Help Sagum Relicseeker with his research

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Help Sagum Relicseeker with his research

The Toppled Wall
(Plains of Ashford)
Renown NPC
Sagum Relicseeker
Priory assisted.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Tyranea the Unyielding
94 Copper coin
188 Karma
668 Experience.png

Interactive map

Kill harpies along the wall, and help the Durmand Priory recover artifacts.

— Heart objective

Sagum Relicseeker, a member of the Ghostsummit Durmand Priory expedition, requires assistance driving back harpies along The Toppled Wall to allow the Priory to recover Ascalonian artifacts dating to before the Foefire.


Contributing actions[edit]

Contributing events[edit]

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

My Sincere Gratitude

Greetings to you,

I wanted to let you know how grateful the Durmand Priory and I are for your assistance at Ghostsummit. Before you arrived and lent a welcome hand, we were having little success with fighting off the harpies, who were impeding our ability to continue our research along the wall.

As you may know, the Durmand Priory has been gathering ancient Ascalonian artifacts with the hopes that they might reveal something about the nature of the ghosts we are forced to perpetually battle. Because of your assistance in this effort, we are now a little closer to that goal.

Sagum Relicseeker

You get:
94 Copper coin 188 Karma 668 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Sagum Relicseeker