Help Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler retake Ascalon City

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Help Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler retake Ascalon City

Ascalon City Ruins
(Plains of Ashford)
Renown NPC
Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler
Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler is impressed.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Tyranea the Unyielding
90 Copper coin
180 Karma
634 Experience.png

Interactive map

Wipe out the ghosts haunting Ascalon City and help the Blood Legion retake the city for the charr.

— Heart objective


Contributing actions[edit]

  • Kill Ascalonian ghosts in area — 4% heart progress
  • Repair Blood Legion Flags — 4% heart progress
  • Revive fallen allies — 5% heart progress
  • Break wall — 6% heart progress
  • Take Ascalonian Battle Plans (5% heart progress) and return them to Ghyrtratus (5%).

Contributing events[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png Defend the mortars from ghosts (12)

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

Many Thanks

Greetings, friend,

You have my eternal gratitude for your much-needed assistance of the Blood Legion at the Ascalon City Ruins. The legions are fortunate to have a soldier of your skill and courage among their number. Until we discover a way to permanently destroy these vile Ascalonian specters, even the smallest set-back for them is a tremendous victory for the charr. I look forward to the day our paths cross again.

Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler

You get:
90 Copper coin 180 Karma 634 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Ghyrtratus Fiendmauler