April Fools' Day 2014

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Bobble Head Announcement.jpg

On the 1st of April, 2014, almost every NPC model was turned into a bobble-head. The NPCs' heads were scaled up and bounced around when in motion. The change affected all player models, most npc monsters, and even world bosses. Some npcs without an obvious head were unaffected, such as Inquest Golem Mark II.

Community fools[edit]

Dulfywiki logo
Screenshot of the temporary changes

For this year's April Fools' Day, the wiki community collaborated with Dulfy. At midnight UTC, a press release was published explaining that the wiki has been acquired by Dulfy.net, in hopes of better contribution between the two sites. At the same time, several changes were made on the wiki:

  • The overall layout was changed to match Dulfy's layout
  • The front page was changed to say that the wiki is maintained by Dulfy instead of the players
  • User names in Recent changes and all page histories showed up as "Dulfy" instead
  • The featured article on the main page was changed into the following:
    • Urban Battlegrounds Fractal is the story of one of the great Ascalonian heroes of the war between charr and humans, Siegemaster Dulfy. Set between the time of the Searing and the events of the original Guild Wars, this fractal puts player characters in the role of Flame Legion soldiers attempting to destroy the unnamed city that Siegemaster Dulfy defends, nicknamed by fans as Dulfyton. With her vast armies, superior battlefield tactics, and of course advanced siege weaponry, the players can only manage to win through trickery and the knowledge they bring from the future. Though the players may appear to kill Siegemaster Dulfy in this fractal, rumors persist that she survives the Battle of Dulfyton and that perhaps there are yet-untold stories of her legacy, Read more…

Other fools[edit]