Dragon Bash Merchant (Prizes)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the merchants selling festival rewards. For other Dragon Bash merchants, see Dragon Bash Merchant.
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Dragon Bash Merchant


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The Dragon Bash Merchant with a [Prizes] tag is a Festival Merchant selling festival rewards in Hoelbrak.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Items offered[edit]

Dragon Bash Prizes

Item Type Rarity Cost
Holographic Dragon Wing Cover.png Holographic Dragon Wing Cover Consumable Rare 100 Jorbreaker
Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover.png Holographic Shattered Dragon Wing Cover Consumable Rare 25 Jorbreaker
Mini Helmed Moa Racer.png Mini Helmed Moa Racer Miniature Exotic, Masterwork 25 Jorbreaker
Plush Primo.png Plush Primo Accessory Ascended 15 Jorbreaker
Commemorative Dragon Piñata.png Commemorative Dragon Piñata Service Rare 10 Jorbreaker
Holographic Dragon Helm.png Holographic Dragon Helm Container Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Holographic Dragon Shoulders.png Holographic Dragon Shoulder Container Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Holographic Dragon Gloves.png Holographic Dragon Glove Box Container Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Holographic Dragon Greaves.png Holographic Dragon Greaves Box Container Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Destroyer of the Last King.png Mini Destroyer of the Last King Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Jhavi Jorasdottir.png Mini Jhavi Jorasdottir Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Dragon Gourdon.png Mini Dragon Gourdon Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Brown Tabby Cat.png Mini Brown Tabby Cat Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Husky Dog.png Mini Husky Dog Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Duckling.png Mini Duckling Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
Mini Longhorn Sheep.png Mini Longhorn Sheep Miniature Exotic 10 Jorbreaker
15 Slot Darksteel Box.png Horns of the Dragon Helm Set Container Rare Jorbreaker
Minor Sigil of Hologram Slaying.png Minor Sigil of Hologram Slaying Sigil Masterwork Jorbreaker
Jorbreaker.png Jorbreaker Trophy Exotic 1,000 Piece of Zhaitaffy
Fireworks.png Dragon Bash Fireworks Consumable Fine 10 Piece of Zhaitaffy