Veteran Northern Shelf Elemental

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Veteran Northern Shelf Elemental


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Veteran Northern Shelf Elemental is a powerful Dust Mite Twister found in Northeastern Silverwastes that players can challenge to gain a Hero point.


Maguuma Wastes

Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Defeat the Northern Shelf Elemental (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Launches
  • Twister - Permanent point-blank area of effect aura that pulses every 2 seconds, damaging foes and inflicting 3 stacks of Bleeding.png Bleeding for 2 seconds with each pulse. 100 range.
  • Twister - Point-blank area of effect attack that causes Knockback.png Knockback and inflicts 3 stacks of Bleeding.png Bleeding for 2 seconds. 100 radius.
  • Tornado Tornado - The elemental sends out 1-2 ground-based1 projectile gusts, each one damaging and causes Knockback.png Knockback on the first enemy hit.
Stolen skills
1Ground-based projectiles can be jumped over and can't change elevations, making them easy to avoid.


Before completion
Hero point empty.png The very air here stirs at your approach.
Talk combat option tango.png Challenge the elements.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
After completion
Hero point.png The air is still here.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


The elemental has "Launches" listed as an ability, but it's actually only capable of knocking back.