Cubular Fells

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Cubular Fells

Cubular Fells map.jpg
Map of Cubular Fells

Cubular Fells locator.svg
Location within Mount Maelstrom

Mount Maelstrom

Cubular Fells.jpg
Cubular Fells

The Cubular Fells are located north west of the Govoran Terraces in Mount Maelstrom. The area plays host to the Conundrum Cubed jumping puzzle. The entrance is a small opening in the mountainwall northeast of the Govoran Waypoint.

Locations and Objectives[edit]

Jumping Puzzles
Puzzle tango 20.png
Conundrum Cubed

Getting there[edit]

Just north of Gorvoran Waypoint, there is a crevice in the mountain.



  • Tubular Bells is the debut album by Mike Oldfield; its opening piano solo is the theme to the film The Exorcist.
  • The cubic nature of the structure marks it as asuran. This may be related to Rata Pten (a short distance south) or possibly another of Zinn's settlements.