April Fools' Day 2015

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April Fools' Day 2015 altered character to an airplane mode effect.


A character with the aviator effect.
Camera filters with the aviator effect. Post-processing options: None (top), Low (middle), High (bottom)
  • Characters spread their arms outward and have a forced smile.
    • Arm position will remain during emotes, such as dancing.
    • Many attack animations will be altered.
    • Transformations that track the player model will work "normally". For instance, players using Ride Broom on an Enchanted Broom will continue to hold the broom in their hand.
  • Characters make airplane noises while moving, jumping, and falling (adjusted with dialog volume options). Players will start with a take off sound when they start moving and have a landing sound when they stop moving.
  • Aviator Cap is worn by all characters, in addition to normal helm if not hidden.
  • Cameras use sepia tone filters if the post-processing option is on high.
  • While defeated, unique music is played.




  • This strange posture is based on an old posing bug that forced and froze players' arms to the sides. A likely inspiration for the event is a Youtube video where the player pretends they are an airplane.