April Fools' Day 2016

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Disambig icon.png This article is about April Fools Patch notes. For the real patch notes, see Game updates/2016-04-01.

Update - April 1, 2016[edit]


  • Fully customizable UI has been added, with scripting support for Ada, COBOL, and Fortran.
  • All fine and masterwork gear now comes in blister packs. Blister packs must be triple-clicked to open and have a chance to inflict bleeding.
  • All food items can now spoil. Spoilage rates are determined by the ingredients in the recipe.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from entering Super Adventure Box on live servers.
  • Due to the chaotic nature of magic, bloodstone dust no longer stacks.

World vs. World

  • Added the new Siege Reactivator trick, which reactivates siege equipment that has been disabled via the Siege Disabler trick.
  • Added the Super Siege Disabler trick, which prevents reactivation via the Siege Reactivator trick.
  • Structured Player vs. Player
  • Increased the size of all PvP badges while not in PvP.
  • Added retaliation to all target golems.


  • In order to streamline the experience of Fractals of the Mists, every fractal has been replaced with Swampland.
  • Removed all terrain and environment assets from the Mossman encounter. Players will now engage the Mossman in a featureless, gray, circular room, and this is why we can’t have nice things.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed ascended boxes to drop from fractal daily chests.

Mystic Forge

  • Added toilet-flushing sound effect on use of the Mystic Forge.


  • All dungeons now penalize failure and have been darkened based on their difficulty. Dying in lighter dungeons will delete items or currency, but dying in the darkest ones will delete your character.

Profession Skills


  • Removed fire attunement.
  • Added dual keyboard support to better support proper elementalist key binding.


  • Now deals 50% bonus damage to dragons and their minions.
  • Aegis now ends after 5 attacks instead of 1 attack.


  • Now gains bonus items when salvaging.
  • Elixir X now uses a random skill from all skills, including monster skills.


  • Fixed an exploit that allowed chronomancers to go back in time and kill their opponents in PvP before the match began.
  • Portal’s recharge has been removed, and the colors of the effects have been changed to blue and orange.


  • Death shroud can now only be activated from the downed state.
  • Scepter autoattacks now apply fear.


  • Coalescence of Ruin: Increased damage, range, number of targets, and area of effect while in WvW.
  • Added a Kilroy Stonekin legend. All skills cause you to run at the closest enemy and scream “KILROY STONEKIN!”


  • Stealth no longer ends when you attack.
  • Steal now transfers ownership of a random weapon from your opponent to you.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed warriors to get kills in Ranked PvP.
  • Hundred Blades: This skill’s number of attacks has been increased to 100 to properly match its name.