April Fools' Day 2020

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For April Fools' Day 2020, ArenaNet released, just as years before, a fake set of April Fools' Game Update Notes with humorous "updates" such as rolling out Swiss tournaments in other regions of the world and renaming the Dragonhunter specialization to "It's Complicated".

Unlike previous years, the Super Adventure Festival was not released in time to coincide with April Fools, though this was not part of the prank.[1]

ArenaNet's fools[edit]

Chatoyant Elixir[edit]

Promo for mail from the King of All Cats.
Primary article: Chatoyant Elixir

On this April Fools the King of All Cats sent out letters containing 9 Chatoyant Elixir to all players, which when consumed revealed several gigantic cats looming menacingly around the capital cities of Tyria.

Golden Sink[edit]

A Golden Sink guild decoration was made available for purchase from Fion (the Guild Decoration Trader) for 10000 Gold coin, which will remain available during the month of April every year. As the golden sink decoration costs a considerable amount of coin, it is a literal "gold sink".

Community Fools[edit]

Guild Wars 2 wiki[edit]

A new editor ranking system was implemented on the wiki. Every time a user browsed to a unique wiki page, a tooltip would pop up in the top corner of the screen announcing that they had leveled up their "editor rank", earning them fractions of points towards ingame currency rewards: knowledge crystals, transmutation charges, laurels, mystic coins, and finally mystic clovers. Ranks went from Trainee up to Legendary, though the user's rank reset every time they left the wiki, and attempting to redeem their rewards did nothing.

The banner used on the wiki to notify the users about the event

French language wiki[edit]

The background and logo were updated to feature Braham. A communicator icon would also occasionally pop up in the bottom corner; clicking on it would cause Braham to appear and ask inane questions.