The Sealed Cavern

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The Sealed Cavern

The Sealed Cavern map.jpg
Map of The Sealed Cavern

The Sealed Cavern locator.svg
Location within The Silverwastes

The Silverwastes
(Maguuma Wastes)
Connects to
Far Silverwastes (E)
Desperate Passage (S)

The Sealed Cavern.jpg
The Sealed Cavern

The Sealed Cavern is a large cave which once belonged to the Forgotten, and their constructs can still be found there centuries later, defending their legacy. The area can ordinarily only be accessed in The Mystery Cave story part of Point of No Return chapter.


  • It is possible to use gliding to access an area below the Sand Dune Caverns and then swim under The Sealed Cavern. This reveals this portion of the map, but characters cannot climb out above water level to explore further.
  • With the use of a springer it's also possible to unlock the zone via Desperate Passage, up on the cliffs north of Blue Oasis.
  • By having the Glider Lean Techniques mastery from the Heart of Thorns expansion, it's possible to navigate outside the boundaries of Far Silverwastes, and then, from there, glide over the ceiling of The Sealed Cavern. Near a high golden tower, an entrance to The Sealed Cavern can be found.[verification requested]
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