Help Paenula train troops

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Help Paenula train troops

Charr's Triumph
(Plains of Ashford)
Renown NPC
Paenula Drakecatcher
You helped the troops.
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Beata Heavyspear

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71 Copper coin

Interactive map

Use Paenula's rifle to capture minotaurs and drakes, then spar with them in the fighting pit.

— Heart objective

Contributing actions[edit]

  • Capture minotaurs and drakes using the cruelty-free rifle given to you by Paenula. Targets must be at half health or lower to capture. — 10% heart progress
The Net Shot skill on the rifle given by Paenula contributes to whatever heart completion you are currently in range of, not just this one.
  • Fight foes in the arena, if the arena is in operation.
  • Revive fallen combatant NPCs in the arena.

Contributing events[edit]

  • None

Arena Combat[edit]

Arena combat can no longer be started by the player since the September 2014 "New Player Experience" patch. However, the arena will automatically spawn various waves of enemies (as detailed below) on a rotation. Players will receive a small amount of progression for killing enemies in the arena.

At times, the arena will cease to spawn new waves and there is no known way to start it again. It is possible that the arena was intended to be permanently inactive since the September 2014 patch, and is only active due to a bug that triggers its historical behavior.

Difficulty Levels: The arena is divided into 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Drakes (Easy): 1 wave of 4 Drake hatchings and 1 Adult Drake
  • Separatists (Medium): 1 wave of 2 groups of human combatants, 2 Ranged combatants 2 melee combatants
  • Minotaurs (Hard): 1 wave of 4-5 Minotaurs


As of the September 2014 Feature Patch, with the introduction of the New Player Experience, the arena matches are no longer a part of the heart and are no longer able to be started by the player. However, the heart description still mentions it as one of the options.
  • Killing drakes and minotaurs in the wilds does not contribute to progress.



Paenula Drakecatcher

Thanks for Your Assistance


I just wanted to thank you for your help with the arena. The soldiers need training to keep their skills sharp, and they've gotten their fill fighting the minotaurs and drakes you captured. Well done.

—Paenula Drakecatcher

71 Copper coin