April Fools' Day 2018

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For April Fools' Day 2018, Anet released an April Fools Patch with humorous "fixes" such as adding a "Clear Browser History" mode to the trading post, and locking Revenant abilities to only be usable in the Mists.

ArenaNet's fool[edit]


  • ArenaNet teased about a special lets play on Twitch with a 15-hour countdown. After the countdown stopped, the Seat of Power video played. After the video, for around one hour there was only a recording of a male human character sitting in a chair.

Community Fools[edit]


Clip-o-tron visits the wiki.

Our new wiki assistant, Clip-o-tron, the Continuously Learning Integrated Platform Processing Yielder, is now available on the wiki to improve your experience, and will give you useful suggestions and helpful advice as you browse and contribute!

Announcement on the @GuildWars2Wiki Twitter

The wiki added Clip-o-tron, the Continuously Learning Integrated Platform Processing Yielder, a modified version of the Microsoft Office Assistant Clippy with custom Guild Wars 2 related messages. Clip-o-tron would be displayed at the bottom right of the browser and randomly play one of its many animations or display one of 17 different messages.

Since many animations include sounds, this did cause a lot of confusion for users that did not realize that Clip-o-tron was there, especially when a browser tab was still open in the background.

You can relive the experience on this memorial page.


C.L.I.P.P.Y. randomly said one of the following lines every once in a while:

  • Vote Evon!
  • Praise Joko!
  • Are you sure this is the page you were looking for? May I suggest this page instead?
  • “Stay awhile and listen.” … I mean… “More violets, I say. Less violence.”
  • Congratulations, you’re a winner! Click HERE for your reward!!!
  • Did you know: This wiki was built by skritt who just wanted to collect all of their shinies in one place.
  • Did you know: I’m currently not being coerced to say that charr are the true masters of Tyria.
  • Did you know: ArenaNet wants to keep this hidden from you!
  • Did you know: In a pinch, I can serve as a replacement for a corrogen filament. (Please don’t tell Taimi)
  • Ugh, that charr just tried to use me as a toothpick.
  • Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.
  • Need help picking the lock on a Black Lion Chest? Just let me know!
  • Wow, your computer has the best cookies I’ve seen so far.
  • If something’s going wrong on the wiki, let’s just blame Scarlet
  • Hi, I’m Clip-o-Tron! How can I help you today?
  • We can now show multiple people the same page thanks to the clever use of carbon paper!
  • Gah, I’ve got an itch. Mind helping a paperclip out?

French language wiki[edit]

Front page of the French language wiki
  • The French language wiki scooped everyone else in announcing the 3rd chapter of Living World Season 4, "The Rise of the Quaggan". The release came with an appropriately themed backdrop, titles, and floating bubbles.


  • The theme of the GW2 Reddit was changed to highlight the Necromancer profession this year. Many people felt that the Necro deserved the spotlight because they didn't get a lot of love ingame, often being the butt of community jokes.
  • Community Data-miner That_Shaman created a flash game called SkrittCoin as a parody of the recent obsession with cryptocurrencies and included many community jokes from the past year such as a mini of his favorite Dragon's Watch member, digs at the marketing team, a Legendary Aquabreather, and many more jokes throughout. Chris Cleary jumped in on the fun by posting a "data-mining" thread to the Guild Wars 2 Subreddit as a type of role reversal between him and Shaman.
  • Benjamin Arnold posted what was titled to be a resignation letter which turned out to be a bait and switch rickroll. This post was made late in the day by Seattle time, much to the distaste of posters elsewhere in the world where April 1st had passed.