Help Mei Hawkslayer disrupt separatist activity

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Help Mei Hawkslayer disrupt separatist activity

Loreclaw Expanse
(Plains of Ashford)
Renown NPC
Mei Hawkslayer
Separatists disrupted.
Scout (map icon).png Scout
Alteria Cogchaser
82 Copper coin
165 Karma
571 Experience.png

Interactive map

Kill Separatists, destroy their mines, disrupt their plans, and rescue captured charr.

— Heart objective


Contributing actions[edit]

Contributing events[edit]

Completion message[edit]

Renown Heart completion (cropped).png

Kudos to You

Because of your heroic efforts aiding our soldiers in their struggle against the Separatists, I feel that we may finally be turning the tide in this ongoing conflict. It seems at times as if our ongoing battles with the Human Separatists, the Flame Legion, and the Elder Dragons show no signs of ending. But I believe that we will, in time, emerge victorious. In addition, you should feel pride in the fact that your help has undoubtedly resulted in many charr lives being saved. Both those held captive by the Separatists, and those who will continue the fight against a now weakened enemy. Thank you again.

Mei Hawkslayer

You get:
82 Copper coin 165 Karma 571 Experience.png

Complete heart (map icon).png Merchant Unlocked: Mei Hawkslayer