pngWine Ice Dye
Masterwork Square Masterwork Dye.pngBlue Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngChalk Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngGraphite Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPewter Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPitch Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngSteel Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngViolet Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngCashmere Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngCream Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngDark Chocolate Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngLemon Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngMocha Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngNickel Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngRefresh Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngTruffle Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngWalnut Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngWheat Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngCherry Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngCoral Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngCrush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngDemure Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngEvening Red Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngFlush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngFuchsia Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngHeather Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngHeirloom Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngLifesblood Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngMidnight Rose Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngMullberry Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPink Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPink Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngRemembrance Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngRose Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngRuby Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngSunrise Breeze Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngWrath Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngBold Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngCinnamon Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngCopper Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngCopper Penny Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngGrapefruit Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngHazel Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngOrange Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPastel Citrus Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPeach Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPumpkin Pie Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngSherbert Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngTerracotta Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngChartreuse Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngGold Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngHarvest Gold Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngHoney Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngHoney Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngLemon Zest Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngNectar Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngTarnish Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngAqua Tint Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngAvocado Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngCelery Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngEnvy Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngEvergreen Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngFern Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngGrass Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngKelly Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngLime Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngMidnight Green Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngMidnight Teal Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngMidnight Yew Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngMint Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngMint Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngOlive Oil Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPastel Lime Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPine Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngQuickstalk Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngSour Apple Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngSprig Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngSummer Grass Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngTea Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngViridian Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngZest Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngAfternoon Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngBlue Rose Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngBlueberry Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngBrook Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngChalkboard Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngDenim Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngDewdrop Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngDusty Grape Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngEucalyptus Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngGunmetal Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngHush Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngNight Air Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngNightsong Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngOcean Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPastel Blue Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPastel Winter Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngRobin Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngSea Frost Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngSincerity Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngTeal Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngWintergreen Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngDusk Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngEvening Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngEvening Wine Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngGrape Shade Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngIris Blush Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngLilac Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngMidnight Fuchsia Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngMischief Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPastel Wine Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngPurple Dye
Round Masterwork Dye.pngPurple Ice Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngRich Grape Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngRoyal Purple Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngThistle Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngTungsten Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngViolet Breeze Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngWhisper Dye
Square Masterwork Dye.pngWine Breeze Dye
Rare Conical Rare Dye.pngAbyss Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngIcing Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngLead Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngMidnight Fire Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngSilver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngWhite Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngAsh Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngBlack Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngCelestial Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngFrost Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngNight Shade Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngTarnished Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngAntique Bronze Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngChocolate Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngCocoa Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngOil Slick Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngCharcoal Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngIvory Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngMidnight Gold Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngMithril Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngBurgundy Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngDusky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngMaroon Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngOxblood Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngRose Tint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngWarmth Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngBlack Cherry Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngBlood Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngCotton Candy Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngHot Pink Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngLipstick Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngMidnight Red Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngPrimrose Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngCreamsicle Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngPumpkin Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngAncient Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngIllumination Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngLemonade Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngAmber Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngLemon Tint Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngRedemption Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngSand Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngWhite Gold Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngCeylon Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngCrisp Mint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngEvening Grass Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngGreen Apple Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngMint Frost Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngSage Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngSpearmint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngSpring Grass Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngEmerald Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngSpring Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngAutumn Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngBlue Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngCountry Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngMidnight Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngRoyal Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngSapphire Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngSky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngWinter Ice Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngCobalt Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngDapple Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngMidnight Blue Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngMidnight Ice Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngOld Jeans Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngRegal Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngStarry Night Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngTurquoise Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngMidnight Purple Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngShy Iris Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngTaro Dye
Conical Rare Dye.pngWine Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngBrandywine Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngDeep Lilac Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngIndigo Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngIris Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngMidnight Violet Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngNight Iris Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngPlum Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngPurple Breeze Dye
Square Rare Dye.pngWine Shade Dye

Currency for[edit]

Item Level Vendor Area Zone Cost Notes
Relic Preservation Materials.png Saddle Color Selection Fidget - Arborstone 25 Unidentified Dye Only if the Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up collection is active.

Used in[edit]

Mystic Forge

Item Rarity Ingredients
Conflux.png Conflux Legendary
Mini Aqua Jackal Pup.png Mini Aqua Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Bioluminescent Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Bioluminescent Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Black and Tan Shiba Inu.png Mini Black and Tan Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Black Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Black Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Black Jackal Pup.png Mini Black Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Black Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Black Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Black Skimmer Pup.png Mini Black Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Black Springer Kit.png Mini Black Springer Kit Rare
Mini Black Tigris Cub.png Mini Black Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Blazing Shiba Inu.png Mini Blazing Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Blazing Tigris Cub.png Mini Blazing Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Blue Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Blue Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Blue Jackal Pup.png Mini Blue Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Blue Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Blue Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Blue Shiba Inu.png Mini Blue Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Blue Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Blue Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Blue Tigris Cub.png Mini Blue Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Copper Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Copper Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Cream Shiba Inu.png Mini Cream Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Crimson Shiba Inu.png Mini Crimson Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Cyan Springer Kit.png Mini Cyan Springer Kit Rare
Mini Ember Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Ember Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Fire Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Fire Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Fire Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Fire Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Gold Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Gold Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Gold Jackal Pup.png Mini Gold Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Gold Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Gold Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Gold Shiba Inu.png Mini Gold Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Gold Skimmer Pup.png Mini Gold Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Gold Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Gold Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Golden Tigris Cub.png Mini Golden Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Gray Tigris Cub.png Mini Gray Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Green Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Green Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Green Jackal Pup.png Mini Green Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Green Skimmer Pup.png Mini Green Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Green Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Green Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Green Springer Kit.png Mini Green Springer Kit Rare
Mini Green Tigris Cub.png Mini Green Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Ice Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Ice Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Iceberg Skimmer Pup.png Mini Iceberg Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Lantern Skimmer Pup.png Mini Lantern Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Mist Shadow Tigris Cub.png Mini Mist Shadow Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Orange Skimmer Pup.png Mini Orange Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Pink Springer Kit.png Mini Pink Springer Kit Rare
Mini Pink Tigris Cub.png Mini Pink Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Primal Springer Kit.png Mini Primal Springer Kit Rare
Mini Purple Skimmer Pup.png Mini Purple Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Red Jackal Pup.png Mini Red Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Red Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Red Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Red Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Red Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Red Springer Kit.png Mini Red Springer Kit Rare
Mini Sesame Shiba Inu.png Mini Sesame Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Silver Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Silver Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Silver Jackal Pup.png Mini Silver Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Silver Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Silver Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Silver Shiba Inu.png Mini Silver Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Silver Skimmer Pup.png Mini Silver Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini Silver Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini Silver Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini Stardust Jackal Pup.png Mini Stardust Jackal Pup Rare
Mini Starry Shiba Inu.png Mini Starry Shiba Inu Rare
Mini Thunder Springer Kit.png Mini Thunder Springer Kit Rare
Mini White Griffon Hatchling.png Mini White Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini White Jackal Pup.png Mini White Jackal Pup Rare
Mini White Raptor Hatchling.png Mini White Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini White Skimmer Pup.png Mini White Skimmer Pup Rare
Mini White Skyscale Hatchling.png Mini White Skyscale Hatchling Rare
Mini White Springer Kit.png Mini White Springer Kit Rare
Mini White Tigris Cub.png Mini White Tigris Cub Rare
Mini Yellow Griffon Hatchling.png Mini Yellow Griffon Hatchling Rare
Mini Yellow Raptor Hatchling.png Mini Yellow Raptor Hatchling Rare
Mini Yellow Springer Kit.png Mini Yellow Springer Kit Rare
Transcendence.png Transcendence Legendary

Multiple disciplines

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Banner of the Commander.png Banner of the Commander
(Learned from: Recipe: Banner of the Commander)
Exotic ArmorsmithArmorsmith tango icon 20px.pngLeatherworkerLeatherworker tango icon 20px.pngTailorTailor tango icon 20px.png 500

Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Weak Potion of Outlaw Slaying.png Multicolored Ooze Tonic (x3) Masterwork 400

Chef tango icon 20px.png Chef

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Gift of Color.png Gift of Color
(Learned from: Recipe: Gift of Color)
Legendary 400

Guild upgrades[edit]

Upgrade Guild Level AetheriumAetherium FavorFavor Materials
Brawling Obstacle: Purple Torches Brawling Obstacle: Purple Torches 28 2,000 200
Brawling Obstacle: Team-Color Torches Brawling Obstacle: Team-Color Torches 18 2,000 200
Brawling Obstacle: White Torches Brawling Obstacle: White Torches 39 2,000 200


  • Dye color is determined when an unidentified dye is opened, not when it's acquired.