April Fools' Day 2012

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GW2W's "new" logo.

For April Fools' Day 2012 the Guild Wars 2 communities prepared and published various pranks. Contrary to the previous year's April Fools', no pranks were published by ArenaNet.

Community fools[edit]

March 2012: State of the Game[edit]

The Guild Wars 2 Wiki started their elaborate collection of fools around 0:00 UTC. Most notably was an exclusive interview with Colin Johanson about "various lingering questions" found on Guild Wars 2 Wiki. This interview was perceived by many fans as extremely cruel, because it touched the release date seemingly last-minute. The article also sparked confusion amongst fans as it was suspected to be ArenaNet's prank.

  • The main page was altered to give the wiki a branded look, complementing the news found in the interview. Via Twitter it was published as a corruption caused by Kralkatorrik.
  • The logo was changed to showcase the minstrel. Scripted was a second logo, an animated version of the first logo. This logo only had a 30% chance of displaying.
  • Paired with the new logo, the minstrel's song could be heard across the wiki. The ability to toggle the music on and off was also present.

Other fools[edit]

Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on April Fools' Day 2012.
  • Guild Wars 2 Guru posted a news article stating that they would be taken off-line with the introduction of the official Guild Wars 2 forums. Guru moderators would be in contact with ArenaNet to continue their moderator positions on the official forums.
  • GuildMag published an article about the official console adaptions for Guild Wars 2, including "photos" of these consoles in use, as well as listing certain controls.