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Chuka and Champawat III: Naturalist's Journal

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Chuka and Champawat III: Naturalist's Journal is a collection achievement that contributes to Chuka and Champawat III: Tigris.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Chuka and Champawat III: Naturalist's Journal Legendary Weapons 0Achievement points
"I set out again with Cymbel as my guide, this time to understand. I now want these pages to capture not my greatness, but the greatness of the creature I pursued."
Unlock Item:Crude Leather Book.png Naturalist's Journal
Reward:Crude Leather Book.png Completed Naturalist's Journal
Collected 1 item 0Achievement points
Collected 8 items 0Achievement points
Collected 16 items 0Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Crude Leather Book.png Naturalist's Journal Head to Fields of Ruin and complete Defend Cymbel and Nia from the ogres trying to steal their pets or Help Nia rescue Cymbel's hounds, then give a Crude Leather Book to Cymbel.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 1.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 1 Speak with the Aqualimit Leader at Fisher's Beach Bend in Metrica Province.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 2.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 2 Head west from the Aqualimit Leader and investigate the Tiger Tracks Leading from Tangled Depths on the cliff nearby.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 3.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 3 Talk to Shrael Backstab in the SCAR Bivouac in Tangled Depths.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 4.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 4 Follow the Tiger Tracks northeast from Shrael, up to the vista at Cascade Descent, and investigate the Tiger Den nestled behind a large root.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 5.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 5 Investigate the Tiger Blood on the eastern cliff above Fumerol Caves in Verdant Brink.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 6.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 6 Head to the end of Old Oola Lab in Metrica Province and interact with the Signs of Tiger Habitation.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 7.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 7 Interact with the Tiger Den at the top of the Dreamdark Enclave jumping puzzle in Caledon Forest.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 8.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 8 Interact with the Tiger Den at the top of the Skipping Stones jumping puzzle in Southsun Cove.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 9.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 9 Defeat the Champion Reef Rider at the end of the Skipping Stones jumping puzzle.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 10.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 10 Interact with the Tiger Den above The Tower of Modius in Sparkfly Fen.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 11.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 11 Interact with the Tiger Den in the rocks near Twoheaded Meadows in Lornar's Pass.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 12.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 12 Interact with the Tiger Den in the Crimson Plateau jumping puzzle in Diessa Plateau.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 13.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 13 Interact with the Tiger Den in the Loreclaw Expanse jumping puzzle in the Plains of Ashford.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 14.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 14 Interact with the Tiger Den on the cliffs above Halkor Meadows in the Fields of Ruin.
Naturalist's Journal- Entry 15.png Naturalist's Journal: Entry 15 Return to Cymbel.

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